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August 6

Attention BreyerFest Attendees! We are still holding two nice cameras, a phone owned by CowGirl, a wallet, 2 jackets and assorted sunglasses and umbrellas that no one has claimed and we'd love to hear from you. Please call us at 973-694-5006 and describe what you've lost. We'd love to return your belongings if we can!

July 22

And the Winner of the Sunday Online raffle is...

Our final online raffle will recieve Belle Mead


The winner is ALYSSA K. of Mooresville, IN


July 21

The Winner of the Saturday Online raffle is...

Our second online raffle winner will recieve Nocona!


The winner is Dave L. of Seatac, WA!


The Winner of the Friday Online raffle is...

Our first online raffle winner will recieve Headspin!


The winner is Casey H. of College Station, TX!


July 9

Last chance to register for WORKSHOPS!  All workshops will close tonight at midnight EST July 10.  Workshop confirmation emails will be sent out to all registered participants.

July 2

The Open Show at BreyerFest is SOLD OUT!  Thank you to everyone who registered. We have a very limited number of tables available at the Children and Youth Show (less than 10) so if you are interested in showing SIGN UP NOW!  Model Horse shows are a lot of fun, but they require a good amount of set up, so don't delay!

See you at BreyerFest!

July 1

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Pal Goes Country Contest! We received so many great entries. Lots of great ideas for costumes!

Congrats to our winners! Prizes will be mailed out soon!

Winners by Age Group

Under 11

1 2 3 1
Josie Erin Becca Brenna


First place - Josie Ackerman
Second place - Erin Hasenoehrl
Third place - Becca Catherman
Fourth place - Brenna Van Remortel


Ages 12 - 17

5 6 7 4
Nellie Jeanne Ashley Naomi Brianna


First Place - Nellie Jeanne Lucus
Second Place - Ashley Baile
Third Place - Naomi Kans
Fourth Place - Brianna Parshall


18 & Older

9 10 11 12
Mindy Amy Kayla Katie

First Place - Mindy Young
Second Place - Amy Legatt
Third Place - Kayla Lovejoy
Fourth Place - Katie Claggett

Congratulations to our winners! See you at BreyerFest!

July 1, 2013 Kathleen Moody will be Surprise Special Guest at BreyerFest!

Kathleen Moody

Master equine sculptor Kathleen Moody will be a surprise special guest at the 24th annual BreyerFest! Over the years, Moody has sculpted more than 50 equine models for Breyer from large scale porcelains to 1/32nd scale Stablemates and from 1/9th scale Traditional series Breyer models to her Carousel Horse holiday ornaments! Kathleen Moody is Breyer's most prolific living sculptor, and this will be her first visit to BreyerFest!

The self-taught Moody's life-long love of horses and art led her first to Disney Studios.  Marriage and a move to the Southwest followed, and Moody soon struck out on her own as a sculptor squeezing her work in between raising eight children. Moody's first Traditional sculpt for Breyer came in 1993. It was Michael Golden's Olympic Champion Gem Twist which was bred and trained by the legendary Frank D. Chapot and ridden by Greg Best. Since then, Moody has sculpted and concepted a wide variety of projects for Breyer including Breyer's Ponies and Wind Dancers, coloring books, fine porcelains, and the Traditional series Breyer models that are most-loved by Breyer fans, like Big Ben, Huckleberry Bey, Othello and the new Gypsy Vanner!

At BreyerFest, guests may attend a free seminar hosted by Moody entitled "From Paper to Plastic," as well as having the opportunity to meet Moody at various free sessions as follows:
Thursday, July 17, 2013 - Clarion Hotel, Artisans' Gallery - 5:30-7:00 pm - Autograph signing/ Meet & Greet
Friday, July 19, 2013 - Kentucky Horse Park - 12:00-1:00 - Autograph signing at Stable Area; 3:00-4:00 - "From Paper to Plastic" - Visitor Information Center
Saturday, July 20, 2013 - Kentucky Horse Park - 10:00-11:00 - Autograph signing at Stable Area; 1:00-2:00/2:30 - Judge the "Most loved class at the Children/Youth Show"; 3:00 - 4:00 - Collector Club Tent


June 21, 2013 More Workshop Excitement!

Advanced Sculpting
If you're ready to take your sculpting skills to the next level, then check out this workshop with pro sculptor Morgen Kilbourn. She is back for her third year and ready to teach you how to add movement and detail to your model. This workshop is great for artists of all ages who are at the intermediate or advanced skill level. This workshop will be held Saturday from 12:30 to 2:30pm.

Pinto and Appaloosa Painting 201
The patterns you can create on your Pinto or Appy in this workshop are endless! Come join artist and painter Karen Zorn to learn how to create different patterns and markings of all kinds with your paintbrush. Take your model's color to a whole new level! This workshop will be held Saturday from 12:30 to 2:30.

Manes and Tails
Artists Darian Buckles, Kim Harvey, and Bonnie Robb are excited to show you how to give your model a whole new look. Manes and Tails is for artists who have prior experience working with epoxy. These talented artists will demonstrate how to use epoxy in the design of your horse's new mane and tail, transforming it into a new horse! This workshop will be held Saturday from 12:30 to 2:30pm.


