Guest Horses

Meet the horses that inspired the models!

Celebration Horse -  Smart And Shiney

What do you get when you combine all-star breeding, a world champion trainer, a Grammy Award-winning owner, and a touch of gold? Smart And Shiney! The 2003 stallion stands out from the crowd with his golden palomino coloring and his trademark beautiful long mane. Owned by horse lover and reining enthusiast Lyle Lovett, he is double-registered with both the American Quarter Horse Association and the American Paint Horse Association.


smart and shiney

#711157 Smart and Shiney - CELEBRATION HORSE Smart and Shiney's Model Included with each Three Day Ticket! A $50 value!,
Photo ©Primo Morales


On top of his astonishingly good looks, Smart And Shiney has outstanding breeding. He's sired by Smart Shiner, and his grandsire is Shining Spark, National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Hall of Fame inductee and legend in the reining world! With his earnings currently over $100,000 and rising, Smart And Shiney has been enjoying a successful career, no doubt in part to his talented trainer, Tim McQuay. Tim McQuay, NRHA Hall of Fame inductee and the first-ever $2 Million Dollar rider in NRHA history and now $3 Million Dollar Rider, has ridden him to several top 10 finishes, derby championships and finalist placings! Lovett shows Smart And Shiney in non-pro classes and exhibitions, while McQuay has been his primary rider for open competition. In 2010, Smart And Shiney was loaned to team Italy at the World Equestrian Games with McQuay's assistant trainer Marco Ricotta in the saddle, earning team bronze in reining!

Currently standing at stud, Smart And Shiney has sired winners in his first two foal crops, and we'll be sure to see more new generations of reining horses that will live up to their sire's name!

Lindsay's Faith


All it Takes is a Little ‘Faith'

Lindsay's Faith, the little mustang mare that was voted "America's Favorite Trail Horse" is coming to BreyerFest! Lindsay, as she's known around the barn, is an American Mustang that was rounded up from the wilds of Wyoming just before her sixth birthday. She was adopted by trainer Mary Miller-Jordan, and after only 100 days of training, Miller-Jordan and Lindsay's Faith made it to the finals of the Mustang Heritage Foundation's Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover in 2010. A few months later, they were selected to compete in the American Competitive Trail Horse Association's RFD-TV show, "America's Favorite Trail Horse," and were voted into the winning spot by the crowd!

Miller-Jordan, an accomplished trainer and clinician out of High Cotton Farm in North Carolina, has been a finalist in every mustang makeover she has competed in. She was Reserve Champion at the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover, and travels around the country giving demonstrations with her mustangs. She is also bringing her newest mustang Flying Colors to BreyerFest, which she is competing at the Mustang Heritage Foundation's Mustang Million this September.

LF model


Come see Mary and Lindsay's Faith at BreyerFest this summer!


Lady C - Special Guest and Store Special Portrait Model

Lady C, a stunning 2001 double-registered Tennessee Walking Horse/Spotted Saddle Horse mare has appeared in Rolling Stone magazine and on Animal Planet with then-owner, rock star Sheryl Crow. Their portrait even graces the Tennessee Walking Horse exhibit at the Grand Ol' Opry! She now is the representative of Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH), an organization that was founded to promote the showing of flat-shod and barefoot Tennessee Walking Horses, educate people on sound training principles, and end the practice of soring gaited horses.

330 lady
#71167 Lady C - Store Special Lady C - ©Imagine A Horse


With Lady C's presence in front of an audience and skills as an exhibition horse, Crow donated her to FOSH in 2010, and she became the organization's ambassador! As such, Lady C shows what incredible things a Tennessee Walking Horse can accomplish. She demonstrates to the public how the sound and gentle training principles promoted by FOSH can yield extraordinary results! Trick and Exhibition trained by her caregiver, Sue De Laurentis, using humane methods such as positive reinforcement, she knows over two dozen moves that she can perform at liberty! One of her favorite tricks is retrieving a specially-made Frisbee.

