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February 21, 2017

sneak peek

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Dally and Spanky and their models yesterday. We have another Sneak Peak for you today! Let's start the guessing games!




February 20, 2017

Dally and Spanky
Meet Dally and Spanky!

These two are quite the dynamic duo! Spanky is a miniature horse and Dally is a Jack Russel. Spanky is a luxurious Dark Bay with his signature ‘S' on his hindquarters. Spanky is on the Shetland Pony mold (#25) and Dally is a classic Jack Russel terrier.

Miniature horse Spanky was rescued at age two by Francesca and Steve of Rother Horsemanship. When he first arrived at his new Washington State home he was aggressive to people and other horses, but after a year with his new family he was a changed horse. Although he was still a bit naughty!

To give Spanky a purpose Francesca started teaching him a couple of tricks and he was joined by another rescued miniature horse, Jet. Quite soon after that Francesca and Steve welcomed another member of their family, a Jack Russell Terrier called Dally who was the runt of her litter. Despite being only six months old she was very interested in Francesca and Spanky and their tricks. One day she jumped onto Spanky's back to get a better look and ending up enjoying it so much she stayed up there while Spanky was walking around the arena.

From then on Francesca was teaching both Spanky and Dally tricks. They become best friends while learning to jump, lie down, and sit up together. They enjoy travelling to exciting new places with Francesca, Steve, and their big horses! You can learn more about these two on their website or you can follow them on social media at DallyandSpanky.

These adorable gift set will be available at BreyerFest 2017 Gateway to India as a Store Specials.

February 17, 2017

Breyer is thrilled to welcome back Guy McLean!

Guy and his trusty group of horses were at BreyerFest 2011 and we can't wait to see them again at BreyerFest 2017 Gateway to India! Guy McLean grew up on the 1600-acre ‘Susan River Homestead' Holiday Ranch resort in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. The resort was owned by his family and he doesn't remember a day that horses weren't a part of his life. Growing up with horses Guy quickly learned a lot about them and his horsemanship methods are all self-taught. Guy credits his parent's encouragement and support which made him the horseman and entertainer he is today.

After his successful career Guy has found that the best tools in horsemanship are knowledge, compassion, patience, and imagination. Since 1999 Guy, Nugget, and his equine team have performed all over Australia and around the world including at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Guy's trusty companion Nugget was commemorated as a Breyer model in 2012 and although his model is now retired you can learn more about him here.

Guy and his horses will be performing at BreyerFest as a part of the Equestrian Extravaganza at the Covered Arena each day. You'll also be able to catch Guy and his gang in the Celebration of Horses show on Friday and Saturday evenings.

February 16, 2017

S is for Sneak Peek!
Sneak Peek

We have another Sneak Peek for our Breyer Blog readers! Keep checking this page to find out more!



February 15, 2017

Karen Zorn

Join Karen Zorn for her very popular Pintos & Appys workshop on Friday morning from 10am - 12pm. Attendees will learn how to create the perfect dots and spots on their models; everything from the perfect mottling on an Appaloosa to Overo's and Tobiano's.

Karen Zorn is a life-long lover of both equestrians and art and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She received her first Breyer model, a Palomino Family Arabian Stallion, at the age of six and her love of Breyer and model horses has continued to grow year after year. Karen has extensive training in dressage with her horses Kiev, Sir Percival, and then Kentauros aka "Raleigh".

Karen's focus on her dressage left her with very little time for any artistic pursuits, but Karen started painting horse miniatures for her own collection which was quickly followed by repainting models, customizing, and then showing models. About ten years ago Karen was able to make her customizing work into a full-time job. While she has little art experience she has been self-taught through a bit of trial and error, a process she called ‘a fun journey'. Karen strives to continually improve her mastery of details and realism. She's also thrilled that her models have won both national and international workmanship awards.

Karen Zorn1

Karen Zorn2 Karen Zorn3 Karen Zorn4

The Pintos and Appy's workshop is suitable for beginners to intermediate and sells out early every year. Sign up here today!

February 14, 2017

Let's meet another one of the BreyerFest Vendor Marketplace retailers!
Walkabout Farms

Val & Gary Starcher
Walkabout Farms

Owners Gary and Valentine Starcher started Walkabout Farm in 1996 and have had many happy years selling Breyer models. Gary and Val say the best part of their business is the customers and they're ‘the best anywhere'. They both love the model horse hobby and Val specifically has been collecting for 44 years and were able to turn their knowledge of the hobby into a successful business.