Mini-Scale Scene Making
This awesome workshop is great for artist of all ages! Artist will create a realistic equestrian scene on a mini-scale. In honor of this year's Denim and Diamonds theme, mother-daughter duo Kim Haymond-Baker and Kathi Haymond will guide participants through creating an authentic cattle drive scene. Each participant will create a complete scene. This workshop will be held Saturday from 10am to 12pm.


June 14, 2013

Two new workshops added to Friday's schedule!

Sculptor and creator of Breyer Mini Whinnies and member of the American Academy of Equine Art, Candace Liddy, is joining us as a BreyerFest Workshop Instructor! Candace has signed on to teach two new workshops - Drawing Horses and Conformation. In Drawing Horses, Candace will walk each student through each phase of drawing the perfect horse! During her Conformation class, students will actually take a field trip up to the barns to see the horses in action! What does it take to win the blue ribbon in a halter class? Candace will show you! See for yourself how breed characteristics effect the conformation of every horse!

Register now!

June 11, 2013

May the Swap Be Ever In Your Favor
Are you looking to sell some of your Breyers?  How about trying to pick up some models without the price tag?  Do you want to check out what other collectors are doing to customize their models, or get some tips and tricks for your own?  Well, we have good news!

The Swap Meet, held in the Ballroom of the Clarion Hotel on Friday, from 7:30 - 11:00 pm, is just the place to do all that and more!  If you want to put your models on display and set up shop, we have a very limited number of tables left, so put in your reservation today! If you just want to look around and enjoy the event, that's fine too!  You can find almost anything there, from vintage models to resins, all in one room, and all for sale or trade. The Swap Meet is a time-honored tradition at BreyerFest and a guaranteed good time, so come on over!

June 6, 2013

Judging, and Jewelry, and Tote Bags, OH MY!



Judging 101

Have you ever watched a judge at a model horse show and wondered why he was pinning the horses in that order? If you have, you're not alone. Judging a model horse show is harder than it looks, and judges have to take into account many factors when making their decision. Judge Jaime Rott will explain what goes into the judging process and what makes a model stand out in competition. This workshop is being held on Friday morning, from 10:00 until noon.


Bejeweled Breyer Necklace
There are some pretty cool graphics in magazines these days, whether they're photos, text, or even advertisements! This workshop, run by artist Sommer Prosser, helps you turn those graphics into jewelry. Bring your favorite Breyer catalogs or horse magazines and turn those pictures into charms, necklaces, and more!  This workshop will be held on Saturday from 3:30-5:00.



Horse Jewelry Making
As horse lovers, we have this minor obsession with all things "horsey."  Whether we're wearing a shirt with equine images on it, jeans with glittery horseshoes on the back pockets, or jewelry with miniature horse figures on it, we just can't get enough of it!  Join Tina Dils as she teaches everyone how to make the most fashionable horse jewelry around, and then show it off at BreyerFest and at home! This workshop will be held on Friday morning, from 10:00 until noon.


Model Horse Tote Bag

Nobody likes walking around with your hands and arms full of goods, so come on over to this workshop with Jane Tilton, where she will help you make your own decorated tote bag! This tote bag, that you get to decorate using all kinds of fun crafting supplies, is the perfect way to carry all of those items you bring with you to BreyerFest, and everything you buy while you're in there, too! This workshop is being held on Friday, from 12:30 - 2:30.



Join artist Laura Thompson as she teaches aspiring decorators the magic of pastel chalks! An ideal way to add color to your Breyer model horses, pastel chalks are great for adding soft, realistic shading and detail, and can give a whole new look to your model!  This workshop will be held on Friday, from 3:00 - 5:00.



June 4, 2013

And here's yet another sneak peek at the BreyerFest Denim and Diamonds Silent Auction! Get excited, because this SET is exquisite!

280 2


The famous western comedienne Minnie Pearl was known to always wear her flowered straw hat everywhere she went! Re-created to fit the Breyer Old Timer model, this hand-made hat is truly a piece of art. The Old Timer model included in the auction (pictured below) was created by Breyer to reflect Minnie Pearl's sparkly personality!  Decorated with 42 clay flowers, each was hand-sculpted and painted. The mother-daughter team who made the decorations, Kim Haymond-Baker and Kathi Haymond, customized the hat down to the very last detail, even adding the ever-present price tag that read "$1.98."




Kim and Kathi will be at BreyerFest again this year! The duo is a fantastic workshop - Mini Scale Scene Making, where participants will create a cattle drive scene! Check out their Fox Hunt Scene Making workshop from BreyerFest British Invasion!


May 30, 213

Visit the Boots & Bling Shop at BreyerFest for unique souvenir items that DON'T REQUIRE A SPECIAL TICKET! We have LOTS of great merchandise headed your way, check out this year's plush!

1 2 1

Limited/numbered to 500 pieces and beautifully embroidered with an image of Smart and Shiney sliding across the back.

Stop by anytime for great shopping!

May 28, 2013


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) Becomes BreyerFest Beneficiary!

Since  1985, PCRM has been influencing advancements in medicine and science. This organization, comprised of 150,000 health care professionals and concerned citizens, advocates for preventive medicine, (with a special focus on good nutrition), conducts clinical research, and advocates for higher ethical standards in research. PCRM is a nonprofit 501c3 organization headquartered in Washington, D.C.


