Party Time! Model Horse Diorama Contest


Its time to party! BreyerFest is celebrating 25 years of presenting the best equine entertainment in the country AND the most incredible Breyer Model Horses. Create a diorama using Breyer models that brings your favorite moment of BreyerFest to life! Be creative! Was your favorite moment Smart and Shiney spinning with his mane flowing in the wind, Tommie Turvey singing into Poker Joe's hoof or when you won a blue ribbon at the model horse show? There are so many great moment to choose from - good luck deciding!

1. One entry per person
2. All entries must be created using a least one Breyer Model (any scale).
3. All entries must stand upright on a table and fit entirely inside a 12" cube; including bases, stands, and attachments (entries will be measured).
4. Any medium, attachments and bases can be used as long as it fits the size requirement above.

Making Me Blush - Party Time! Diorama
Contest Prize

5. Entry must be accompanied with a 3" x 5" index card with a description on one side and name, age, city and state on the other side.
6. All entrants must be BreyerFest Three Day ticket holders.
7. Submissions will only be accepted Friday, July 11 from 9:30 am - 5:00 pm on the display area concourse of the Trade Fair (located under the Covered Arena Gallery). Entries will be judged Friday evening after the park is closed allowing judges time to read the entry cards. Entries received after Friday will not be judged.
8. All entries must be submitted by the original artist.
9. Winners will be announced after the Saturday Raffle in the Covered Arena

Special Limited Edition models will be presented to winners in four age categories: Under 10 years, 10-14 years, 15-19 years, and 20 Years & Older.


Best of BreyerFest Costume Contest

Alltech Arena Concourse
Saturday 5:30 pm

We have had some really great BreyerFest themes over the years - but which one was the best!? Dress up and show us which BreyerFest theme takes the cake!

1. Open to BreyerFest Three-Day Ticket holders only
2. Children ticket holders (ages 7-12) or children 6 years of age and younger, will compete in their own class. Any parent accompanying their child is required to be costumed in the same theme as well.
3. Group entrants - Prizes will be awarded to each member of a group costume.

costume1 1


Jump Off! Kids Jumping Competition

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Trials 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Finals 3:00 pm


A contest just for the two-legged ponies, in other words, kids! at BreyerFest! Children's ticket holders are invited to test their jumping skills for a chance to win a prize! Register your child to participate onsite at the Jump Off Registration Tent. Fewest faults and fastest times move onto the Finals. Two age ranges will be offered - 9 & under and 10-12.

1. Participant must be a Children's ticket holder (12 and under).
2. Each Participant must have a complete waiver signed by their parent or guardian only. Those without waivers will not be able to participate in the contest.
3. Participants have one run during the trials to get a score. Runs prior to 11 am are not valid for the contest.
4. Each bar knocked down is 4 faults.
5. Only runs monitored by Breyer Staff will be considered a valid try.
6. Prizes will be distributed to winners concluded the Finals.

- Height of jumps will be consistent within the age range for all Trial runs. Under 10 will be set at approximately 1 foot. Ages 10-12 will be set at approximately 2 feet.
- In the event that all participants have clear rounds (no faults), finalists will be determined based on time.

- Each participant will have one run at Finals heights. Under 10 - 1.5 feet, Ages 10-12 - 2.5 feet.
- All Clear rounds will move into the Jump Off
- Heights will be increased one hole on the jump standard after all participants have attempted the height. If a tie in faults remains concluding the round, the height will be increased until the tie is broken.
- In the event that the jump standard cannot go any higher and there is still a faults tie, the finalist with the quickest time will be named the winner of the Jump Off.