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June 20, 2018

Today's Blog features something a little unexpected for BreyerFest Off to the Races...

But after their popularity at BreyerFest Carnival a couple of years ago we couldn't wait to bring them back again. On that note, we're thrilled to welcome the National Reining Horse Association and their Ride-a-Reiner program to BreyerFest Off to the Races!


All BreyerFest attendees will have the opportunity to ‘test drive' a reining horse! Maybe you'll even get to try a sliding stop?! Brett Walters and the NRHA will be in the Annex Ring daily from 9am - 1pm and again from 2pm - 4pm so make sure you stop by and try for yourself. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interesting in learning more about reining.

You can read more about the program and the waiver that all riders will need to sign here. You will need to be in appropriate clothing so please plan ahead! This means jeans or long pants and boots with heels or shoes with closed toes and thin soles.

You can learn more about the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) here.

June 19, 2018

It's time for more Live Auction lots!

Today we're unveiling lots 6, 7, 8, and 9 so scroll down to see the pictures of these exciting models!


We couldn't have BreyerFest Off to the Races without a special Secretariat model! This Sommer Prosser designed model is a Glossy Bright Bay Frame Overo Pinto. Our Secretariat model (#435) has been around since 1987 and was designed by the legendary Chris Hess.


The trend continues with lot 7 - another race horse sculpted by Chris Hess. Sommer Prosser designed this model too! The actual Phar Lap was an Australian Thoroughbred but this version of Phar Lap is a Chalky Warm Dapple Grey. Phar Lap is mold 90 and was first introduced in the 1980's.


Lot 8 breaks free from this little race horse trend with a Spanish Stallion (#745). This mold was first introduced last year in the Premier Collection as Duende and is also appearing at BreyerFest Off to the Races as one of our Special Runs, Straight Bet. The Live Auction lot is a Bay Varnish Appaloosa.


We're back to the Chris Hess classics with Lot 9 as it's on the 1954 Racehorse mold (#36). This year's version honors the past with its Vintage-inspired Glossy Charcoal coloring. The Racehorse mold was last seen at 2014's Big Easy Bash.

Lots 10 onwards will be unveiled on the Breyer Blog soon!

June 18, 2018

The perennial favorite Embassy Suites Window Decorating Contest is back!
One of the entries from BreyerFest Carnival in 2016

We know our BreyerFest attendees love to utilize their creative juices and the Window Decorating Contest gives Embassy Suites guests the chance to showcase their creativity along with some of favourite models!

With this year's Racing theme we're looking forward to seeing everyone's take on the theme. Don't forget you can showcase the many, many different worlds of equine racing!

In case you don't remember or this is your first year at the hotel, the rooms at the Embassy Suites have windows looking out into the hallways giving guests the ideal spot to showcase their favorite horses. Some people even go as far as creating elaborate dioramas for their windows. You can get as creative and inventive as you'd like!

The Embassy Suites is providing wonderful prizes, including Visa gift cards and a free night stay at the hotel. Prizes and Official Rules are below.

The Embassy Suites is running the contest so please contact the hotel for more information! Or ask at the front desk when you check in.


  • 1st Place - $100 Visa gift card
  • 2nd Place - $50 Visa gift card
  • 3rd Place - $25 Visa gift card
  • People's Choice - free night stay at hotel

Official Rules

  • You may use any purchased materials, but the display must have at least three Breyer Models.
  • The displays are restricted to the window only. Please do not flow into the hallways.
  • We will only judge what can be seen through the window
  • Nothing on the walls or windows is permitted. Tacks, tape and markers are prohibited.
  • Please no glitter or candles.
  • DO NOT hang ANYTHING from the Sprinkler Heads in the rooms.
  • Judging will be done Saturday morning.

June 15, 2018

The Golden Touch

This one-of-a-kind Walking Thoroughbred model has been done in a beautifully-shaded dapple chestnut with stunning golden undertones, detailed eyes, and just enough chrome make him a show stopper.

The tack was designed and created by the exceptionally-talented Didi Hornberger and includes a jockey saddle, racing polo collar, race bridle, numbered saddle towel, and a flower drape fit for a champion. Modeled after European hurdle and chase racing tack, this set is truly a labor of love.

You can find this set, along with many other offerings, as a part of the BreyerFest Off to the Races Silent Auction taking place all weekend long in the Breyer Booth in the Covered Arena. The Silent Auction benefits our BreyerFest charities so bid away!

You can learn more about the Silent Auction and the other ways you can help our BreyerFest Beneficiaries here. You can read about the BreyerFest Off to the Races Beneficiaries here too.

June 14, 2018

Breyer Interns Vince and Meghan here again!

We are getting closer and closer each week to BreyerFest, so we thought we'd put together a check list for all of the Breyer Blog readers. Hopefully it will help you prepare for whatever BreyerFest might throw at you!

Packing in general can be stressful, but for some reason packing for BreyerFest was the most stressful thing for me, Meghan. Vince and I collaborated and came up with a short checklist of things to remember to pack for BreyerFest Off to the Races. You can use this as a basic checklist and add on any specific personal items you might want to bring along.

Model Related Items

  • Models (duh, don't forget these)
  • Breed Description cards
  • Wipes to keep your hands clean
  • Extra tags (you never know)
  • Something to clean off your models
  • Sticky wax - this will help keep those tippy guys upright
  • Extra bags (for new models or other souvenirs)
  • Extra material or bubble wrap to wrap your models (but don't forget UPS is there too and can help you ship all of your purchases home!)
  • Pens/Paper
  • Extra Suitcase (for new models, of course!)

General items to remember

  • Camera - you'll want to remember meeting all your favorite real Breyer horses!
  • Reusable water bottles - there are water fountains at the KHP and you will want to stay rehydrated in the Kentucky heat!
  • Extra chargers - the last thing you want is your phone to die!
  • MONEY for all the models, swag, and other goodies you can carry! You did pack that extra suitcase we reminded you about, after all. Might as well fill it!
  • Umbrella (if you have it you won't need it, right?)
  • Backpack (to carry that umbrella you won't need)
  • Small Carry cooler for snacks and water - nothing too big! (Don't forget, all bags need to be checked before you can go into the Breyer Store or the Special Run Line.)
  • Sunscreen - a must, since it's definitely NOT going to rain.
  • Sunglasses or a hat - another must!
  • An idea of what you want to do each day. Are there any must see items on your To Do List? The program will be published on the Breyer Blog in a few weeks and this will help you sort out what to do each day.

Clothes you don't want to forget

  • LOTS of shorts and t-shirts
  • Comfortable walking shoes are a must for those long days at the KHP
  • Extra Socks
  • Hat/Visor
  • Scarf or Bandana

We hope you are looking forward to getting to BreyerFest as much as we are! See you in a few weeks!

-Meghan and Vince

June 13, 2018

As promised, here is our last post about the legendary Scamper!

Charmayne James (Scamper's owner) emphasized that fact the Scamper always loved people! But he really loved little girls! Charmayne had tons of advice to share for young riders (both boys and girls alike!). So keep reading to find out more!

Charmayne starting off by saying that the most important thing (and her number one piece of advice) is to take excellent care of your horse! This includes everything from not jerking on them to spending quality time riding your horse to just having fun! She said that ‘'if your horse gives you a good run during practice, do not go back and drill him over and over again.'' Charmayne followed up by saying ‘'if your horse is performing well and then begins making mistakes, have him checked out by your vet, equine dentist, or equine chiropractor.'' Sound advice indeed!


We hope you have enjoyed learning about Scamper and his owner, Charmayne James, over the last couple of days. And don't forget you can get your own Special Edition Scamper model at BreyerFest Off to the Races!

Charmayne will be meeting fans throughout the weekend so make sure you get your Scamper model signed! The Autograph Schedule will be announced on the Breyer Blog soon.

June 12, 2018

Over the last 28 years of BreyerFest, we have raised over $1,100,000 for charity! And it's all thanks to our Breyer Fans!

The contributions came from the money raised in the Silent Auction, Live Auction, and the Breyer Benefit Raffles. Last year alone, more than $85,000 was donated to a wide variety of causes close to our heart.

As usual, we're hoping for the biggest year ever. But we need your help!

There are several great ways you can contribute to our amazing beneficiaries!

Breyer Benefit Raffle

Woodford1 Jackpot1
Woodford Jackpot

You've already met the Saturday and Sunday Benefit Raffles horses, Woodford and Jackpot. Each of the beautiful models is limited to 26 pieces (25 models for the Raffle and 1 model in the Live Auction). Our lucky winners will certainly be lucky to take home either of these handsome horses.

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction offers another great way to help our charities and winners will go home with unique and fabulous models, tack, and memorabilia at the same time! This year's Silent Auction features gifts donated by trade show vendors, guest horse owners, Breyer artists, or by Breyer!

Some of the lots will be unveiled on the Breyer Blog in the coming weeks and the full item list will be revealed in the BreyerFest Off to the Races Program.

Live Auction

The BreyerFest Live Auction is an unforgettable yearly tradition that you don't want to miss! It's glamorous models, the excitement of a live auction, and the thrill of being the winning bidder! Models will continue to be unveiled on the BreyerFest Blog closer to July!

You can read more about the Breyer Beneficiaries here. And you can read more about the Silent Auction and Live Auction here.

June 11, 2018

With just over a month to go until BreyerFest Off to the Races we wanted to kick off the week by unveiling some of the Live Auction models!

This handsome Chris Hess Halla mold (#63) starts the Live Auction off with a bang! Sommer Prosser designed this Glossy Dark Dapple Blanket Appaloosa model. A modern day classic.


Next up is a Rich Chestnut Overo Pinto on the Gaming Stock Horse mold (#730). ‘Wyatt' as he is affectionately known was first introduced as a part of the Premier Collection in 2014.


Lot #3 is another blast from the past! The classic Clydesdale Stallion mold (#80) looks like a star with his Star Dapple Grey coloring and Gold and Green bobs.