They have attended every BreyerFest and have had a booth at the Vendor Marketplace for the past 15 years; they both look forward to the show each year! They've even seen children growing up year after year and they're now bringing their own children to the event. Stop by and say hello to Gary and Val! They love meeting new Breyer fans!

You can visit Walkabout Farms and all of the other sellers at the Vendor Marketplace on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can find more information and the Vendor Marketplace application here.

February 13, 2017

Happy Monday Everyone!
Lilla Rose1

This year we wanted to introduce readers of the Breyer Blog to some of the people at our Vendor Marketplace; some of whom have been coming to BreyerFest for years and for some it's their first time at the KHP.

Today we're going to meet Jackie Adams of Lilla Rose. Gateway to India will be her 4th time at BreyerFest and Jackie is often helped out at shows by her daughter. For those who don't know, Lilla Rose is a unique hair accessory called the ‘Flexi Clip', which comes in seven different sizes to accommodate any type of hair. Lilla Rose and the Flexi Clip are popular in the equestrian world and they have two designs targeted to horse lovers.

Lilla Rose2

Jackie Adams of Lilla Rose

You can visit Jackie and all of the other sellers at the Vendor Marketplace on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can find more information and the Vendor Marketplace application here.

February 10, 2017

We're thrilled to welcome Didi Hornberger back to BreyerFest!

For those of you who don't know, Didi has been teaching workshops at BreyerFest for since 2014 but she's been volunteering at BreyerFest since 2005. This year she's teaching the Marwari Ceremonial Horse Mask workshop on Saturday from 10am to 12pm. We don't know about you, but we can't help but feel inspired when we see majestic Marwaris in their breath-taking masks. We know your Nazruddin Celebration Horse model would love a mask of his own!


BreyerFest 2017 Gateway to India is Didi's 21st BreyerFest so she's a wealth of information for those with any questions. She's also been showing since 1996 so she's a great resource for Model Horse Shows as well! In fact, Didi is a fan of all things equestrian as she has been riding for seventy years. Over the years she's owned/bred, raised, and shown more than 18 real horses including Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods. She's had the privilege of riding in 4 Presidential Inaugural Parades with the International Sidesaddle Organization. These included Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. H Bush.

Her favorite Breyer molds include Totilas, the Braided Jumping Pony, and Old Timer, but her first model was a Proud Arabian Mare (fondly known as a PAM).

Don't delay in signing up for Didi's workshop as most workshops do sell out quickly! You can read more about the workshops and sign up here.

February 10, 2017

Every year we see lots of new faces at BreyerFest and we see familiar faces that we haven't seen in a couple of years. Because of this we like to post a little refresher on the Breyer Blog about the Special Runs and the Special Run line.

Breyer creates models exclusively for BreyerFest Three-Day Ticket holders, these models are known as "Special Runs." The total number of models varies from year to year, but typically there are 8 different models to choose from. Within each option we may or may not have included some surprises - like ½ the run is glossy or the entire model is a surprise! With a "Surprise Set" you won't know anything about the model you are buying until you open it! Models are announced here on the Blog in the months leading up to BreyerFest 2017. The models will also be on the Exclusive Models page after they are released. Prices and quantities will be announced in the Event Program, which is posted online before BreyerFest. We'll announce it on the Blog when the program is posted too so keep an eye on this page!

So how do you buy these models?! Each Three-Day Ticket holder receives a packet of information approximately 4-6 weeks after your ticket purchase is complete - it will include your admission button, a Celebration Model Redemption ticket, a ticket for any additional activities included with your ticket (like our Friday and Saturday evening shows) and a Special Run Ticket. The Special Run tickets are randomly chosen for each ticket packet. Special Run tickets are for a specific day and time - this indicates the day and time that you can shop in the Special Run section of the Breyer Store. Ticket times start at 10 am on Friday and run hourly through Sunday at 1pm. To keep things fair and organized, we have taken each model and broken the total quantity down into 18 different groups. This way each hourly group has an equal chance to buy models. The Special Run ticket is also numbered. Fifteen minutes before the start of that shopping hour, a BreyerFest staff member will draw a random number to start the line. Small groups of people will be let into the store at a time to keep things from getting too crowded. If you are late and miss when your ticket number went into the store you will need to go to the end of the line, so please be prompt! Once you are in the Special Run section of the Breyer Store, you can purchase up to 2 different Special Run models. You cannot purchase 2 of the same model.