PCRM promotes preventive medicine through innovative programs, such as advocating the reform of federal nutrition policies and sponsoring clinical research programs in diabetes and cancer. PCRM advocates for alternatives to animal research and animal testing (in cosmetics, for just one example).

Thanks to PCRM's efforts, nearly 95 % of all US medical schools have dropped animal labs and medical students now receive humane, superior training on high-tech simulators instead of on dogs, pigs, and other animals.

PCRM will be joining us at BreyerFest! To learn more about PCRM, visit:

May 23, 2013

No. 711168 - Somerset

Introducing Somerset, an eye-catching Palomino Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse.  This Traditional Scale Resin will only be available in the Breyer Store at BreyerFest.  Limited quantity is available so don't delay!

Somerset was named after the model's sculptor and painter, Sommer Prosser!  While the breed may be somewhat unknown, Sommer knows them quite well as she owns and rides a KMSH herself!  The breed is known for its even temperament, hardiness and smooth four-beat gait called an amble, or rack.  Riders enjoy a near motionless ride while they explore the endless trails of Kentucky.

Meet Sommer Prosser at BreyerFest!  Join Sommer at 3:30 pm on Saturday for the Bejeweled Breyer Necklace workshop!!

May 21, 2013

Pal O'Mine

Pal O'Mine is getting into the country swing of things as we get ready for BreyerFest Denim & Diamonds!  The music is playing, his hooves are tapping to the beat, but there is one thing missing - a great country costume for the Rhinestone Cowboy Contest!  Can you help Pal get ready for the costume contest we are holding at the Tennessee River concert?  Dress Pal up as your favorite country artist, legend or character. Use music, movies or real life to inspire your costume! 

The contest is open to any medium (crayon, marker, paint, embellishments, photos, magazine clippings, etc.) and all ages!  You can send us a short (1 paragraph) description with your entry if you think we might need a little help figuring it out what your inspiration was.

One of the winning designs will be the inspiration for Pal O' Mine's Rhinestone Cowboy contest costume! Check out Pal's outfit at BreyerFest Denim & Diamonds, July 19-21!

Learn more about Breyerfest Denim & Diamonds

Print out the PDF at the bottom of this post, complete the scene and send it in to be judged.

PRIZES: One First Place Prize, one Second and one Third Place Prize will be awarded on or about June 25, 2013 for each of three age categories: 11 and under; 12-17; 18 and older.

  • First Place: One (1) 1435 Lil' Ricky Rocker
  • Second Place: One (1) Classics® 688 3-Horse Stable
  • Third Place: One (1) Stablemates® 5370 Horse Crazy Pocket Barn



1. Print out the image at the bottom of this page and color the drawing using any medium you'd like.

2. Submit your entry by mail to: Pal Goes Country, Reeves International, Inc., 14 Industrial Rd., Pequannock, NJ 07440 by Friday, June 21, 2013, 5:00 PM EDT. Emailed entries will not be accepted.

3. Your entry must include your name, age, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address and statement of parental consent (if under age 18).

By submitting an entry, you agree to be bound by the following contest rules.


1. No purchase necessary to enter or win. A purchase will not increase your odds of winning.
2. Contest begins May 21, 2013 and ends June 21, 2013. All entries must be received by Reeves International, Inc. no later than 5:00 PM EDT on Friday, June 21, 2013 by U.S. Mail. No other method of entry will be accepted.
Send your drawing to Pal Goes Country, Reeves International, Inc., 14 Industrial Rd., Pequannock, NJ 07440.
3. The contest is open to artists of all ages. Parental consent is required for entrants under age 18. Families of the employees of Breyer Animal Creations, a division of Reeves International, Inc. are not eligible to enter.
4. All entries must be original and entirely created by the entrant. There are no restrictions on what an entrant can use to color the drawing.
5. Limit one winner per age group per household.
6. Your entry must legibly written and include entrant's name, age, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address (as well as a statement of parental consent if under the age of 18). Entry and/or statement of parental consent must be submitted in English.
Any entries missing the above requirements will be immediately disqualified.
7. Various drawings will be periodically posted on the website ( This does not guarantee that they are or will be winners.
8. All entries become the property of Breyer Animal Creations a division of Reeves International, Inc. ("Sponsor") and may be used or reproduced in any manner and for any purpose without additional consent or compensation, and will not be acknowledged or returned. Sponsor is not responsible for lost, late, illegible, incomplete, postage due or misdirected entries.
9. One First, Second and Third Prize will be awarded in each age group. Prize winners and three honorable mentions per group will be listed on the website ( on or after June 25, 2013.
Total estimated value of Prizes are as follows: First Place $45, Second Place $25, Third Place $16. Sponsor may substitute prize of equal or greater value, at Sponsor's sole discretion. Winners will be responsible for any taxes on prizes.
10. By participating, the entrant releases the Sponsor from all liabilities with respect to this contest.
11. Entries will be judged by Breyer's Marketing team. Each entry will be judged on equal parts creativity, use of color and imagination. The First, Second and Third Prize Winners as well as an Honorable Mention Winner in each age group will be decided by the judges in their sole discretion. The decision of the judges will be final and binding in all respects.
12. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.
13. The Sponsor is: Breyer Animal Creations, a division of Reeves International, Inc. located at 14 Industrial Rd, Pequannock, NJ 07440.
14. For a copy of these Official Rules or the name of the Winners, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Sponsor, at the above address, including your request.