Our regular Blog readers know that some of the Live Auction lots are just too special to share until the big day. Lot #4 is one of those lots so you'll need to wait until Friday, July 13th to see this special guy or girl.


Last but not least for today is someone that might look familiar to you. Cloverleaf is the Live Show prize at the BreyerFest Off to the Races Live Show. His silver bay coloring shines on the Geronimo mold, which was used as one of the BreyerFest Gateway to India Special Run models - Saffron.

Stay tuned to the Breyer Blog to see the rest of the Live Auction models unveiled soon!

June 8, 2018

We’ve seen lots of the BreyerFest Off to the Races models but now it’s time to shift gears a little bit!

Let’s take a look at some of the other BreyerFest Off to the Races merchandise that will be available in Garland Gift Shops throughout the weekend.

Tshirt1 Tshirt2
Tote1 Tote2

We’ll have everything from t-shirts to backpacks to the collectable pint glass and lapel pin. All of these items make an ideal gift for horse lovers and Breyer fans! Quantities are limited, so don’t wait to the last minute to pick up that perfect souvenir!



June 7, 2018

Last week we learned more about Scamper's iconic moment in the spotlight when his bridle broke during competition.
Today let's learn more about Scamper's legacy.

Scamper left behind a strong legacy with his clone, Clayton, as well as his offspring.


When we asked Scamper's owner, Charmayne James about Clayton and his offspring she noted that all of the horses have the same strong competitive spirit as Scamper. Our readers won't be surprised to hear that all of the horses also have ‘alpha' personalities. Charmayne said it was almost as if they know how special they are!


And last but not least Clayton and his offspring has good legs and feet. And most of all they're all very fast and athletic.

We'll end our posts on the legendary Scamper next week with Charmayne's advice to young riders!

June 6, 2018

The Home Straight of BreyerFest Off to the Races is unveiled!

Home Straight is our elegant Crystal model for BreyerFest Off to the Races. On the Standardbred mold, Home Straight is a lovely addition to any crystal collection!

Like the rest of the Garland Gift Shop models, Home Straight will be available in BOTH Garland Gift Shops throughout BreyerFest Off to the Races!

June 5, 2018

Let's meet another one of our workshop instructors, Jennifer Danza!

Jennifer is a professional illustrator holding a BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) in Communication Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. She has had a never-ending love of horses and Breyer models since early childhood. Her painting, remaking, and repairing adventures began at the tender young age of 9 when her beloved Breyer Quarter Horse Family Stallion became very-well loved. The quest to make him "new again" sparked her lifelong love affair with customizing Breyer models.

Her customizing experience spans over 3 decades and she is thrilled to be back again at BreyerFest Off to the Races bringing her knowledge and love of painting, customizing, and repairing to more generations of collectors and lovers of Breyer.

Jennifer is teaching the Repairing Horses workshop on Friday from 12:30pm - 2:30pm and the Just for Kids Painting workshop also on Friday from 3pm - 5pm. We keep saying it but as another reminder - ALL workshops will be held in the Museum Gallery and Education Room (downstairs) of the International Museum of the Horse.

You can read more about these workshops and many more here.

June 4, 2018

We're in the Home Straight for the Garland Gift Shop Models!

With just a few models left to unveil you'll want to keep checking the Breyer Blog to see the last of them!

June 1, 2018

Hello Breyer Fans!

I'm Vincent, Vince for short, and I'm one of the interns working to make BreyerFest Off to the Races the best BreyerFest yet.

A little bit about me... I am native to New Jersey but attend school in Pennsylvania where I am pursuing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I will be moving into my junior year next fall (Yikes!!!).

I have been going to BreyerFest for the last three years helping with things spanning from set-up to the craft tent to the pop-up store to giving away raffles, the list doesn't seem to end. My two favorite things to do, however, are working at the pop-up store and the Saturday and Sunday raffles. I love all of the great people I get to talk to while working at the pop-up store. Don't forget there's more than one Garland Gift Shop this year!

People from all walks of life and all corners of the globe show up to BreyerFest and you meet some of the most amazing people. I've been in the pop-up store for the last two years but I will be moving to the Special Run line this year so if you see me feel free to say hello!


The raffle is some of the most fun I have at BreyerFest as the pure joy I see on people's faces is almost unmatched by anything I've ever seen. And this year it's even better since there will be no events conflicting with the time of the raffle so I expect to see everyone getting hyped and excited for the raffle on both Saturday and Sunday!

But before the actual event goes on we have over a year of planning that first has to go into BreyerFest. Interning at Breyer and helping with all of the planning that goes into BreyerFest is super fun and actually seeing your ideas and work on show at the event is an awesome feeling! We get to look through models and decide what goes down to BreyerFest, plan the layout of certain locations at the event and plenty of other exciting things.

BreyerFest can be a little overwhelming if it is your first time so I will give 3 tips to help anyone who may be a little unsure of how BreyerFest works.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes and bring PLENTY OF WATER! It gets extremely hot and you want to be as well hydrated and as comfortable as possible!
  2. If you have a Special Run line ticket arrive 15 minutes before your ticket time or else you will have to wait at the back of the line, also make sure to check any bags that you may have at the bag check since those aren't allowed in the store.
  3. Enjoy everything the BreyerFest has to offer, ask staff or other BreyerFest attendees for information. Everyone loves to help you and you may be able to pick up helpful tips from BreyerFest veterans.

May 31, 2018

We wanted to be the first to share these two handsome fellas with all of our Breyer Blog readers.

Let's meet Cloverleaf and Hot to Trot. If you are showing at the BreyerFest Live Show, here is your official sneak peek of this year's stunning prize models!

Cloverleaf1 Cloverleaf2

Cloverleaf is a beautiful silver bay with three white socks on the Geronimo mold, #733. He will get to go home with our Open Show Grand Prize winners.

HottoTrot1 HottoTrot2

Hot to Trot is a grey tobiano pinto with a Havana halter and gold accents on the Pacer mold, #46, sculpted by Chris Hess. This lucky fella will get to go home with our Open Show Reserve Prize winners.

It's not too late to sign up for our Model Horse Shows! There's a few spots left and you can sign up here.

May 31, 2018

As we promised in last week's post, let's keep learning about Charmayne and Scamper!

We couldn't let the opportunity pass us by so we did ask about Scamper's best known race when he broke his bridle in the middle of the competition.


Charmayne started out by saying, ‘'On Friday the 13th of December, 1985 I was competing in the 7th Go Round of the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada. As Scamper turned into the alley way running to the arena, he hit his bit on the corner.''

Charmayne didn't immediately know that the Chicago screw holding the bit to the headstall had broken from the impact of Scamper hitting his bit in the alley on the way to the area. As soon as Scamper rounded the first barrel his bridle began dangling from his head and Charmayne immediately worked out what was going on.

With the crowd on its feet and the noise deafening, Charmayne took a split second to decide on a plan of action. She didn't want to startle Scamper and proceeded with her run as usual. She says, ‘'I was trying to still hold the bit up in his mouth as we made it around the second barrel and ran on to the third barrel. Going around the third barrel Scamper spat the bit out of his mouth.''

Charmayne kept her composure despite the fact that Scamper's bridle was dangling between his front legs. Luckily she still had a hold on the reins so they rode to the finish line as usual.

The drama didn't end there as the guards started to shut the arena gate and Charmayne was worried that Scamper would hit the gate as he was running too quickly to stop in time.

Charmayne was yelling at the guards to open the gate and they went sailing out of the arena and up the ramp to the streets of Las Vegas. Luckily there were people immediately outside of the Thomas & Mack Arena who starting waving in front of them and Charmayne was able to stop Scamper before he ran into the street.

Charmayne finishes by saying, ‘'I couldn't believe it when they said we had won the go round and was so grateful that it wasn't a wreck!'' It's like something out of a movie!

Join us again next week as we learn more about Scamper's clone and his offspring.

May 30, 2018

Let's meet the next of our Garland Gift Shop Models - Hands Down!
HandsDown1 HandsDown2

Hands Down is our Off to the Races Stablemates model and has been done in a lovely shaded, coppery chestnut with lots of chrome on mold #700905, which was previously used as a holiday ornament. The jockey riding him has Breyer blue with yellow silks and the saddle pad is marked 18 for 2018's BreyerFest!

Hands Down will be available in BOTH Garland Gift Shops throughout BreyerFest weekend!

May 29, 2018

Avoid extra luggage fees and the worries about getting your models home safe and sound with UPS!

Our friends at the local Lexington UPS store will be on hand at the Covered Arena booth #103 and at the Clarion Hotel. They will take the models off your hands, pack them very securely, and ship them straight to your house. No hassle, no extra luggage, or fees!

You can contact the UPS Store direcly at 859.433.5559 or [email protected] if you have any questions.

May 29, 2018

Is that a Stablesmates model we spy in the distance?

Saddle up and let's find out!




May 25, 2018

If you were at BreyerFest Carnival in 2016 you will certainly remember Sylvia Zerbini and her mesmerizing shows (and horses!) throughout the weekend. This year, we're thrilled to welcome Sylvia and her herd of horses back to BreyerFest Off to the Races!

Sylvia will be performing in the daily in BreyerFest's daytime show in the Covered Arena. There are quite a few chances to see Sylvia perform her breath-taking liberty act and you really don't want to miss it!

Sylvia is the former star of Cavalia and now works with a group of up to 16 Stallions and Geldings. Sylvia is best known for her fantastic liberty acts that she and her horses have turned the act into an art form. The acts have even been called the quintessential Equestrian ballet! You can read more about Sylvia on her website here.

Keep checking back at the blog to learn more about the acts we will be featuring in the daily show in the Covered Arena!

May 24, 2018

Let's meet the next of our Garland Gift Shop models!


Born to Run1 Born to Run2

Born to Run is this year's Classics Clearware decorator and she's sure to shine on your shelf!

