Free Seminars!

Educating new collectors and horse lovers has always been a staple of BreyerFest! Not only do guests have a GREAT time having fun with horses, they learn something too! BreyerFest instructors offer a wealth of knowledge about horse breeds and the model horse hobby! All of our seminars are FREE and do not require registration.

1Intro to Model Horse Showing
Interesting in learning what model horse showing is all about? Have you begun to show, but need more information to help you score better at the next show? Learn the basics of successful showing and discover great tips to help you excel! Both seminars will include tours of the Model Horse Shows at the Alltech Arena

Southern Gaited Breeds
Kim Bjorgo-Thorne covers the differences among the many different kinds of Southern Gaited breeds!

Herd Your Horses
As your collection grows, it becomes increasingly important to keep track of your models. Knowing what you have out on display and packed away helps to prevent duplicate purchases, fill in gaps, plan your show string and insure your collection. Hobby experts will give you tips for recording additions, tracking important data including condition and value and even insuring your collection. Both paper logs and computer tracking ideas will be presented. A must for anyone with an expanding Breyer herd!

How to Hold A Model Horse Show
Now that you know what it takes to show a model, how do you run your very own model horse show? Hear insider tips on best practices to create the best show in town! From photo showing to performance classes, model horse shows can be so much fun! Get started now!

Learning to Collect
Join Penny Lehew as she gives you insight into the world of model horse collectibility! She will teach you how to determine the value of your collection plus help you identify mystery models you may own. This is one seminar that can't be missed!

Repairing models
Don't we all wish we could touch up some of our favorite models once they start to show signs of age? Now you can! Sheryl Leisure's step-by-step lecture and slide show will help you fix the most common types of damage seen on model horses from leg and ear breaks to yellowing! Question and answer period too!

Understanding Horse Colors
Learn the basics on how genetics work. Genetics experts will explain dominant and recessive genes and how they pair up to make the final outcome for various colors in horses. Handouts provided, but bring a notepad for notes.