Here is an example of how to line up: You have received ticket #35 for the Friday 2pm - 3pm time. At 1:45pm you need to line up at the ramp at the bottom of the Breyer Store and a number will be drawn that will determine which ticket number will start the line. If the number drawn is 29, the line for that time slot will start with the holder of ticket #29, followed by #30, #31 and so on. When the last number has been reached, the next number will be #1, then #2 and so on. If you are late and your ticket number has already gone into the store you must go to the end of the line.

Please keep in mind that each person can only go through the Special Run line once per ticket and can only purchase 2 models at a time. If you are shopping for a child or a friend who is taking a workshop or showing and therefore have multiple Special Run tickets you cannot go through the Special Run Line with consecutively numbered tickets. You must line up again after your first ticket time or be sure each ticket is for a different hour. Another option is to give your extra ticket to someone else to go through the line for you.

What happens if I am showing all day Friday or Saturday? It is very important to tell us if you are planning to show in either the Open or Youth and Children's Show when you are buying your ticket. On the ticket order form there is a drop down that says "To aid special run ticket assignment, please choose one (Please note: you must register for Model Horse Shows separately):" This drop down menu determines if you will get a Friday, Saturday or Sunday ticket time. If you indicate that you are planning to show on Friday in the Open Show, you will get a Saturday or Sunday ticket time. If you say you are planning to show on Saturday in the Youth and Children's Show, you will get a Friday or Sunday ticket time. Those that select either "Not Showing" or "Showing in Both Shows" will receive a randomly assigned ticket.

Please note that this drop down menu is for planning purposes only and does not register you for the show. You must register for either show AFTER you complete this purchase. The Breyer account that you used to purchase the 3-Day tickets will automatically be added to a group that has access to those registration pages.


What about Workshop conflicts? After you have completed your Three Day ticket purchase, your Breyer account will be placed into a group that has access to the Workshops Registration pages. If your Special Run ticket ends up conflicting with your Workshop time you have a few options: you can have a friend or parent go shopping for you, you can switch tickets with someone else, or call Customer Service at 800-413-3348 for assistance.

A few additional important reminders -
1. Check your ticket packets as soon as you receive them - if anything is missing or you have questions call Customer Service at 800-413-3348 as soon as possible. This way we can get your problem resolved quickly and you won't have to wait in line to speak to someone at the front gate!
2. Due to popular demand of Three Day tickets - we have extended ticket times through Sunday at 1pm. And we are starting at 10am instead of 9:30am so guests have more time to get through the front gate first thing in the morning.

February 9, 2017

Meet Repeat the Beat, our latest sneak peek!
Pete 1

Repeat the Beat - Store Special

Now try saying that three times in a row! Pete, as he is affectionately known, is a full-blooded Tennessee Walking Horse although you wouldn't guess based on his love of jumping! After a career in the high-stepping Tennessee Walking Horse show circuit Pete now competes in Jumpers, Three-Day Eventing, and Handy Hunter Field tests.

Pete has been recognized in various horse publications and local Tennessee newspapers and he's considered the mascot of the University of Kentucky Eventing Team. Pete has built a huge following as the little horse ‘who can'. He's only 15.1, but is proof that you shouldn't judge a book (or a horse) by its cover.

Pete will be making his Breyer debut as a Store Special at BreyerFest 2017 Gateway to India. Pete is a black sabino roan on the Bluegrass Bandit mold (# 585) which was sculpted by Kathleen Moody and Sommer Prosser and introduced in 2008. Pete has 3 high white legs and unusual knee marking as well as a belly spot and a blaze.

Make sure you buy your model early as this handsome guy is sure to go jumping off the shelves!

You can see the rest of the BreyerFest 2017 Gateway to India Exclusive Models here.

February 8, 2017


Sneak Peak

We have another model sneak peek for you! Keep checking the Breyer Blog for the model to be unveiled soon!





February 7, 2017

Sign up for the BreyerFest Swap Meet!
Swap Meet 2016
BreyerFest 2016 Carnival Swap Meet

The BreyerFest Swap Meet is back at the Clarion Hotel again! The Clarion Hotel is the official home of BreyerFest After Dark and hosts our Swap Meet and Artisans' Gallery, where you can check out the finalists for the Best Customs Contest we mentioned last week.