Done on the Running Thoroughbred model, mold #662 sculpted by Kathleen Moody, this stunning model has been done in red, purple, and blue and captures the spirit of America's premier Thoroughbred races! This model features beautiful silhouettes of horses racing towards the finish line amid swirls of roses, black-eyed Susans, and carnations.

Born to Run will be available in BOTH Garland Gift Shops throughout BreyerFest Off to the Races!

May 23, 2018

Back in January, we talked about the Youth and Children's Model Horse Show, being held at the Alltech Arena on Saturday, July 14th from 7am to 3pm.

For those of you that may have missed the post, a model horse show is very similar to a live horse show except models are shown instead of live horses. And this is the largest model horse show for kids! For kids three-day ticket holders, there is a Children's show, and the Youth Show is open to adult 3-day ticket holders ages 13 to 16.

Read below to learn all about Breyer Intern Meghan's experience!

There is still space available in both age groups and these shows are geared towards a fun and educational experience, and are perfect for you if you've never shown your models before. You can view the breed guide and class lists for the show here. New to showing? Or need more information? Take a peek at the Model Horse Shows pages in our Community section for lots of information!

As well, on Friday morning, Liz Cory will be offering a workshop on How to Show Model Horses and Kim Bjorgo-Thorne, one of our Youth and Children's Show Managers, will be hosting the Intro to Model Horse Showing seminar. You can register for Liz's workshop here!


Hello, my name is Meghan. I am the new summer intern at Breyer. I have been an avid collector of model horses for 15 years but only started showing about 10 years ago. A good friend at the time went to BreyerFest 2009 and told our group of Breyer crazy friends how much fun she had. When she found a local show she invited my friend and I to tag along. At this point I had maybe 20 Breyers in my collection. I had brought my models along but my main purpose was to go and see what a Breyer show is like. My friends convinced me to put in several of the models I brought, since I was already there anyway. One of my models made it to the championship round but did not make it any further. From then on I thought showing models was the coolest thing.

Flash forward a year later and I convinced my mom to take me to BreyerFest. All Glory was the Celebration model that year and I was very excited. I think part of the reason she said we could go was so we could possibly meet William Shatner. When we got to the Kentucky Horse Park I was like a kid in a candy store. I wanted to buy everything I saw. Luckily my mom was in charge of my money on that trip, so I didn't buy nearly as much as I had wanted.

The youth show at BreyerFest was an eye opening experience for sure. I was used to showing against 30 kids but this was the real deal. The entire room was filled with kids waiting to show Breyers. Since I had only been collecting seriously for about a year I did not expect my horses to win. I did go home with several ribbons and was very proud of my little collection.


After BreyerFest I showed seriously up until I went off to college. In the years after BreyerFest I have had several horses be Overall Reserve Novice Champion and Overall Novice Champion. I also expanded my collection from 20 to about 200. Each show I participated in I learned something new and was able to use that knowledge towards the next show.

My advice to any kids showing for the first time would be, have fun and ask questions and have an open mind. Don't stress about your horses go to the show and have fun, talk to people and look around to see what other people show. I had the most fun looking around to see what all the open exhibitors would bring. Next don't be afraid to ask questions. The judges are there for you to learn from, so if you have a question, go up and ask. You also could go around and ask other exhibitors. In my experience most people at the shows like to answer your questions.

If you are interested in learning more about shows in your area you can check the Breyer Events page and a list of shows in your area should pop up. Or you could come and show at BreyerFest in the Youth Show. For more information check out the Model Horse Shows tab on the BreyerFest section of the website.

May 22, 2018

As we're getting nearer to BreyerFest we wanted to check in on our BreyerFest 5K Runners!

You might remember that the race raises money for Old Friends, a Thoroughbred Retirement Facility in nearby Georgetown. Old Friends was founded by the former Boston Globe critic Michael Blowen in 2003 and they know care for more than 155 horses whose racing and breeding careers came to an end.

The farm welcomes 20,000 tourists each year and the farm is open for daily tours. You can make reservations by calling (502) 863-1775. You'll see famous (and familiar) faces like the 1997 Kentucky Derby winner Silver Charm, three-time Santa Anita Handicap victor Game on Dude, Breeders' Cup Sprint Champion Gulch and Breeders' Cup Classic winner Alphabet Soup.You can learn more about Old Friends here.

5k medal

If you haven't signed up yet there are still spaces available for both in-person and virtual runners. The BreyerFest 5K is hosted by our friends at 3 Way Racing and is sure to be a fun way to start your morning. Race Day will feature a DJ, fun prizes for our race winners, and fan favorite Lil' Ricky Rocker leading our runners! You can read more about the race here and sign up here.

All our runners will receive this beautiful BreyerFest Off to the Races 5K finisher's medal! So lace up your gym shoes and good luck to all of our runners!


May 21, 2018

Let's take a little look at the next item in the Garland Gift Shops!



You'll have to keep checking the Breyer Blog to find out more. But we will give you a little hint - it involves horses!


May 18, 2018


We introduced our Breyer Blog readers to our Limited Edition Re-release of the Scamper model a few weeks ago but we wanted to share a couple of stories about the legendary Scamper from his owner, Charmayne James.

Charmayne has graciously shared some of her memories of Scamper and she started off with her all time favorite memory - the fact that he would always nicker when she walked into the barn.

We all know just how special Scamper was (winning the AQHA/WPRA Barrel Horse of the Year title five times and being the first barrel horse to be inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame to name a few) but Charmayne said she realized how talented Scamper was the first time she put him around the barrels. They continued to strengthen this relationship after meeting an instant connection the first time they met.


They certainly had quite the career together!

Keep an eye on the Breyer Blog over the next few weeks as we reveal more about that night with Scamper's iconic broken bridle!



May 17, 2018

Did you guess our clue correctly? This little horse is the BreyerFest Off to the Races plush!

Meet Furlong!

This adorable, squishy plush has been done in an all-over jockey silks pattern perfect for the BreyerFest Off to the Races theme. Furlong will be available in BOTH Garland Gift Shops throughout the weekend.

You can read more about the Garland Gift Shops if you scroll back a couple of days on the Breyer Blog!

May 16, 2018

Simple and silly cartoons made easy in Laurie Jo Jensen's Cartooning workshop!
Cartooning1 Cartooning2

We talked about Laurie Jo's Cartooning workshop a little while ago but we wanted to share some lovely quotes and photos from Laurie Jo.

As Laurie Jo told us "Last year's Cartooning workshop was a huge success with attendees of all ages and all ranges of talent having a blast!" The workshop is suitable for anyone ages 7 and up. And as you might remember that the workshop will be on Friday 13th July from 3pm - 5pm in the Educational Space on the lower level of the International Museum of the Horse.

Laurie also mentioned that there were ‘'new friendships formed during our informal and free form class where your creativity can shine.'' All of our workshops are a great way to meet fellow BreyerFest attendees and build long-lasting friendships while learning new skills!

You can read more about the Cartooning workshop and all of our other workshops here. And you can sign up for any of our workshops here.

And don't forget to bring photos of your favourite horse or Breyer model (or even your cat or dog!) so you can create your very own cartoons!

May 15, 2018

Speaking of the Garland Gift Shops...

How about a teaser for our first pop-up store item? Can you guess who this is?

Tuesday Sneak Peek

Keep checking the Breyer Blog as we reveal the full image of this item later in the week!


May 14, 2018

As many of you BreyerFest vets know, one of the features of BreyerFest has been the "pop-up store" - a tent filled with limited edition, made just for BreyerFest models, plush, and swag - that are themed to each year's event: The Grand Marche in 2015, The Breyer Mercado in 2016, The Breyer Bazaar in 2017, and for 2018, Breyer's Garland Gift Shops.

You read that correctly: shops.

This year, we are turning the one pop-up store (formerly located in the Annex Ring) into TWO pop-up stores, located in the areas around the Covered Arena and Celebration Park. Each store will have the exact same items and will mean shorter lines to get what you're looking for!

Finding these shops will be easy! Just follow the flower-coordinated signage around the park, or, if you're more familiar with the KHP, you can see where they are located on the map in the program. These flower-coordinated shops will match the winner's garlands from some of the Triple Crown Races, featuring red roses and Black-eyed Susans, so keep your eyes peeled for matching signage posted on walkways.

For those of you early birds who like to be first in line Friday morning, you might be familiar with the numbers that get distributed before the gates open. In recent years, guests have formed a single line and received numbers for either the store OR the pop-up store (#1-300 for each location), to be first in line at either location. This year is no different! However, to keep things orderly, we are dividing up the line. Outside the BreyerFest front gate, the line that runs along the sidewalk from the BreyerFest ticket booth to the entrance by the VIC (and beyond, into the parking lot), will be divided into TWO lines, one for the Breyer Store and one for The Garland Gift Shops. Please make sure you are in the correct line!* You can either go to the Breyer Store OR the Garland Gift Shop - you cannot receive numbers for both.

Numbers for those waiting in line for the Breyer Store will be distributed as usual, 1-300.

The numbers for the Garland Gift Shops will be color coded for each store - red roses and Black-eyed Susans - and be divided accordingly for each location. Every person in your group who wishes to shop must receive a number. Once BreyerFest opens, please proceed directly to your designated store as numbers will be taken in order. The Garland Gift Shops will open at 9:15 in order to get everyone lined up. Please note, if you miss your number you must proceed to the end of line.

Happy shopping!


*If you do not need to be first in line for either the Breyer Store or the Garland Gift Shop (or you have 9 am or 10 am special run tickets), please proceed to the "Have Tickets" line located by the American Saddlebred Museum. If you need to purchase tickets or pick up tickets at Will Call, please proceed to the "Need Tickets" line in the same location.

May 10, 2018

Did you guess our sneak peeks correctly?

Say hello to our prizes for the BreyerFest Best Customs contest!


All Out is our Best Customs Grand Prize, a bright bay pinto with mapping, a pattern modeled after the 2015 Premier Club Bobby Jo release. This pattern was originally designed by Carol Williams and is done on mold #731, which was sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn. All Out was named after the slang term used in horse racing when a horse gives it everything they've got, just like our Best Customs contest entrants!