Pal O'Mine
Print This!



May 17, 2013

If you missed your chance to purchase tickets during the Early Bird sale, don't worry! We have a special raffle for Three-Day Ticket holders who purchased AFTER the Early Bird cut off. Anyone who purchases tickets beginning April 16, 2013 through the end of the advanced ticket sales (July 16) will be entered to win a full set of our surprise Special Run set, CC Shuffle!  This is the only way to guarantee you will go home with one of each model included in the set. 

Here's how it works!  Each Three-Day Ticket comes with a Celebration Model ticket that is numbered on the top and bottom of the ticket. We will use those numbers to create our entries for this raffle.  One entry per ticket number will be put into a raffle bin at the start of the Tennesse River Concert at the Alltech Arena on Saturday, July 20th at 7:30 pm. So for example - if you have 1 3-Day ticket purchased on or after April 16th, you will receive 1 entry into the raffle. If you have 5 tickets purchased on or after April 16th you will receive 5 entries into the raffle.  During the show we will ask the band to help us pull a winner!  The winner must have their Celebration Model ticket stub with matching number to claim their prize.  Be sure to hang onto your ticket stub after you pick up your Celebration Model so you don't miss out!  A Breyer Staff member will meet the winner on the concourse to confirm the number. Numbers will be drawn until a winner is chosen, so you must be present to win!

Good luck! See you at the concert!

May 14, 2013

Another sneak peek of the BreyerFest Denim & Diamonds Silent Auction!

Susan Beaulieu of Free Spirit Equines Model Horses generously donated this finely detailed American Saddlebred Stallion. Sue uses high quality primers, artist acrylics and pure pigments to create definition and shading throughout. Photos of this guy do not do him justice!

See Sue's amazing piece and many more beautiful works of art at the Silent Auction in the Covered Arena at BreyerFest!




May 10, 2013

We know you're all anxiously awaiting to see what items we'll have in our auctions, so here is a look at one of the fantastic Silent Auction items that will be sure to get all the bidders excited! This beautifully-detailed Youth Charro Set fits both Desatado and Alborozo. And yes, a Desatado model will come with the set! The doll was made by Joan Yount, and the tack was made by Vicky Norris. Thank you ladies for your incredible addition to our Silent Auction!


Young Charro Set

May 7, 2013

Imagine walking through a hotel ballroom packed wall to wall with Breyer Model Horses... what if they were all for sale or trade?  Rare vintage pieces or favorite childhood toys lined up at over 50 different tables! Could there be anything better?!  Find out for yourself at the BreyerFest Swap Meet. Come a guest or set up your own table! A limited number of tables are still available.  Rates are $50 for one table and $80 for two.  Sell a few pieces, bring home a few other.  Its all part of the fun. 

The Swap Meet will be held at the Clarion Hotel on Friday, July 19 from 7:30 - 11:00 pm. Complete the application to reserve your tables!

May 2, 2013

SINGLE DAY TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW! Don't have a full weekend to spend exploring all that BreyerFest has going on?  Spend one day at the park with the BreyerFest Single Day ticket!

Start your day off by picking up your exclusive BreyerFest Stablemate!  Each Single Day ticket comes with one of four (randomly distributed) models.  Models are only available while supplies last, so be sure to pick yours up early!  When you receive your ticket packet from us it will include a colored wristband and a ticket to redeem your model.   Wristbands are color coded for each day so she sure you wear the right one!   As soon as you enter through the BreyerFest ticket gate you will see the Help Desk near our inflatable horse, Fluffy!  Breyer Staff and Volunteers there will be handing out the Stablemates models here.   


Dugaree Indigo Rivet chrome
Dungaree Indigo Rivet Chrome


After you get your model, take a walk over to the Petting Zoo and Pony Rides! Pony rides are free and perfect for the tiny equestrian! The Petting Zoo is great in the morning when it's still cool and the animals are really excited to see their friends! Adorable piggy races take place throughout the afternoon so listen for the announcements! Those little guys sure do run fast!

1 2 3


You can't miss Splash Dogs! BreyerFest is happy to host the Eastern Regional Championships for one of the hottest, and wettest, new dog sports - dog dock diving! Pooches run and dive off a dock into a 40 ft long pool of water. Competitors will have 3 trials each day (Friday and Saturday) and the finals are held on Sunday. Check the BreyerFest program for full schedule and details.


After you have your fill of high-flying canines, take a trip over to the Kids Craft & Activity area to paint a Stablemate model of your own!  Painting is free for kids and $1 for adults.  Our face painters, magicians, jugglers and stilt walkers can also be found here or roaming around the park!   Kids can put their jumping skills to the test in our Jump Off - a kid sized jumping competition over miniature horse fences! The Boots & Bling store is also in this arena - a great stop for themed BreyerFest swag - clothing, mugs, models and much more! 

Stop up at the stables to have your picture taken with the real horses that inspired our models!  Our favorite pink pony, Brookside Pink Magnum, will be greeting his many adoring fans all weekend!   Lil' Ricky Rocker and a few other Breyer Models will be stopping by too!  Keep your camera ready. 


After lunch take a break from the sun and check out everything there is to see in the Covered Arena!  The Breyer Store is great for shopping for models and souvenirs.  You are sure to find vintage Breyer Models or the perfect gifts for family back home in The Marketplace!  Take a seat in the arena for daily performances by all our special guest horses.  The Equine schedule can be found in the program or on the BreyerFest app for your mobile device (coming soon!)