The Swap Meet is held on Friday evening after the Live Auction, from 7:30pm - 11pm in the Clarion Hotel Ballroom.
You must be a Three Day ticket holder to sell at the Swap Meet, but anyone is welcome to stop, browse, and shop. You never know what you might find!

You can learn more about the Swap Meet and buy your tables here. Please note: you must be a Three Day ticket holder to buy a table at the Swap Meet. And tables do sell out so buy early to avoid disappointment.

February 6, 2017

Tom and Donna
Tom Bainbridge and Donna Chaney at the BreyerFest 2016 Carnival Artisans' Gallery

Join us at the Clarion Hotel for the BreyerFest Gateway to India Artisans' Gallery!

The Artisans' Gallery is on Thursday evening from 5:30pm - 11pm and Friday and Saturday evening from 7:30pm - 11pm. It's the perfect way to keep celebrating BreyerFest after spending the day at the Kentucky Horse Park! You'll find the best of the best in the hobby showcasing all things equine; everything from custom models and tack to paintings and sculptures. It's the perfect place to shop for that special souvenir!

Just like the Swap Meet you don't need to be a Three Day Ticket Holder to browse and shop in the Artisans' Gallery. Everyone is welcome!

And while you're at the Artisans' Gallery don't forget to check out the Best Customs Contest Finalists! Final judging will be at 9pm on Saturday.

If you're interested in the Artisans' Gallery you can visit here for more information.

You can find the Artisans' Gallery application here. There's an Early Bird Special too! If you secure your table by April 15th you'll receive a BreyerFest Gateway to India Guest Pin for FREE!

Please note: you must be a BreyerFest Three Day Ticket holder to display and sell in the Artisans' Gallery.

February 6, 2017

Join us for the BreyerFest Gateway to India Youth and Children's Model Horse Show!
YC Show 2016

Show off your favorite models and make new friends all while learning more about model horses and the model horse hobby! For those who don't know a model horse show is very similar to a live horse show except models are shown instead of horses.

On Saturday July 15th BreyerFest hosts the largest model horse show for kids at the Alltech Arena North Expo Hall. The show is held from 7am - 3pm. There's a Children's Show for ages 12 and under which requires a Children's Three Day ticket to enter. And there's a Youth Show which is for ages 13 - 16 and requires an Adult Three Day ticket to enter. Please note that parents are also required to be a BreyerFest Single Day or Three Day ticket holder.

Models can be show in two divisions: halter and performance. You can view the breed guide and class lists for the show here.

New to showing? Or need more information? Take a peek at the Model Horse Shows pages in our Community section for lots of information!

If you are considering showing but have a few questions, be sure to check out the FREE Introduction to Model Horse Showing seminar at BreyerFest! The seminar is taught by Children's and Youth show manager Kim Bjorgo-Thorne. The Seminar schedule will be posted here soon.

We hope to see you there!

February 3, 2017

Meet Saffron!
Saffon-left 2

Saffron is a minimal splash Paint in yellow dun on the Geronimo mold (#733), which was first released last year as a part of the 2016 Premier Collection. Saffron has leg bars and a majestic dorsal stripe and his coat has a bit of a pearly-sheen. Our first BreyerFest Gateway to India Special Run model has a touch of the iconic golden-yellow color and lives up to his namesake.

The rest of the Special Run models will be announced as we get closer to BreyerFest so keep an eye on the Blog!

February 1, 2017

Have you started working on your Diorama Contest entry yet?

The prize model will be unveiled at a later date so keep an eye on the Breyer Blog!


Each year the Diorama Contest gives BreyerFest attendees a chance to explore our theme while unleashing their creativity. This year participants can explore India a bit more and discover something new about this enchanting country. Maybe you'll find inspiration in the serenity of an ashram, or discovering the Taj Mahal, or cheering on a favorite polo player. Or maybe something else entirely. The possibilities are endless!

There are four age categories: Under 10 years, 10-14 years, 15-19 years, and 20 Years & Older and the winners will receive our soon-to-be-unveiled prize model!

The rules are listed below, but you can find more information about the Diorama Contest here. Best of luck everyone! Or as they say in India, Saubhaagy!