In the Running is our Stablemate prize, a bay pinto with dapples and a high gloss finish on mold #5710. This model was sculpted by Jane Lunger and the pattern is from the 2016 Stablemates Collector Club release, Shiloh. Named after the horse that just won't quit, this little guy will make a fine addition to our reserve winners' herds!


Keep checking the Breyer Blog as we reveal more in the coming weeks and learn more about the Best Customs Contest here!

May 9, 2018

Have you seen the BreyerFest Travel Guide?

We talk about it every year and this year is no different. The BreyerFest Travel Guide is full of tons of information about both the Kentucky Horse Park and the Lexington area overall. There are even details about our wonderful host hotels, the Embassy Suites and the Clarion along with our other local hotel partners and entertainment.

Here's the link to the Travel Guide. And there's more information available on the Lexington Tourism website which you can visit here.

We shared this article last year as well but wanted to share it again. It's packed full of fun facts about Lexington. You have plenty of time to brush up on your local trivia before BreyerFest Off to the Races in less than two and a half months!

May 8, 2018

Here's another sneak peek for you today!


May 8, 2018

Let's take a little peek at another one of our BreyerFest Off to the Races models!


Like we always say, keep an eye on the Breyer Blog to see the full image revealed soon!

May 7, 2018

Each year, BreyerFest offers a series of FREE seminars on a variety of topics.

This year, we have five different seminars covering a variety of topics related to the model horse world, including old favorites Intro to Model Horse Showing with Kim Bjorgo-Thorne, Repairing Models with Jennifer Danza, and Learning to Collect with Penny Lehew, as well as new additions Exploring and Using Color with Mindy Berg and Choosing Breeds and Colors with Lesli Kathman.

For lovers of the real horse world, author Deb Aronson will be on-hand each day of the weekend to talk about racing superstar Rachel Alexandra. Following her seminars, she will be available for book signings, and don't forget to stop by her table at the Vendor Marketplace in the Covered Arena to learn more about her work. Friday afternoon, writer Marion Altieri will be speaking about the impact Arabian horses have had on racing. Marion has been at the rail documenting this breed's amazing legacy. As well, filmmaker Ginger Kathrens will be on hand Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning to talk about Cloud, his herd, and her work to save America's wild horses. Stop by her booth in the Covered Arena to learn more!

And a BreyerFest first! Saturday afternoon will offer two amazing panel discussions that are not to be missed. First, the legendary Donna Brothers will moderate our panel on Women in Racing, featuring some of the biggest names in the industry - Rosie Napravnik and Blythe Miller-Davies. Following that, Marion Altieri hosts a panel of Arabian Racing breeders, jockeys, and owners, including the President and Vice President of the Arabian Jockey Club. Neither discussion is to be missed!

BreyerFest is honored to have such an illustrious panel of guest speakers for our seminar series this year!

Learn more about our seminar offerings here!

May 7, 2018

Now that all the BreyerFest Single-Day Stablemates models have been revealed, we wanted to let you know that new this year, BreyerFest is offering advance Single-Day Parking Passes, which can be purchased here.

Save time when you arrive at the Kentucky Horse Park by buying your parking pass in advance! This pass does not offer a discount on daily parking at the KHP (daily parking is $5), but it will gain you faster entry upon your arrival, and is valid for re-entry to the park.

And, don't forget to get your Single-Day BreyerFest tickets here!

May 4, 2018

And last, but certainly not least, the fourth Single-Day Stablemate this year at BreyerFest Off to the Races is none other than Silver Charm!

Foaled in 1994 and currently living out his retirement at Old Friends Equine in Georgetown, KY, Silver Charm is best known for winning the 1997 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes races - and only just missed completing his Triple Crown victory by a small margin. Trained by Bob Baffert, this impressive athlete continued racing beyond age three, winning the 1998 Dubai World Cup at age four and then placing 6th at the same race in 1999. After an incredible career, this horse was finally retired in 2004.

Our Silver Charm is done on mold #5716 in a flea-bitten grey with a slight pearly sheen and we think he couldn't be more handsome.

Be sure to visit with Old Friends at their table in the Covered Arena to learn more about Silver Charm. You can buy your Single Day Tickets here.

May 3, 2018

Our third BreyerFest Single-Day Stablemates reveal is the legendary Man o'War!

BreyerFest Off to the Races just wouldn't be complete without a Man o'War model! This stunning Stablemate was done on mold #5629 and is a richly shaded chestnut done in a high gloss finish.

Honored alongside Babe Ruth as The New York Times' Outstanding Athlete of the Year in 1920, this Lexington-born Thoroughbred won 20 of 21 races during his career and earned nearly $250,000 in prize money. He was inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 1957 and in 2017, horse lovers around the world celebrated his 100th birthday - including the special exhibition at the International Museum of the Horse at the Kentucky Horse Park, "Man o'War at 100."

Check back with the Breyer Blog tomorrow as we reveal our final Single-Day Stablemate! You can get your tickets here.

May 2, 2018

Our second Single-Day Stablemate reveal is Ruffian!

Foaled at Claiborne Farm near Paris, KY and trained by Frank Y. Whiteley, Jr., Ruffian measured in at an imposing 16.1 hands despite her young age. Though her career in the early 1970s was short-lived, this champion filly won ten consecutive races between 1974 and 1975 earning more than $300,000.

Stop by Claiborne Farm's table in our vendor marketplace in the Covered Arena to learn more about this amazing racehorse!

Our Ruffian is done on mold #5627 and is a lovely shaded dark bay with a luminous high gloss finish. We know you'll love her as much as we do!

Don't forget to buy your Single Day Tickets here; the rest of the Single Day Stablemates models will be unveiled on the Blog all week long!

May 1, 2018

Our first BreyerFest Single-Day Stablemate reveal is Lexington's own mascot - Big Lex!

This iconic big blue horse is the stuff of legend! While it's only a rumor that the famous Kentucky Bluegrass actually turned the real Lexington blue from a lifetime of grazing, what is true is that this horse made history.

The bay horse was foaled in 1850 and originally owned by Dr. Elisha Warfield, who gave him the name "Darley." Later purchased by Richard Ten Broeck and renamed "Lexington", this horse earned more than $56,000 during his career and went on to sire more than 600 foals. Lexington died in 1875 and is currently laid to rest at the International Museum of the Horse at the Kentucky Horse Park. You can learn more about the real horse named Lexington here.

Our BreyerFest Big Lex is done on mold #5621 and is shaded a rich blue with a high gloss finish. We know this fun decorator will make an exciting addition to your mini herd!

Don't forget to be your Single Day Tickets here and the rest of the Single Day Stablemates models will be unveiled on the Blog all week long!

April 27, 2018

Single Day tickets are on sale now! 

BreyerFest is Off to the Races!  Can you guess which horses we’ve picked for our Single-Day Stablemates based on the molds pictured below? 


Comment on our Facebook page with your best guesses! And check the Breyer Blog next week when we reveal each model!

Finally, you can buy your Single Day tickets here!

April 26, 2018

BreyerFest is pleased to welcome the performers from Nashville Circus Center in 2018!

Traveling from Nashville, TN, this group of performers will be hosting games, face painting, a fun photo booth, and circus workshops all weekend long in Celebration Park. If you've ever wanted to learn how to juggle or Hula Hoop, definitely stop by their tent. These fun activities are not to be missed!

As well, Nashville Circus Center's performers will be roaming around the park on stilts, doing acrobatics, juggling, and hula hooping. A troupe made of both circus students and circus instructors, these performers are sure to wow BreyerFest guests with their skill and agility.

Nashville Circus Center's mission is to positively impact the lives of children, adults, and organizations through circus education, outreach, performance opportunities, and elite quality training. At their studio in Nashville, they offer classes and parties for youth and adults in aerial silks, hammock, lyra, trapeze, juggling, and circus troupe. They provide professional entertainment in aerial, stilt walking, acro stilts, and more for local and regional events.

Circus2 Circus3

April 25, 2018

BreyerFest once again is proud to host Ginger Kathrens and The Cloud Foundation!

In 1995, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Ginger Kathrens filmed a newborn wild horse in Montana, and named the pale foal "Cloud." She documented him through his entire life, capturing the beauty and complexity of wild horse society. While filming, Ginger began to realize that our nation was losing America's wild horses. They are rounded up by the thousands, losing in an instant what they value most-freedom and family. She realized something must be done; thus, The Cloud Foundation was born.


The Cloud Foundation is dedicated to preventing the extinction of Cloud's herd through education, media events and programming, and public involvement. The Foundation is also determined to protect all other wild horse herds on public lands, especially isolated herds with unique characteristics and historical significance.

You can learn more about The Cloud Foundation's valuable work at BreyerFest. Stop by The Foundation's booth, #106, on the concourse in the Covered Arena to speak with Foundation staff, or check out the FREE seminars being presented by Ginger Kathrens in the Visitor Information Center on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, 2pm - Cloud, The Legend
Sunday, 11 am - The Fight to Save Wild Horse

You can learn more about The Cloud Foundation here, about our BreyerFest beneficiaries here, and read more about our seminars here.

April 24, 2018

BreyerFest welcomes back the Breakables Live Show!

Each year our Breakables Live Show plays host to a stunning collection of china and porcelain models and this year is no different!

On Thursday July 12th all of our fellow china-lovers will be at the Clarion Hotel when the show starts at 3pm. The show will feature models made from clay, bone china, porcelain, or resin so be prepared to see some truly amazing models! But be careful not to break anything!

This year, there will be a public silent auction, the proceeds of which will go to benefit the Hooved Animals Humane Society, an incredibly worthy organization founded in 1971 and based out of Woodstock, IL.

For more information, please visit the Breakables Live page here. You'll find a Class List as well as Entry Packet and Entrant Form.

You can find more information about the BreyerFest Open Model Horse Show and the BreyerFest Youth and Children's Show here.