There are so many ways to spend a day at BreyerFest!  Plan your visit with our list of Events online and in early July, you can download our full event program with easy to follow daily schedules.  The BreyerFest mobile app is coming soon! We will announce the launch here and on our facebook page.

We are looking forward to one of biggest BreyerFest events in 24 years!  Hope to see you there!

April 30, 2013

Did you know that a horse's color and markings are based on genetics?  How do you build your Breyer Model "show string"?  What is a "show string" afterall?   And how do you fix a model's broken leg???  These questions and many, many more will be answered by our BreyerFest seminars!  

BreyerFest hosts 10 FREE (indoor and air-conditioned!) seminars for adults and children to learn more about their model collection or about real horses.  Hobby experts tackle difficult topics such as building a Breyer Collection, determining the value of your models, and the always popular, repairing broken legs or chipped ear tips.  For model horse show newcomers, there is no better seminar to visit than Intro to Model Horse Showing!  Seminars cover all levels of collecting and showing, from introductory "how to" conversations to more detailed work on perfecting your herd.  Our instructors are veterans in the model horse hobby and have seen it all!

Our real horse seminars feature topics on Understanding Horse Color and an overview on Southern Gaited Breeds.  These classes are incredible as well!  Detailed presentations with handouts and reference material break down complicated genetic information so you can add more research to your show string or collection in general.  Learn new variations on color and breeds! Unique models stand out from a crowd - these seminars will give you the genetic proof for all your model's markings and color variations.

For more information on any of the topics mentioned here and a full schedule of Seminars, check out the Seminars page

See you at BreyerFest!

April 26, 2013

The staff of the Children & Youth Show at BreyerFest recently received the following email from a mom of two BreyerFest showers. We loved what she had to say about the model hobby so we wanted to share it with you! The email really captured what we hope showing is all about - learning and being creative all while having a great time with your models.

Thanks to Lisa Rikand for the lovely note and to Lauren and Nichola for sharing photos of your hard work. Good luck at the show!


"I just want to thank Laura and the staff for helping the entrants to prepare for this show by having all the documentation, the references to other helpful resources and for being available to answer questions so far in advance. I'm just a mom who spends a lot of time tripping over Breyer items and cleaning "around" the elaborate farms my daughters have set up, but this is their 2nd and 3rd year to show and they really get excited about it. I see it as a great family-oriented hobby and am grateful that for the BreyerFest show, it's more about the research and attention to detail than about how much money you spend.


My dining room table was commandeered in January for adjustments and additions to performance, I'm not kidding. They go from the table to the computer, looking for photo or video samples or how-to's, then back again to tweak something. They ransack my basement for felt or paint; they add leather lace to my shopping list. The first things they fixed were the things that the judges pointed out in the critique last year, or even that the judges said to OTHER entrants.

So thank you for letting this be a show for learning and for giving up so many months of your free time to help everyone prepare :). Much appreciated.

But I really do want my dining table back, so July can't get here fast enough.


Mom of Lauren Rikand Y13 and Nicola Rikand C10"

April 25, 2013

Get ready to Boot Scoot! The Sunday Raffle Model has been released! 

Boot Scootin' Boogie is kicking up his heels for the BreyerFest Benefit Raffle!  Thanks to the continued generosity of BreyerFest attendees Breyer has been able to donate over $900,000 to organizations like The Cloud Foundation, ASPCA, The Humane Society, and countless other non-profit groups.  The funds raised through the BreyerFest Live and Silent Auctions and daily raffles to towards our support of numerous equine welfare organizations, children's charities and environmental protection groups. 

sat raffle sun raffle
No. 711413 - Blue Bird
Saturday Benefit Raffle Model
No. 711423 - Boot Scootin' Boogie
Sunday Benefit Raffle Model


This year we are proud to support PATH International, Equine Land Conservation Resource, 4H Eastern and Western Round-Up, Friends of Sound Horses. For more information on each of these inspiring groups, check out the Beneficiaries page!


April 23, 2013


The Kentucky Horse Park is gearing up for the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event this weekend!  This international event spans three disciplines  - Dressage, Cross Country, and Jumping.  William Fox-Pitt defends his 2012 victory against a tough field of competitors including over 14 Olympic veterans representing countries from across the globe.  Veteran Team USA riders Boyd Martin, Becky Holder, William Coleman III and Philip Dutton are all scheduled to compete.


The Rolex 3-Day is just one of the many amazing equine events hosted at the Kentucky Horse Park.   We always encourage BreyerFest attendees to check out what the park as to offer!  Did you know we have a beautiful display of the Model Horse Hobby in the Kentucky Horse Park Kid's Barn?  Stop in to see one of our WEG dioramas featuring a classic Rolex 3-Day obstacle, the Duck Jump!   Another great place to visit is the Hall of Champions, home to retired Thoroughbred racing stars like Cigar, Da Hoss and Funny Cide, as well as Standardbred champions Mr. Muscleman (trotter) and Western Dreamer (pacer).   You can also visit with the park's draft horses in the aptly named "Big Barn".   A full schedule of events can be found on the Horse Park's website.   Be sure to take advantage of all the park as to offer - admission to all attractions are included in your BreyerFest ticket!

