Educating new collectors and horse lovers has always been a staple of BreyerFest! Not only do guests have a GREAT time having fun with horses, they learn something too! BreyerFest instructors offer a wealth of knowledge about horses and the model horse hobby. All of our seminars are FREE and do not require registration.

BreyerFest FREE Seminars


Cloud: The Legend Lives On with Emmy® Award-Winning Filmmaker Ginger Kathrens
Meet Emmy® award-winning filmmaker Ginger Kathrens and learn more about Cloud, his herd and wild mustangs that roam the Arrowhead Mountains of Montana. See photos and video of Cloud's family members and learn more about the plight of the Mustangs, plus what we can all do to help!

Into the Spotlight: The Journey of an Equine Performance Horse
with Yvonne Barteau
Join Celebration of Horses evening show producer Yvonne Barteau as she talks about making her recent film, "Into the Spotlight." This film shines the spotlight on rescue horses and the unimaginable fate they might have faced without intervention - and what you can do to help.
Intro to Model Horse Showing with Kim Bjorgo-Thorne
Take your Breyer collection to the next level- show them! We will review how to prepare your Breyer models for showing and what to expect at your first show. The seminar is ideal for first-time Breyer show attendees (especially C/Y exhibitors and families) and anyone wishing to learn about showing model horses. Handouts provided. 
The Marwari Horse with Francesca Kelly
Join Celebration Horse owner Francesca Kelly as she talks about her life-long career working with Marwari's in India and her involvement in supporting this beautiful breed through the Indigenous Horse Society of India.
Saving America's Mustangs with Emmy® Award-Winning Filmmaker Ginger Kathrens
Meet Emmy® award-winning filmmaker Ginger Kathrens and learn more about her work with mustangs in America.  Learn about what is currently being done to support this horse population and what you can do to help.
Learning to Collect with Penny Lehew
Join Penny Lehew as she gives you insight into the world of model horse collectibility! She will teach you how to determine the value of your collection plus help you identify mystery models you may own. This is one seminar that can't be missed!
Repairing models with Jenn Danza
Don't we all wish we could touch up some of our favorite models once they start to show signs of age?  Now you can! Jenn Danza's step-by-step lecture will help you fix the most common types of damage seen on model horses from leg and ear breaks to yellowing. There will be a question and answer period too.

Spirit Riding Free with Aury Wallington
Don't miss this seminar! Meet Aury Wallington, the Executive Producer of DreamWorks Animation Television's Spirit Riding Free, and sit in on her talk about her work on the new animated from DreamWorks, now streaming on Netflix.

The Perfect Horse with Elizabeth Letts
Join New York Times #1 Best Selling Author Elizabeth Letts as she discusses her recent book, The Perfect Horse, which tells the story of the heroic rescue of priceless horses during the last days of World War II.  You won't want to miss this dramatic adventure!
Understanding Horse Colors with Lesli Kathman
Learn the basics of horse genetics with Lesli Kathman. Lesli will explain dominant and recessive genes and how they pair up to make the final outcome for various colors in horses. Handouts provided, but we recommend bringing a notepad for notes.