April 23, 2018

Let's learn more about one of our special guests, Empres++++//!

This 1995 Arabian stallion was competed in five different countries including Poland (where Empres was born), The Netherlands, Belgium, The United States, and Canada. In addition to competing in many different disciplines, he has won titles in a wide variety of classes including Dressage, Western Dressage, Halter, Sport Horse, Sport Horse under Saddle, Side Saddle, and Mounted Native Costume!

Empres was named the Canadian National and Reserve Champion Sport Horse Stallion three times, in addition to 19 other Canadian National titles, 17 Regional titles, and 26 Western Canadian Breeders titles! He earned the symbols after his name by attaining the highest-level achievement awards from the Arabian Horse Association including: Legion of Masters (++++) and Legion of Excellence (//).

Since his retirement, Empres has been siring the next generation of intelligent and versatile winners.


You can see the rest of our Guest Horses here. And you can get your Empres model here.

Don't forget to meet Empres and owner Prue Critchley at the Barns throughout BreyerFest weekend! You can see Empres's big personality and get your model signed.

The Autograph Schedule will be posted on the Breyer Blog nearer BreyerFest.

April 20, 2018

We've kept you waiting long enough, let's meet Newmarket!
Newmarket1 Newmarket2

The BreyerFest Off to the Races decorator model is done in a snappy pattern on Susan Carlton Sifton's mold #594. This decorator has been done in a vibrant blue and pearly white diamond pattern that reminds us of jockey silks. Newmarket is named after the Newmarket Course, the first horse racing track built in America. This track was constructed in 1665 and was located in Salisbury, NY - not far from where the Belmont Stakes takes place today.

Newmarket is the last of the BreyerFest Special Run models; don't forget you can see all of the BreyerFest Off to the Races models here.

Keep checking the Breyer Blog in the coming weeks as we reveal more surprises!

April 19, 2018

There are still a couple of tables available in the BreyerFest Artisans' Gallery, so don't miss out on this great opportunity if you want to showcase your work!

The Artisans' Gallery showcases the best of the best in the model horse hobby and takes place on Thursday evening from 5:30pm - 11pm and Friday and Saturday evening from 7:30pm - 11pm. It's the perfect way to keep celebrating BreyerFest after spending the day at the Kentucky Horse Park!

Featuring all things equine, the Artisans' Gallery is home to everything from custom models and tack to paintings and sculptures. It's the perfect place to shop for that special souvenir!

Just like the Swap Meet you don't need to be a Three-Day Ticket Holder to browse and shop in the Artisans' Gallery. Everyone is welcome!

And while you're at the Artisans' Gallery don't forget to check out the Best Customs Contest Finalists! Final judging will be at 9pm on Saturday.

If you're interested in presenting your work at the Artisans' Gallery you can visit here for more information. You can find the Artisans' Gallery application here. Please note: you must be a BreyerFest Three-Day Ticket holder to display and sell in the Artisans' Gallery

April 18, 2018

You didn't think we could have a BreyerFest without decorator, did you?!

The rest of this model will be unveiled on the Breyer Blog later in the week but until then we'll leave you with this hint...

Can you guess who this is?


April 17, 2018


As BreyerFest grows each year, we try to make as many accessibility improvements as we can to ensure all of our guests have a wonderful weekend.

This year, we are pleased to announce that if you require mobility assistance, you can rent a scooter or a wheelchair for use at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Scootaround has partnered with BreyerFest Off to the Races and offers the delivery of scooters and wheelchairs straight to your hotel room or home! We hope that this convenience makes for a truly pleasurable BreyerFest.

This partnership is being managed by Scootaround, so if you have any questions about scooter or wheelchair rentals please contact them directly here.

April 16, 2018

Marion Altieri started riding Quarter Horses at age four - the same year her mother first took her to Saratoga Race Course to watch Thoroughbreds race.  Marion didn't know the difference between Patches, her cousin's Quarter Horse, and Kelso--she just knew that she loved horses.  

The die was cast in 1968, when she was first published in a national music magazine at age 12.   Even as a student at Mount Holyoke College years later, horses continued to haunt her--and finally in 2003 she embraced her vocation when she wed her writing and editing talents to her passionate love of equines--and thereby claimed her place at the rail as a turf writer.  

Since 2003, she's written hundreds of (general) horse and horse racing articles for magazines; coffee table books; websites; voiceover scripts (Dubai World Cup 2014) and newspapers.  (Two of her articles can be found in the Keeneland Library's permanent archives.)  Nominated twice for the Eclipse Award for writing, she's currently working on a second project with a world-renowned owner/breeder of Purebred Iraqi Arabian race horses, editing his third book--and loving every moment of this important work.  She's thrilled to join us at BreyerFest Off to the Races, and help attendees fall in love with Arabian race horses, and the sport of racing them.  

Meet Marion at BreyerFest!

Marion's infectious love of horses and zest for life will light up the seminar stage Friday and Saturday afternoons of BreyerFest.


On Friday at 2 pm, Marion will outline the immense impact Arabians have had on the entire racing industry. From the Dubai World Cup to Saratoga Springs, Marion Altieri has been at the rail documenting this breed's continuing legacy. Her insight to the exotic world of Arabian Racing will astound you!

Then, on Saturday at 1 pm, Marion will be moderating an illustrious panel of Arabian Racing breeders, jockeys, owners. You do not want to miss this opportunity! Panelists will include:

Susan Meyer, President of the Arabian Jockey Club and owner/breeder
Kathy Kroll-Smoke - Vice President of the Arabian Jockey Club and owner/breeder the famed Spin Doctor.
Dense Gault - President and founder of Race Street Management, Inc., a Bloodstock Agency, specializing in the management, consultation, sales, and marketing of purebred Arabian horses world-wide.
Michelle and Dr. Mickey Morgan - renowned breeders of Arabian race horses in North America
Amanda Roxborough - racing partnership owner; filmmaker; producer
Kirsten Swan -  Darley Award-winning Jockey
Lynn Ashby - Eight-time Darley Award winner and one of two horse trainers in the United States who train both Arabians AND Thoroughbreds. 

BreyerFest is honored to have Marion and the entire panel representing the world of Arabian Racing. Follow along with the BreyerFest blog for a more in-depth look at each panelist! We will see you there!

April 13, 2018

We did say our winners would be hitting the jackpot with this model!
So without further ado let’s meet Jackpot!
Jackpot 1Jackpot 2

Jackpot is our Sunday raffle model and is done on the brand new Premier Model sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn, mold #747.  This stunner is painted to a flashy chestnut leopard appaloosa complete with striped hooves, horseshoes, mottling, and topped off with a high gloss finish.  His patterning reminded us of a waterfall of coins, like hitting the jackpot on a slot machine!

Don't forget to buy your raffle tickets at the Breyer Booth throughout the weekend! Tickets are $1 each or $5 for 6 tickets. There is a discount for buying in volume! But remember, it only takes one ticket to win!

We have a little insider's trick for you - make quick labels with your name and phone number. It will make filling out your raffle tickets much faster giving you more time to enjoy BreyerFest!

Ticket sales for both the Saturday and Sunday raffles start on Friday at 9:30 am. Each model is limited to 26 pieces (25 models for the Raffle and 1 model in the Live Auction) and you must be present to win. Drawings are held Saturday at 4:30 pm and Sunday at 2:00 pm at the stage in the Covered Arena. Tickets are available at the Breyer Booth located within the Vendor Marketplace on the concourse of the Covered Arena. You can read about all our raffles here.

Each year, a portion of the proceeds from the Raffles and our Live Auction benefit our BreyerFest Beneficiaries. You can read more about our BreyerFest Beneficiaries here.

April 12, 2018

Clip clop tick tock - the countdown is on for the last few days of the Early Bird prices!

You can buy your tickets here and don't forget that all of our Early Bird ticket buyers will be automatically entered into the drawing for Riddle!

And even better we're going to give our Breyer Blog readers a little heads up about the next model...

Our Sunday raffle winners will hit the jackpot with this model! Keep an eye on the Breyer Blog to find out more.


April 11, 2018

In case you weren't able to work out the clue from earlier in the week, let's take a look at the latest Special Run model, By a Nose!

By a Nose is an unusual color found on thoroughbreds! This model features an intricate patterning in dark bay that is frequently called "Dominant White." By a Nose is on Breyer's legendary Lonesome Glory mold, #572, which was created by the same amazing sculptor that produced the Gerinimo mold.

By a Nose 1 By a Nose 2

By a Nose was named after that nail-biting moment at the finish of a horse race when the winner just barely makes it over the finish line first! We hope this model races into your hearts the same way he's raced into ours.

You can see the rest of our Exclusive Models here. And make sure you keep checking the Breyer Blog to see the rest of the BreyerFest models unveiled in the near future.

April 9, 2018

Let's kick off this week with another clue!

In case you can't work out who this is, a clearer picture will be unveiled later this week on the Breyer Blog!

April 6, 2018


We talked about the Dressed to the Nines Derby Hat and Costume Contest yesterday and we wanted to share some photos from last year's event.

So here's a look at some of the amazing and inspired costumes we saw in 2017 at our Bollywood Bash costume contest!

We can't wait to see what our amazing participants have in store for us when you come 'Dressed to the Nines'!

You can read more about the Costume Contest in yesteday's post - just scroll down! Or you can click here to read the full rules and regulations.

Costume2 Costume4
Costume3 Costume3
Costume5 Costume6
Costume7 Costume8
Costume9 Costume10

April 5, 2018

Dressed to the Nines Derby Hat and Costume Contest

The costume contest will be held on Saturday, July 14th at 6pm in the Alltech Arena.

For this year's costume contest, we've raised the stakes by giving a nod to the illustrious Kentucky Derby race and the incredible hats donned by attendants by incorporating a Derby hat contest into the BreyerFest Costume Contest.

Entrants are invited to create amazing Kentucky Derby hats, sport their race day finery, or come as anything related to horse racing. One of the things we know we can count on from our Breyer fans is that your costumes will be nothing short of amazing!