April 18, 2013


Adding detail to custom Breyer models is easier than you think!  One of the best ways to make markings and shading look realistic and natural is to layer color using pastels!  You may remember pastel crayons or chalk from your elementary school art class days, but trust us, there is a whole world of pastel colors and materials out there!  Instructor Laura Thomson has been a leader in customizing Breyer Models for years.  Her expert instruction brings students to new levels during her BreyerFest workshops.  Whether you are new to pastels or are looking to add more detail to your work, this is the class for you! Laura demonstrates the techniques for using these chalks including how to make them stay on when you're through.

All BreyerFest workshops include all the material necessary for that class.  Students will leave with their complete or in-progress work to show off at home!  Pre-registration is required for all classes so be sure to sign up now!

April 16, 2013



One of the artist's participating in this year's Artisans' Gallery is Candace Liddy.  Candace's love of horses and art runs deep. As the daughter of a trained artist, art supplies were never far from reach.  Her grandmother's farm gave her an outlet to ride and work with horses of all shapes and sizes.  Eventually, Candace owned, rode and showed Quarter Horses, Arabs, Saddlebreds, Standardbreds, and even ponies. The beauty she saw in horses came through in her art and sculpture. Candace is now a full member of the American Academy of Equine Art, Inc, an elite group of equine artists.  Following in her mother's footsteps, Candace now teaches students of her own how to capture the beauty and elegance of their equine subjects. You may have some of Candace's work in your very own homes!  Breyer's Mini Whinnie scale (1:64) models are a Candace Liddy creation.   See Candace's stunning work for yourself at the Artisans' Gallery - photos just won't do them justice!


To participate in the Artisans' Gallery yourself - send us your application!

April 12, 2013

Looks like a cool blustery weekend in Columbus, Oh!  Head over to Equine Affaire for some shopping AND a chance to see some BreyerFest Models for the first time!  On display at the Ginger Horse are Smart and Shiney, our Celebration Horse; Laredo, the just released Special Run; Two Step, a Special Run on the Destado mold; and Tennessee Titan, our Brighty Store Special! 

Equine Affaire runs through Sunday at 5 pm at the Ohio Expo Center. The Ginger Horse is located in the Bricker Building and offers a full selection of Breyer Models - current line items, retired models, accessories and tack.


two step smart and shiney titan laredo
Two-Step Smart and Shiney Tennessee Titan Laredo


April 11, 2013

No. 711166 Iberian - Laredo

New Special Run released today! New Mold!

Laredo is a stunning dapple bay Iberian sculpted by Kathleen Moody - but do you know his secret? Take a close look at him... Laredo is actually a twist on another new mold also introduced as part of the Premier Collection! Created with interchangeable manes, tails and leg feathering, the Gypsy Vanner body in the 2013 Premier series can seamlessly transition to an Iberian with a beautiful braided mane.

Laredo is only available as a Special Run at BreyerFest and only 3-Day ticket holders have access! Early Bird pricing ends MIDNIGHT on April 15th! You only have a few more days to save BIG! Get your tickets NOW! Collector Club members save even more!

April 11, 2013 - Special Rhinestone Cowboy Contest Announcement

The Rhinestone Cowboy Contest is shaping up to be one very popular event!  We have received so many requests from prospective entrants who want to show in the Model Horse Show on Saturday AND participate in the contest that we have decided to MOVE the Rhinestone Cowboy Contest to Saturday EVENING just before the Tennessee River Band concert at Alltech Arena.  Doors will open at 6:30 and the costume contest will start around 7 pm.    Same rules apply - see the contests page for more information

Please note - July in Kentucky is HOT. We will do our best to let costumed guests into the holding area as early as possible, however, you will be outside, in your costume, for a period of time. There is parking closer to the Arena if you wish to drive over and enjoy your car's air conditioning while the doors are closed.

Looking forward to seeing all your shiny costumes!

April 9, 2013

Workshops on sale!

BreyerFest workshops are the best way to try out a new hobby activity like Scene Making or perfect your dappling technique in classes like Detailing or Pintos and Appaloosas! There are classes for all ages - Just for Kids Painting all the way up to Advanced Sculpting!

Just For Kids Painting instructor Sheryl Leisure is an expert hobbyist specializing in custom painting and sculpting, but has a true passion for teaching. With her own art school, Sheryl walks young hobbyists through multiple techniques for customizing their models. She brings these same techniques down to the youngest possible level to give kids a great start and basis in painting. This isn't your average Stablemates painting experience - kids will walk away having learned from one of the best!


Pintos and Appaloosas Workshop 201 is the next step up from Pintos and Appys 101. Instructor, Karen Zorn is a spots and dots master! You won't believe what she can create with just some basic white paint! Models will transform from bay and black to stunning Appaloosas and Pintos with dazzling patterns! Also learn how genetic factors affect color.

Check out our full listing of available workshops here. Classes run all day Friday and Saturday. All workshops require pre-registration. Some classes will sell out so register early!

April 4, 2013

So, you are planning to fly out to BreyerFest for a fun weekend with friends. Great!  Now the question is, how do you get home with all your loot?!  You could always bring an extra suitcase, but who wants to pay for a second bag. Carry on?   An option, but still risky and a pain to lug a box or bag through the airport.  Have no fear, we have the solution! 