Diorama Contest Rules

  • dia 2
    One entry per person
  • All entries must be created using a least one Breyer Model (any scale).
  • All entries must stand upright on a table and fit entirely inside a 12" cube; including bases, stands, and attachments (entries will be measured).
  • Any media, attachments, and bases can be used as long as it fits the size requirement above.
  • Entry must be accompanied with a 3" x 5" index card with a description on one side and name, age, city and state on the other side.
  • All entrants must be BreyerFest Three-Day ticket holders.
  • Submissions will only be accepted Friday, July 14th from 9:30 am - 5:00 pm at the Visitor Information Center. Entries will be judged Friday evening after the park is closed, allowing judges time to read the entry cards. Entries received after Friday will not be judged.
  • All entries must be submitted by the original artist.
  • Winners will be announced after the Saturday Raffle in the Covered Arena. 

January 31, 2017


I spy with my little eye the first of the Special Run models! Does anyone want to guess who will be kicking off the BreyerFest Gateway to India Special Run line up?

Keep your eyes on the Breyer Blog as we unveil the model soon!



January 30, 2017

The Breyer Best Customs Contest is back at the Artisans' Gallery!

The Contest honors the best of the best in customizing and has been very popular the last two years. With a fifth division this year there's something for everyone! These divisions include: Excellence in Finish Work, Fantasy, Most Extreme Custom, Best Custom for Performance Excellence (shown with Tack and Rider), and Theme. This year's theme is ‘Good Things Come in Small Packages' so you can expect to see lots of Paddock Pals, Stablemates, and Mini Whinnies.

Prizes include a Special Edition BreyerFest Best Customs Traditional Model for the first place winner of each division and Special Edition Stablemates Best Customs Models for the second and third place winners of each division. You might remember last year's prize, the handsome Guerreiro. The winners and our finalists will receive a special Rosette as well.


To enter you will need to submit a photo of your custom to [email protected] for initial judging no later than Thursday, June 15th, 2017, 11:59 pm EST. No late entries allowed! The three finalists for each division will be notified on/about July 1, 2017 and will be responsible for getting their model to BreyerFest to be displayed at the Artisans' Gallery.

These models will be on display until 9:30pm on Saturday, July 15th so make sure you stop by and check them out! They're guaranteed to be outstanding!

Best of luck to all of our competitors!

More information about the different divisions and how to enter can be found here.

January 27, 2017

We're now accepting applications for BreyerFest Gateway to India volunteers!

For the past 27 years we've relied on countless volunteers to make BreyerFest a success and this year is no different. We're looking for Breyer fans to work behind the scenes whether it's in the Hands-on Hobby booth, the Craft and Activities tent, or somewhere else at BreyerFest.

In addition to lots of fun memories BreyerFest volunteers receive a limited edition Volunteer model and a huge thank you for all of their hard work. Models will be distributed on Sunday afternoon after the closing ceremonies.

For more information about Volunteering at BreyerFest click here. You can download the Volunteer Application here. If you have any questions about volunteering at BreyerFest you can reach out to Robin Briscoe, our Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected].

Please note that applications will only be accepted from January 18 to March 1. Any applications received outside of these dates will be discarded. Volunteers will be notified of their status on/after March 28th keeping people plenty of time to buy Early Bird Tickets if you were not accepted as a volunteer. As a reminder, the Early Bird ticket sales end on April 15th.

January 23, 2017

Gateway to India

After the bright sights and sounds of BreyerFest Carnival we knew we had big shoes (or horseshoes) to fill for BreyerFest 2017. We wanted somewhere exciting and vibrant, but with a rich equestrian tradition. Somewhere we hadn't visited before. There was only one country that could fulfil all of these requirements: India!

Horses have been in India and South Asia for hundreds if not thousands of years so there was a lot of equine history to inspire BreyerFest Gateway to India. We were further motivated by Manipur, India (the birthplace of modern Polo) and the handsome Polo ponies we kept seeing during our research.

Most importantly we were exhilarated by the majestic Marwaris and the quiet grace they all seemed to possess. It was love at first sight with our 2017 Celebration Horse, Nazruddin! You can read all about him here. If you want to meet more Marwaris, there's a couple more at the Kentucky Horse Park. Don't forget to say hi to them during BreyerFest weekend!

If you want to learn more about Marwaris, we highly recommend watching the video above from Bonnie Singh, the Secretary General of the Indigenous Horse Society of India. The video teaches viewers about the rich history of the Marwari horse in India and the Dundlod Fort, which is home to the largest Marwari horse breeding stud farm. You might even learn a fun fact of two to impress your BreyerFest friends with!