Please be sure to arrive at the Alltech Arena South Hall by 5:30 pm to check in with event staff. All costumes must be family friendly! Any costume deemed inappropriate by the judges will not be allowed to take part in the Costume Contest.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three people or groups in each category. Categories include: Individual Adult, Adult Group, Individual Child, and Child Group. The age cut-off is the same as BreyerFest tickets - adults are ages 13 and over, kids are ages 12 and under. Costumes are judged on quality of execution and best overall theme, and prizes are awarded at the judges' discretion.

Click here to read the rules and regulations.

April 3, 2018

As usual, this is all we're going to give you for the Surprise Special Run!


You'll have to wait until Friday, 13th July to see the models unveiled at the Kentucky Horse Park!

April 2, 2018

It sure looked like we made a mistake on the blog yesterday, but here at Breyer we'd never pass up the chance to play a little April Fool's gag.

You met Dead Heat with chestnut coloring back in February, but we've decided to turn up the volume this year and do a gambler's choice split color run! Which will you be surprised with? Dead Heat in chestnut? Or Dead Heat in palomino?

Dead Heat 1 Dead Heat 2

Dead Heat, on Susan Carlton Sifton's Ruffian mold, #597, has ALSO been painted a bright, palomino snowcap blanket appaloosa and is sure to dazzle on your shelf!

As you might remember, Dead Heat was named after that rare moment in racing when two or more competitors finish a race exactly evenly. We thought this name was perfect for a split color run!

Keep an eye on the BreyerFest blog as we continue the countdown to BreyerFest with a lot more models!

April 1, 2018

We have another sneak peek to share with all of our Breyer Blog readers! Can you guess who this might be?

As usual, keep an eye on the Breyer Blog to see the full model unveiled later in the week!



March 29, 2018

BreyerFest welcomes back instructor Sommer Prosser, this time with two chances to make your own Suncatcher Stablemates!

Workshop attendees will use glass stain and clear Stablemates models to create their own unique suncatchers. This workshop is always very popular, particularly because all of the attendees get to take home a lovely souvenir to remember their time at the sunny Kentucky Horse Park!

The Suncatcher Stablemates workshops are offered on Saturday from 12:30pm – 2:30pm and Sunday from 10:30am – 12:30pm. Both workshops will take place in the Museum Gallery and Education Room (downstairs) of the International Museum of the Horse.

As we keep mentioning, our workshops do sell out so make sure you sign up early! You can sign up here.


March 28, 2018

It's hard to believe that March is almost over, but on the plus side Spring and BreyerFest are getting closer by the day!

It also means that the Early Bird deadline is sneaking up on us. There's only a few more weeks to take advantage of our Early Bird Pricing. And don't forget all Early Bird Ticket Buyers will be entered for the chance to win Riddle, our handsome Early Bird Ticket Model.

Riddle is one of three and quite the catch!

Click here to buy your tickets today!

March 26, 2018

Let's meet Win, Place, or Show!
Boomerang1 Boomerang2

Win, Place, or Show is our Photo Finish Model Horse Diorama Contest prize model. He is on Sue Kern's Boomerang mold (#800) and features rich dark bay coloring, dashing dapples, and a high gloss finish!

Win, Place, or Show is named for the top three positions for a horse finisher in a race. A win is the horse that finishes first, a place is the horse that finishes first or second, and a show is the horse that finishes in any of the top three spots. We hope this stunning model wins in your heart as much as he has in ours!

As a reminder, submissions to the Photo Finish Model Horse Diorama Contest will only be accepted on Friday, July 13th from 9:30 am - 5:00 pm at the Visitor Information Center. Winners will be announced on Saturday before the afternoon raffle in four age categories: Under 10 years, 10-14 years, 15-19 years, and 20 Years & Older.

You can read more about the Photo Finish Model Horse Diorama Contest and our other Contests here.

Best of luck to everyone!

March 23, 2018

Maybe your Diorama Contest inspiration will come racing right back to you with our next little guy.

As usual, keep an eye on the Breyer Blog to see the model unveiled soon!

March 22, 2018

BreyerFest Guide for Kids!

BreyerFest brings over 12,000 visitors to the Kentucky Horse Park each year! Since Breyer models are made for both playing and collecting, our guests range from avid lifelong collectors to younger collectors to families who just happen to be in Lexington in July!

To cater to our youngest fans, a number of activities are planned specifically with them in mind! There is a lot going on for the whole family as well.

Celebration Park

FREE Pony Rides

After being surrounded by model horses, watching special equine performances, and meeting Breyer's iconic portrait models up close, if there's one thing kids will want to do, it's ride a horse! Free pony rides will be happening in Celebration Park all weekend long!

  • Friday & Saturday, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Petting Zoo

The petting zoo is not to be missed! Adorable animals will charm little kids and kids at heart!

  • Friday & Saturday, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

New at BreyerFest this year, you can find the carousel out in Celebration Park near the dining tent. Free for all guests to ride, choose your magical steed and hang on!

  • Friday & Saturday, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
FREE Face Painting, Hula Hooping, Jugglers!

Circus performers in Celebration Park will be entertaining guests of all ages. Learn to hula hoop and juggle (even enter our hooping and juggling contests!), have your face painted, play games, and snap a photo in the photo booth. Hula hoopers, jugglers, and stilt walkers will also be roaming around the park to wow BreyerFest attendees young and old!

  • Friday & Saturday, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Craft & Activity Area

SM painting
FREE Stablemates Painting

Children unleash their creativity when they make their very own Breyer Model! This free activity located in the Craft and Activity Tent is open to all - limit one per person per day!


  • Friday & Saturday, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
FREE Face Painting, Magic Shows, Jugglers!

Circus performers roam the Craft and Activity Area entertaining guests of all ages. Amazing magic, free face painting, marvellous jugglers, and gravity-defying stilt-walkers add to the excitement and thrill of attending BreyerFest! You can even learn to juggle in their juggling workshop.

  • Friday & Saturday, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

March 21, 2018

Were you able to work out who our fourth Special Run model was?

Let's meet the latest Proud Arabian Mare, Sierra Rose!

Sierra Rose1 Sierra Rose2

Sierra Rose is on our fan favorite Proud Arabian Mare mold (#215) which was sculpted by Maureen Love. Sierra Rose is a softly dappled rose grey and is as lovely as can be.

Sierra Rose was named for the picturesque Sierra Nevada Mountains, where the Tevis Cup is held annually. The Tevis Cup is a 100-mile long endurance ride that lasts a full 24 hours and has been taking place annually since 1955. The riders in this competition traverse the Sierra Nevada Mountains in their quest to win this legendary endurance competition. Sierra Rose's beautiful rose grey coloring reminded us of the stunning sunsets in Sierra Nevadas.

You can see the rest of our Exclusive Models here. And make sure you keep checking the Breyer Blog to see the rest of the BreyerFest models unveiled over the next few months.

March 20, 2018

Breyer Gives Back!

Whether you're a serious Breyer collector searching for your Holy Grail or a family in search of a fun weekend, BreyerFest is all about celebrating our shared love for horses and creating memories to last a lifetime! Not only is the weekend full of fun but it's also rewarding for our Breyer Beneficiaries. Every year, BreyerFest helps us donate to a handful of amazing charities and you all help make that possible.

Over the last 28 years of BreyerFest, we have raised over $1,100,000 for charity! And it's all thanks to our Breyer Fans! The contributions came from the money raised in the Silent Auction, Live Auction, and the Breyer Benefit Raffles. Last year alone, you helped us donate more than $80,000 to a wide variety of causes close to our heart.

This year we are supporting many remarkable organizations, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the 4H Eastern and Western Round-Ups, the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.), and The Cloud Foundation.

There are several great ways you can contribute to our amazing beneficiaries!

Breyer Benefit Raffle

You've already met Woodford and you'll be meeting our Sunday Raffle model soon. As a reminder, each of the Breyer Benefit models is limited to 26 pieces (25 models for the Raffle and 1 model in the Live Auction).

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction offers another great way to help our charities and go home with unique and fabulous models and memorabilia at the same time! We'll be announcing the Silent Auction lots nearer the event so keep an eye on the Breyer Blog!

Live Auction

The BreyerFest Live Auction is one of the most memorable parts of BreyerFest weekend! The Auction features glamorous models, lots of excitement, and the thrill of being the winning bidder! A sampling of the models available will be unveiled on the BreyerFest Blog closer to July!

You can read more about the Breyer Beneficiaries here. And you can read more about our Raffles here and the Silent Auction and Live Auction here.

Best of luck to all of our bidders and raffle entrants!

March 19, 2018

We're feeling generous this Monday morning so we've given you a pretty big hint about this week's model...
Mystery Silo

March 16, 2018

BreyerFest Off to the Races is hosting a brand new model horse show - Resin Futurity!

You might know our Resin Futurity hostess from the Atomic City Live show which has been held in Pasco, WA for the past seven years. But for those who don't know Stacy already let's meet her!


Stacy Quick got her first model horse in 1990 after years of not being able to convince her parents that another real horse was a good idea. In 1993, collecting Breyers really took off for Stacy after a Toys R Us store opened nearby, in addition to a local toy store adding Breyer models to their line-up. Since then her collection has grown to over 600.

1994 brought the discovery of model horse shows and the amazing friends that came with it. The rest is history!

Over 20 years of show involvement and collecting lends experience to being show hostess. The Resin Futurity is the third model show hosted by Stacy.

Other active shows she hosts in Washington are Atomic City Live in October (2018 will be its 7th year) and the Region 1 Championship show which had its inaugural show in June 2017.

Stacy is a former engineering technician and now a stay home mom of 2 young children, ages 5 and 1. She does model customizing and painting when time allows for it.

You can find out more about the Resin Futurity show or any of our other Model Horse Shows here.

March 15, 2018

Now we're going to meet Eleanor Harvey's partner in crime for the BreyerFest Youth and Children's Show, Kim Bjorgo-Thorne!