The UPS Store in Lexington has been providing shipping services for BreyerFest attendees for years! They are pros and will get your packages home safely.  Allen Hardin and his team of expert packers and shippers will pack your models up tight and send them home - they might even be on your doorstep waiting for you when you get home! 

We know the shopping doesn't end when you leave the park, so the UPS team even sets up shop at the Clarion Hotel!  Find the guys at the entrance to the Swap Meet and Artisans' Gallery. They are there into the later hours of the evening every night to make sure all of your shipping needs are met!  If you miss them at the park or at the Clarion, you can find them at their store location, 2220 Nicholasville Rd Suite 110 in Lexington, KY 40503. Keep them in mind for your shipping needs!

See you at BreyerFest!

April 3, 2013

Everyone loves a good contest!

Need another great reason to become a three-day ticket holder (besides the awesome model, access to exclusive Special Run models, and free concert admission)? THE CONTESTS!!

If you've been to BreyerFest before but never participated in our contests, its time to take your BreyerFest experience to the next level! Limited to three-day ticket holders only, you'll have the opportunity to participate in two fantastic contests that will allow you to showcase your creativity and love of Breyer models!

Our "Music City Mashup" model horse diorama contest is sure to be a blast! Select your favorite model(s) and show us how they've "gone country!" Whether you're inspired by a favorite country song or artist, the tooling on a Western saddle, or a great pair of jeans, we want to see what you're made of. Remember, this contest is judged on the following criteria:

  1. Adherence to rules
  2. Creativity
  3. Adherence to theme
  4. Imaginative representative of Breyer models

Click here to read all of the rules. Why enter? Besides the fact that it's tons of fun, the winners will receive a fantastic prize model named Walk of Fame!

Music City Mashup Prize Model - Walk of Fame

Dioramas not your thing? Then perhaps you'd like to give our Rhinestone Cowboy Costume Contest a shot! Held on Saturday at noon, come strut your stuff in your very best cowboy or cowgirl bling! Children (ages 7-12) that are ticket holdres will have their very own class this year.  We're going to be looking for quality of execution and the best overall representation of the theme. Prizes will be awarded to the 25 "winners."

Some important rules to remember:

  1. Open to BreyerFest Three-Day Ticket holders only
  2. Children ticket holders (ages 7-12) or children 6 years of age and younger, will compete in their own class. Any parent accompanying their child is required to be costumed in the same theme as well.
  3. Group entrants - Prizes will be awarded to each member of a group costume.


So, grab your bedazzler and make sure you have your three-day tickets and get creative! If you haven't purchased your three-day tickets yet, you still have time to purchase and enjoy the early bird ticket savings before prices go up after April 15th! You'll enjoy a savings of almost 20% off on three-day tickets, AND be automatically entered into our Early Bird drawing of Honky Tonk (limited to three pieces)! If you're a Collector Club member, be sure to click the heart and enjoy your extra savings!

1 280
Honky Tonk Honky Tonk



March 27, 2013

After a day of fun at the Kentucky Horse Park, the masses of Breyer Fans head back to the Clarion Hotel for shopping and even MORE Breyer Models!  As one of our host hotels, the Clarion is the home to the Artisans' Gallery and Swap Meet - two of our favorite BreyerFest traditions.  The Artisans' Gallery runs nightly beginning Thursday, July 18 and features some of the hobby's best and brightest artists along with a wealth of newcomer talent!  Thursday night's Gallery actually kicks off BreyerFest and is hte best place to meet your favorite sculptures, painters or artists!  The Swap Meet is a one night blow out!  On Friday evening, eager shoppers line up at the doors for a chance to buy, sell and trade Breyer Models, tack and accessories. With over 50 tables of Breyer models for sale or trade, everyone can go home with something! Look for your "grail" model or a find a missing piece from your conga line! You never know what you might find... Don't miss it!

Want to be part of the action?  Tables are still available for both locations. Complete the applications found here. Artists have the choice of two locations, the KHP Visitor's Center (tables must be monitored from 9 am - 5 pm) or the Clarion Ballroom in the evenings. Check out the application for full details.

Starting next week, we will highlight one artist or vendor taking part in the Artisans' Gallery, Swap Meet or the Vendor Fair. Stay tuned for some fun bios on each of these talented hobbyists! 

March 25, 2013

BreyerFest will be here before we know it!  Be sure you have your hotel booked early!


One of the best things about the Kentucky Horse Park is the huge amount of land devoted to horses and horse sports!  However, that means that none of the hotels are within walking distance to the park. We have partnered with several Lexington area hotels to provide the best rates possible for your stay in Kentucky.  Check out our Travel Guide for a listing of hotels (by distance) and their rates. Be sure to mention code "BREYERFEST" to receive the rate.

As always, the Clarion Hotel will be sold out by hundreds of Breyer Fans!  Don't worry though - our second host hotel, The Embassy Suites, is right across the street and offers many wonderful amenities including a full hot/cold breakfast and evening Manager's Reception.  The hotel even holds a window display contest for BreyerFest guests!  Bring your favorite Breyer Models and set up a Denim & Diamonds themed window display in your hotel room!  Ask the Front Desk when you check in for more information!

We can't wait to see you all at BreyerFest!