BreyerFest 2017 will have a true taste of India and Indian culture with henna tattoos, dancers in enchanting (and colourful!) costumes, and tent pegging, an ancient cavalry sport dating from India in the 4th Century BC. Tent pegging was designated as an official sport by the Olympic Council of Asia in 1982 and the International Federation for Equestrian Sports recognised it as an official discipline in 2004. India has one of the leading tent pegging teams and we're excited to showcase this little-known equestrian discipline.

Finally, our Special Run Models will have a touch of India while staying true to the breathtaking and beautiful traditions of the models of years past. Maybe we'll even see an animal or two! Stay tuned to the Breyer Blog as we unveil the BreyerFest 2017 models as we get closer to July!


January 23, 2017

Nazruddin's Grandsire, Gajraj, Best of Breed Stallion Champion of India

Happy Monday Readers! To celebrate being one week closer to BreyerFest Gateway to India we're going to learn more about our BreyerFest 2017 Celebration Horse, the dashing Nazruddin. His name is a Sufi name meaning ‘defender of faith' and Nazruddin is one of fewer than 15 Marwari horses currently in the US.

Nazruddin is owned by Francesca Kelly, co-founder of the Indigenous Horse Society of India, a breeder of these exotic desert horses for two decades in Dundlod, Rajasthan, India and sole breeder in the US. Francesca also donated three horses to the Kentucky Horse Park so make sure you visit them while at BreyerFest!

Nazruddin with his sire, Nazrana

A 2006 stallion, Nazruddin was born on Chappaquiddick, MA and is an elegant sorrel horse standing at 15.1 hands. His model is an exquisite golden color reminding us of a peaceful setting sun. Nazruddin was sired by Nazrana and his dam is Shyamla; both dam and stallion were black so Nazruddin's elegant sorrel coloring is a throwback to a mysterious desert ancestor from generations before. His grandsire is Gajraj, was the Best of Breed Stallion Champion of India for many years. Nazruddin is truly an all-Indian horse!

Francesca Kelly, Nazruddin's owner & co-founder
of the Indigenous Horse Society of India
Did you know that the carriage of the Marwari's neck and head are often referred to as ‘mayur greev,' or proud as a peacock! 


To learn more about Marwaris,

You can buy your BreyerFest Tickets and Parking Pass here with Early Bird Pricing. All BreyerFest ticket buyers will receive a model of Nazruddin, our Gateway to India Celebration Horse!

Don't forget our Early Bird buyers will automatically be entered to win one of three models of Sokkar, the delightful model we talked about yesterday.

Januray 19, 2017

To kick off BreyerFest 2017 Gateway to India we're going to talk about the Early Bird Raffle Model Sokkar! Have you seen him yet? Sokkar is a shaded black, minimal Splash Pinto on Kathleen Moody's Icelandic mold, number 729. His super high gloss finish is set off with four stockings, a big blaze, and two mesmerizing blue eyes.


Early Bird Raffle Model - Sokkar

The Icelandic mold was introduced as Falhófnir, one of the Premier Collection models in 2014. Since then the Icelandic mold has been seen as one of the BreyerFest 2016 Carnival guest horse Svali Frá Tjörn as well as the Brick and Mortar Special, Elksa, and the Web Special Honeysuckle to name a few.


All of our Early Bird Ticket buyers will automatically entered into the raffle and there will be three lucky winners! You can purchase your tickets here and the Early Bird price is valid until April 15th. There's also an Early Bird Parking Pass here that gives you easy re-entry all weekend long. The Early Bird Parking Pass price is also valid until April 15th.

The drawing for Sokkar will take place right before the Saturday raffle at 4:30pm in the Covered Arena. Please note you must be present to win. Stay tuned for the Saturday and Sunday Raffle Models as well as our Special Run models! Lots more to be unveiled!

Welcome to the 2017 BreyerFest Blog!

It may be a cold, gray winter, but here at Breyer, we are swathed in the bright colors and warmth of India! As you know from years past, the BreyerFest Blog is your go-to place for all the latest information and any updates, including announcements about new models, guest speakers, and the schedule.

Here on the blog we will be chatting with guest horse owners, meeting the Breyer Special Run models, and getting pumped about finally being back at BreyerFest in July! This year's event is shaping up to be the most exciting yet, with a thrilling Celebration of Horses evening show at the Alltech Arena, and three full days of all-breed equine entertainment in the covered arena. There are so many amazing guests this year, even at Breyer we are having a hard time containing our excitement.

Welcome to Gateway to India!