Kim started her collection of Breyers with a pair of woodgrain models given to her by her mother. Rumor has it that she wasn't all that impressed with her new baby sister, and that the models were an attempt to redirect her energy. Those woodgrain models went everywhere - to the beach, in the pool, the yard, etc. As Kim's carpet herd grew she learned about the model horse hobby and Just About Horses.
She attended her first live show at a local hobbyist's house at age 12, and 6 years later, held her first "live" show. Fast forward through college and graduate school, and Kim is still active with the model horse hobby. She holds a show every year in Columbus, Ohio and participates in several online model horse-related communities. Kim has attended all but the first two BreyerFests. Her collection is an eclectic mix of Breyer clinky models, and a few draft breed artist resins.

Kim has ridden hunter jumpers and three-day horses since she was seven, but the draft breeds hold her heart. She is a lifetime member of the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA.

In "real life", Kim is a professor at a small liberal arts college, where she teaches vertebrate zoology, ecology, and environmental-related courses. Her advanced work is in fisheries, biology, and spatial ecology, and considers horses her avocation rather than vocation. Kim also works with the local 4-H equestrian group and teaches about horse form and function.
Through life's ups and downs, successes and triumphs, the one constant in Kim's life has been the model horse hobby, and she finds great fulfilment through the deep and lasting friendships made as a result of the hobby.

You can find out more about the Youth and Children's Show or any of our other Model Horse Shows here.

March 15, 2018

So far we've meet our Breakables Show Hostess, Diana, and our Live Show Manager, Michelle. Today we're going to meet one of our Youth and Children's Show Managers, Eleanor Harvey!

Eleanor began collecting model horses after years of pleas for a real pony fell on deaf ears. Her parents caved and gave her a glossy dapple grey Running Mare, only to watch in disbelief as she grew the herd to its present state, numbering over 2000 models.

She did finally begin riding horses in Virginia when she was 9 years old, and eventually rode hunter paces and combined training in Connecticut on a Welsh pony named Buster, and progressed to second level dressage under Elizabeth Madlener at Maryland Horse Center. Her riding career went on hold as graduate school, marriage, a career, and two kids absorbed most of her time, but the model horse hobby became a more important part of her life, and through the hobby she has made some of her closest friends.

She began showing and judging model horses in the 1980s. Her specialties are English performance, harness, and collectability. She has attended most BreyerFests since 1993, and judged the Children and Youth shows for many years before becoming co-manager of the shows with her good friend, Kim Bjorgo-Thorne.

When she's not playing with her model horses Eleanor is an art museum curator in Washington, DC, where she organizes exhibitions and writes books about American art.

You can find out more about the Youth and Children's Show or any of our other Model Horse Shows here.

March 14, 2018

Diana R. Dubbeld is back hosting the Breakables show for another year!

Let's meet Diana!


Diana R. Dubbeld has been collecting model horses since she picked out her first Breyer, a bay grazing foal, at a garage sale when she was one year old. She started avidly collecting in 1995. Twenty-two years later she still has Breyers in her collection but her primary focus is clankies (metal horses), chinas, porcelains, and anything else that clinks.

Her favorite method for adding models to her collection is by "liberating" them at auctions, antique malls, and estate sales and bringing them back into the model horse hobby. She first started live showing in the early 2000s in her home state of Michigan. Diana attended her first BreyerFest in 1997 and has since attended 17 more.

She first volunteered for BreyerFest in 2005 and she is excited to be hosting Breakables for another year, she first hosted the show in 2017.

Diana moved to Kentucky 12 years ago and has been working in the thoroughbred racing industry for the past 9 years. While at work one day, a handsome gelding by the name of Little Sheik caught her eye. Two years later, she was able to help him retire off the track and they have been inseparable the past four years. She also enjoys spending time with her five cats, studying pedigree assignment, simulated horse racing, color genetics, following horse racing, art, and science fiction.

You can sign up for the Breakables show or any of our other Model Horse Shows here.

March 13, 2019

Every year we introduce our Breyer Blog readers to our Model Horse Show Managers. Well, it's that time of year again and we're going to kick things off with Michelle Masters, the Open Show Manager!
Michelle Masters

Michelle Masters has been managing the BreyerFest Open Show since 2006, but has been collecting Breyers for much longer. In fact, Michelle got her first Breyer model horse from her aunt when she was seven.

In the last 45-odd years she's collected 300 O.F. Breyer models as well as special runs and event models. She got her model horse show start when she attended her first ‘live' show in 1975. She's been to countless shows since then! Michelle first attended BreyerFest in 1993 and impressively she's only missed two years since then! Michelle attended ten years of BreyerFest with all three of her daughters, who also collect model horses and have shown in many shows.

Michelle started out as a judge at BreyerFest, then moved on to teach the Showing and Performance clinics before being asked to take over as show manager for the Open Show in 2006. Michelle considers her duties as show manager a true labor of love as it combines her love of organizing and planning with her life-long love of the model horse hobby.

Michelle is very busy year round with her job as an 8th grade English teacher, so of course she can't get enough books! Michelle also adores her three dogs and the beach, and loves jigsaw puzzles, playing volleyball, and attending Renaissance festivals.

March 12, 2019

The story of racing filly Rachel Alexandra is one of the best underdog stories in American racing history.

This amazing racehorse was long-considered not to be suitable for racing, but grew up to dominate the sport. In 2009, Rachel Alexandra was the first filly in 85 years to win the Preakness Stakes and later in 2009 Rachel Alexandra was named Horse of the Year.

This year at BreyerFest Off to the Races, guests will have three chances to learn all about this amazing horse during our Seminar series.

Deb Aronson, author of the book "Alexandra the Great: The Story of the Record-Breaking Filly Who Rules the Racetrack" will be on hand to talk about the life of this amazing horse and the people who lived with her.


On Friday Deb's seminar is from 1pm - 2pm, Saturday Deb will be speaking from 11am - 12pm, and your last chance to see Deb is Sunday from 12pm - 1pm.

Following her seminar, Ms. Aronson will be available for autographs.

As a reminder, all BreyerFest seminars are free and the schedule can be found here. And we'll be highlighting a few more of our seminars before the big weekend!


March 9, 2019

Were you able to solve the BreyerFest puzzle??

Here's the full image!

Inari1 Inari2

Inari is a piebald elk and is on Chris Hess' stunning mold (#77). This model is the fourth of our BreyerFest Off to the Races Special Run models!

Inari is named after the area in northern Finland where the Reindeer Racing Championships are held and have been taking place since 1959, though the races have been happening all over Finland since 1932. Competitors in this thrilling sport are pulled by these massive creatures while on skis - surely a sight to behold!

You can see the rest of our Exclusive Models here. And make sure you keep checking the Breyer Blog to see the rest of the BreyerFest models unveiled over the next few months.

March 8, 2018

You've seen him on the Exclusive Model page; now let's learn more about EZ To Spot!

The 2001 Pony of the Americas gelding earned his show name as a previous owner's parents also said he was "easy to spot in the field." With his flashy leopard coat we certainly agree!

Lash (as he's known in the barn) is owned by Ponies Unlimited LLC who describe him as having "a heart bigger than he is."

Standing 14.1h, EZ To Spot regularly jumps fences from 1.10-1.15m, and he jumped up to 1.20m in the USEF Pony Finals. In addition to his jumping escapades Lash's career highlights include being named the United States Equestrian Federation's (USEF) Zone Champion 2012-2015, and the USEF's National Pony Jumper Champion in 2013 and 2015. He's still competing today and his owners attribute his long and very successful career to his athleticism and love of his job!



Make sure you pick up your EZ To Spot model and get it signed while you're at BreyerFest! You can also take pictures with EZ To Spot and his owners at the barn throughout the weekend too.

The full autograph schedule will be posted on the Breyer Blog nearer the time.


March 7, 2018

It's been a little while since we've had a BreyerFest puzzle...

We thought it might just be time to bring it back again.


The full picture will be unveiled later this week on the Breyer Blog!

March 6, 2018

We have an exciting new act at BreyerFest Off to the Races! Woof woof!


We’re thrilled to welcome the Presidents’ Choice SuperDogs, who will be visiting Lexington all the way from Toronto, Ontario, Canada!



The SuperDogs act is fast-paced and interactive not to mention heart-warming and hilarious. You can catch them in the Covered Arena once a day for their signature “Hoof and Woof” show and twice a day in Celebration Park. This is not your average stunt-dog show! As SuperDogs says themselves, it’s a cross between a Broadway hit and a major sporting event.


Hoof and Woof answers the question – who is faster - A dog or a horse? Find out once and for all when the SuperDogs go up against a few of our equine friends in speed and agility tests. Barrel racing and pole bending will never be the same!

It’s definitely an act you won’t want to miss!

March 1, 2018

Meet our Saturday Raffle Model, Woodford!

Thundering hooves and a flash of color are what make Woodford exciting! This stunningly handsome fellow on the Shire Gelding model (mold #744) sculpted by Karen Gerhardt has been expertly finished to a silver dapple black tobiano pinto with mapping and a subtle sheen to his glorious mane, tail, and feathers.

Named to pay homage to both the thoroughbred race held at Keeneland Race Course as well as Kentucky's famous bourbon, gentle giant Woodford is looking forward to going home with our Saturday raffle winners!

And keep an eye on the Breyer Blog to see our Sunday Raffle Model revealed soon!

February 27, 2018

Let's take a break from Special Run models to see one of the other fun models that will be available at BreyerFest this year!

Can you guess who this is?

Find out later this week!


February 26, 2018

Laurie Jo Jensen is back again with her Cartooning workshop! Sign up today!

After the success of Laurie Jo's Cartooning workshop last year we brought it back again for BreyerFest Off to the Races.

The workshop will be held on Friday afternoon from 3pm - 5pm in the Educational Space on the lower level of the International Museum of the Horse. The workshop is suitable for anyone ages 7 and up and will teach attendees the basics of cartooning, which they can then build up on at home to create their own comics. You can create a cartoon of your favorite Breyer model or bring along a picture of your own horse or pony as your inspiration.