March 1, 2013

Still working on your plans for BreyerFest? Be sure to include a few workshops!  We offer more than 25 differnet kinds of workshops taught by model horse hobby experts, with the added bonus that they are all in AIR CONDITIONING!  Take a break from the heat and spend some time learning a new skill like etching or practicing those Appy patterns! Workshops are perfect for all ages and parents!


New to the line up this year is Sommer Prosser's "Bejeweled Necklace" class. Originally featured in the Annual 2012 JAH, Sommer will walk students through the art of creating beautiful gems out of old Breyer catalogs, photos and magazine clippings.  Students will go home with completed gems and a great bejeweled Breyer neckace to show off to friends! Register now!

Be sure to log in with the account used to purchase your BreyerFest tickets!

February 22, 2013

Interested in volunteering for BreyerFest?  Check out the Volunteer Application and return the form via email, fax or snail mail to our Volunteer Coordinator, Robin Briscoe. 

Volunteering at BreyerFest is work, but its also a lot of FUN! Robin will take your skill set into consideration when placing volunteers into jobs. If you are particularly good at sculpting, for example, you may be asked to host a demo in the Hands-On Hobby tent or assist the Sculpting Workshop Instructor.  If you just LOVE Breyer Models and want to help out in any way possible, Robin may ask you to help with Stablemates Painting or the Help Desk to help guide new BreyerFest guests. No matter what job you have, you are part of the BreyerFest Team and that is one of the BEST jobs we can imagine!

Be sure to have your application in ASAP!

February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day from Titan!

BreyerFest Guest Donkey, Tennessee Titan, and his little furry friends want to wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day! Titan shows off his love of hearts all year long! Can you spot Titan's heart shaped spot?

Be sure to have Titan's portrait model autographed by owners Deb and LJ Mix at BreyerFest! His model is only available as a Store Special at this year's BreyerFest. Titan is looking forward to seeing you all in Kentucky!



February 1, 2013

Workshop and Model Horse Show Registration is now OPEN!

Be sure to LOG INTO THE ACCOUNT USED TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS before attempting to register.  Click the "Three Day Ticket Holders Only" link on the left navigation menu or visit the individual Model Horse Show page or Workshops pages. There will be buttons taking you to the purchase pages there as well.  

Note Tickets and workshops or model horse shows cannot be purchased in the same order. You must complete the ticket purchase first. If you have not purchased tickets yet or use a different email than what was used to purchase your tickets - you will not be able to enter these sections. 

The purchase page will ask you for your Ticket Order number. This number can be found on the receipt or confirmation email you should have received after completing your ticket purchase.
Regarding Names of Participants in Workshops - If you are purchasing a place in a workshop for more than one person, be sure to list names for all participants. For example, if you want to take a workshop with your son or daughter, please include your name and the name of your child in the "Participants" field.


January 28, 2013

Registration for the BreyerFest Model Horse Shows open in just a few days!  Showing at BreyerFest is really fun and exciting but it can also be a bit overwhelming if its your first show or you are entering the Open Show for the first time!  Until now, maybe you were only showing around your hometown or just havng fun with your friends. Now you are showing at BreyerFest!  Wow! We can't wait for the fun to begin!  Here are some quick tips for having a great time at the show!

1. Read all the rules and classlists carefully!

Most of your questions about the shows can be answered here. It just takes a few minutes to read through everything carefully. Print out the documents and take notes if you need to!  If you are brand new to showing and have lots of beginner questions check out the Model Horse Show pages of our Community section for a great overview of what it takes to show your models.

If you are moving up to the Open Show for the first time - check out this new Guide!  Created by Open Show Manager, Michelle Masters, this Guide will walk you through your first introduction to showing at the Open Level!  What a great tool! Thanks, Michelle!

2. Join the Yahoo! Groups when you receive the email from your show manager. 

These Yahoo! Groups are run by the staff hosting each of the Model Horse Shows. They can answer all your questions (including specific model and breed questions) and give you the most up to date information about the show. Be sure to read the show documents first though!

3. Get your showstring set and packed early!

BreyerFest may be 5 1/2 months away, but you will be surprised how quick time flies!  Make sure you have all your documention correct and in order NOW so you don't have to scramble at the last minute. Don't forget your supplies - make a list of everything you will need on the day of the show, including, dust brushes, extra hang tags, a table cover or pad and any stands for tippy models.

4. See your friends! 

Chat with other showers on BreyerFest Forums about your showstring and classes and plan to meet in person at the show!  BreyerFest is the best place to meet new friends!

5. Have Fun!

Model Horse Showing can be competitive, but its also about having fun with friends and family!  Try something new! Enter a model you painted or customized for the first time! You never know what might happen!


January 3, 2013

Welcome to the BreyerFest Blog. We will be making blog entries from now right on through to the end of BreyerFest Denim and Diamonds! We use the blog to tell you about new additions to our event program, updates to schedules, rules and regulations for the event and so much more. Please tune into our blog weekly to see what we've added or to get the latest news.

If you are a BreyerFest "newbie," you will likely have a lot of questions. Please be sure to read the information provided! And then if you still have questions for us about BreyerFest, use the forums - we will answer your questions or many times, helpful people who have attended before will fill you in! BreyerFest is a great place to make new friends and our blog and forums will start you off on the right foot!

We can't wait until BreyerFest! We have a great event planned - with lots of new features and fun along the way too! We look forward to seeing you there.