We think that Lady C is one horse that definitely "rocks!"


Wee Ones Farm Tennessee Titan - Special Guest and Store Special Portrait Model

He may be small, but this Miniature Donkey is big on personality! Born in 2009, Wee Ones Farm Tennessee Titan is an eye-catching tyger-spotted gelding. He is performance-trained, which means he competes in obstacle trail course, carting, jumping, and halter conformation - and has won many titles for owners Deb and L.J. Mix of Wee Ones Farm doing so! His coloring is unusual for his breed, which commonly is dark brown or grey. Titan's coat also has small round spots known as tyger spots, and even has one that is shaped like a heart!

tentitan Titan
No. 711176 - Tennesse Titan Tennessee Titan
©Wee Ones Farm


The first Miniature Donkeys arrived in the U.S.A. in the early 1900s, and the breed itself originated in the Mediterranean area of North Africa, and more recently, the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Bred to be a pack animal and to pull carts, these small and hardy animals generally stand no taller that 36” at the withers and their life expectancy is 30-35 years! While they have the reputation of being stubborn, in reality, miniature donkeys are simply cautious. These intelligent animals are eager to please, and Titan is no exception!

Brookside Pink Magnum - Special Guest and Portrait Horse

The Welsh Pony is a breed that was developed in Wales, with its ancestors living there before the arrival of the Roman Empire. Harsh winters and a scarce food supply created a breed with strength, intelligence, and endurance. Introduced to America in the 1880's, today's Welsh Pony comes in four sections, with sections A & B being lighter, more refined ponies; and C & D being heavier, cob ponies. Welsh Ponies are renowned for their good nature, intelligence, and versatility as riding and driving ponies.

1482 Pink Live
1482 - Brookside Pink Magnum Brookside Pink Magnum - ©Corinne Elizabeth Photography


Brookside Pink Magnum, a striking red roan Section B stallion, exudes his breed's type standards with his dished face, bold eye, tiny ears, and beautiful movement. A testament to the wonderful temperament of the Welsh Pony, Magnum loves giving "kisses" to everyone he meets, and is a favorite with children, even competing in the horse camp's costume class!

A multiple in-hand champion in both Welsh and Sport Pony classes, the USEF has ranked Magnum in Leading Pony Hunter Breeding Sires, Leading Welsh Sires, and Leading Pony Hunter Sires. Some may say his success is no surprise, since Magnum has a "royal" bloodline filled with champions. His sire, Eyarth Grenadier, was a Champion at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Foal Show in Wales prior to his importation, and also was the 1998 Champion Stallion at the Royal Winter Fair. His dam, Penucha Martina, was one of the last daughters of the British stallion Gorsty Firefly.
As a sire, his get have inherited not only his incredible looks and athletic ability, but Magnum's confidence and personality as well. With his offspring having success at breed shows as well as prestigious events such as the Devon Horse Show and the USEF Pony Finals, it is no wonder that Brookside Pink Magnum ( is quickly becoming an in-demand sire!

Topsails Rien Maker

Topsails Rien Maker, also known as Slider, the-all time leading money earner of reined cow horses and three-time World Champion Reined Cow Horse, is coming to BreyerFest Denim & Diamonds! Reined cow horse events, which include herd work, reined work, cow work and steer stopping are sanctioned by the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA). Slider is the only horse in stock horse history to have won the NRCHA World's Greatest Horseman title three times, and co-owner/trainer Russell Dilday is the only rider to accomplish this feat three times! Sired by Topsail Cody, Slider also was the National Stock Horse Association's (NSHA) World's Richest Stock Horse Champion with Dilday in 2008 and 2011.

Topsails top
Topsails Rien Maker - ©Darrell Dodds 1492 - Topsails Rien Maker


This super stock horse is not only a consistent top performer but has been leaving a legacy as a breeding stallion as well. Owned by Dilday and Kevin Cantrelle, Slider became a NRCHA leading sire and NRCHA Futurity finalist in 2010 with the very first foal he sired!