Now let's meet our workshop instructor, Laurie Jo Jensen! Laurie Jo has been collecting model horses since the age of 5. Her first Breyer was a glossy alabaster Arabian stallion fondly known as Star.

Laurie Jo was involved in the beginning stages of organized model shows and has been further involved in the hobby though painting and customizing Breyer models that are known beloved members of collections around the world. Laurie Jo enjoys teaching fellow model horse lovers how to paint, customize, and draw model horses.

Don't delay in signing up for Laurie Jo's Cartooning workshop as most workshops do sell out quickly!

You can read more about the workshops and sign up here.

February 23, 2018

Candace Liddy is back with both her Drawing Horses and Conformation workshops!

Both workshops are always popular and we wanted to tell you a bit more about the Conformation workshop in today's post.

Unlike the rest of our workshops, this one meets in the Craft & Activity tent and students will then go to the Stables to learn and practice with real, live horses!

Candace Liddy

Candace will show participants how to assess a horse's conformation using a simple measuring tape and the willing volunteer horse at the barns. Then Candace explains what those measurements mean about the horses physical ability for various disciplines.

As this is a very simple and easy to learn technique, people can use this to assess real horses for their potential before purchasing, evaluate their own real horses to help with training issues, and even look differently at their models horses when they want to show halter/conformation classes.

In Candace's words this is a class that helps any horse lover to better understand and evaluate conformation and how a horse is put together.

Students will take home handouts so they can go home and assess all the horses they love and enjoy.

Sign up for Conformation, Candace's other workshop - Drawing Horses, or any of the others here. As a friendly reminder you must be a Three-Day ticket holder to register. You can buy your Three-Day ticket here.

February 22, 2018

Reminder: Volunteer Applications are due soon!

The deadline for the BreyerFest Off to the Races volunteer applications is sneaking up!

The cutoff for applications is March 1, 2018 so there's only a few more days to send your applications in. Any applications received after the deadline will be discarded.

As a reminder, potential volunteers will be notified of their status on or around March 26th so there will be plenty of time to buy Early Bird Tickets if you are not accepted as a volunteer.

If you can't volunteer at BreyerFest this year keep an eye on our website early next year to help out at BreyerFest 2019. If you're looking for a way to get involved with Breyer throughout the year we're always looking for help with our Breyer Ambassadors. Click here to find out more and sign up for this great program!

February 21, 2018

This elegant mare and foal set will make your heart race! Let's meet Julep and Pim!
Julep&Pim1 Julep&Pim2

While the weather hasn't changed much since yesterday we hope this sweet pair will help countdown the days until Triple Crown season starts!

Julep is a lovely shaded dove grulla pinto and her foal Pim has a striking black and white overo pinto coat and two different colored eyes. This pair was originally released in the 2017 Premier Club as the Performance Lipizzaner Mare and Lipizzaner Foal (molds 748 and 749) and were sculpted by Brigitte Eberl.

Julep is obviously named after the iconic Kentucky Derby staple the Mint Julep and Pim is named after the Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore where the Preakness Stakes is held each year.

Julep and Pim will be available at BreyerFest Off to the Races as the third of our Special Runs. You can see the rest of our Exclusive Models here.

February 20, 2018

It's been a couple of weeks since Punxsutawney Phil predicted another six weeks of winter - thanks Phil...

While we can't wait for BreyerFest (even with the Kentucky heat!), at this point we're day-dreaming of a delicious Mint Julep while cheering on the riders and horses at the Derby. We'd settle for a fabulous day out in Baltimore watching the all-important second race, the Preakness Stakes, too. Or maybe even the sense of anticipation over the final race at the Belmont Stakes!

February 19, 2018

The BreyerFest Marketplace in the Covered Arena is THE place to shop for the widest variety of equine-themed items, all in one place.
Holly Griggs


Home to way more than just models, the BreyerFest Marketplace hosts sculptors, tack makers, painters, jewellery, clothing, gifts for the home, booksellers, and other unique items. The BreyerFest Marketplace is open all weekend long!

The Marketplace is filling up quickly this year, so don't miss out!

The vendor application can be found here. Be sure to secure your space soon - the Marketplace will sell out!


February 16, 2018

Happy Friday, readers, and say hello to Scamper!

Originally released in 1998 and sculpted by Carol Herden on mold #477, Scamper is a Special Edition BreyerFest Off to the Races re-release! This special edition Classics set comes with three BreyerFest barrels and will be available for sale in the Breyer Store. Scamper features a "BreyerFest 2018" print on his belly, crisp leg markings and modern shading.

During his career with owner Charmayne James, this beautiful bay gelding dominated the barrel racing world. Winning the AQHA/WPRA Barrel Horse of the Year title once wasn't enough, he earned the title five times and was the recipient of the prestigious American Quarter Horse Association Silver Spur Award (1992).

Scamper brought James to 10 world championships and made her the first barrel racer to surpass the $1 million in career earnings mark. The legendary Scamper retired from competition in 1993 and passed away in 2012 at the age of 35. In 1996, Scamper was the first barrel horse to be inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. There is no doubt that Scamper lived a long and exciting life!


To celebrate Scamper and the sport of Barrel Racing, Charmayne James will be joining us at BreyerFest this year with current rides, Grasshopper and Cruisin on Six! In 2002, James and Cruiser took home her 11th WPRA World Title and seventh NFR average title. She will be performing daily in the arena as well as offering clinics throughout the weekend.

And don't forget to have her sign your Scamper model!

February 15, 2018

You might have noticed Icabad Crane amongst our Store Specials on the Exclusive Models page. It's about time we introduce Icabad Crane properly!

Icabad is a 2005 bay Thoroughbred gelding who had a very successful 6-year racing career during which he finished third in a Triple Crown race (the 2008 Preakness Stakes) and was eighth in the Belmont Stakes. After retiring from his racing career in 2013 Icabad began an equally successful career in the eventing world.

His new owners, Anita and Graham Motion, put Icabad into training with eventing superstar Phillip Dutton. Icabad's brand new career included an Olympic gold medallist in the saddle! The pair finished their first year together by winning the 2014 America's Most Wanted Thoroughbred Contest, and in 2015 won Icabad's first CIC* at Plantation Field Horse Trial. Icabad returned to Plantation Field in 2016 with Phillip's daughter Olivia in the saddle, and won the Novice Thoroughbred Series division!

Icabad is the perfect example of how a horse can excel after his racing days are over and we can't wait for both racing and eventing fans to meet him at BreyerFest Off to the Races.

BreyerFest attendees will be able to pick up their very own Icabad model in the Breyer store throughout the weekend.

You can see the other side of Icabad's model and the rest of the BreyerFest Off to the Races models here.

February 14, 2018

Our next model may not be candy hearts and roses.
He is, however, a bit different than what you've seen so far.

Keep an eye on the Breyer Blog to see the full model soon!

February 13, 2018

If you're looking for a racing-themed workshop then look no further than Didi Hornberger's Floral Shoulder Drape workshop!

The workshop is being held on Saturday afternoon from 12:30pm - 2:30pm on the lower level of the International Museum of the Horse, in the Museum Gallery and Education room. Attendees will learn how to create a stunning floral drape from well-known hobbyist Didi Hornberger.

Didi has been teaching workshops at BreyerFest for since 2014 but she's been volunteering at BreyerFest since 2005. In fact, Didi is a fan of all things equestrian as she has been riding for seventy years. Over the years she's owned/bred, raised, and shown more than 18 real horses including Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods. She's had the privilege of riding in 4 Presidential Inaugural Parades with the International Sidesaddle Organization.


These floral drapes are specially designed by Didi to fit on the handsome Brass Hat, so don't forget to bring your own Celebration Model to the workshop! And please note, the workshop is great for all skill levels but will require a small amount of hand sewing.

We've said it before but we'll say it again - our workshops do sell out so make sure you sign up for your favorite workshops early! And you do need to be a Three-Day ticket holder to register for workshops.

You can read more about the Floral Shoulder Drape workshop and all of our other options here. And you can buy your Three-Day tickets here.

February 12, 2018

We talked about the BreyerFest 5k last month but we wanted to remind everyone about the race again in case our readers haven't signed up yet!

The race is at 8:00 am Sunday morning and finishes before the BreyerFest activities kick off so our runners won't miss any of the fun! And, runners will be finished before the worst of that Kentucky heat!

Registrants can either sign up for the 5 kilometer (or 3.1 mile) run through the scenic Kentucky Horse Park or, for a more leisurely start to your day, there is a 1 mile fun run/walk. Every 5K runner will receive a finisher's medal and t-shirt, courtesy of our race partners at 3 Way Racing. As well, fun prizes from Breyer will be awarded to the top three runners in each age category, as well as overall prizes!

If you can't make it to Kentucky, but still want to run the race, there is a Virtual 5K option, as well. These runners will receive a t-shirt and finisher's medal, too!

If you haven't signed up already, you can learn more about the BreyerFest 5K here and follow the link to sign up. There are only a few spots left for the discounted $24.95 registration fee, so act quickly!

February 9, 2018

Let's meet the second of our Special Run models, Dead Heat!
Dead Heat 1 Dead Heat 2

Dead Heat is on Susan Carlton Sifton's Ruffian mold (with short tail), #597, and has been painted a bright, rich chestnut snowcap blanket appaloosa and is sure to dazzle on your shelf!

Dead Heat is the second in our BreyerFest Off to the Races Special Run line-up and was named after that rare moment in racing when two or more competitors finish a race exactly evenly.

Keep an eye on the BreyerFest blog as we continue the countdown to BreyerFest with a lot more models!

February 8, 2018

We talked about Workshops earlier in the week but with so many excellent choices this year we're talking about our Workshops again!

There are many, many fan favorites back again for another year. These include How to Show Model Horses, Pintos & Appys, Repairing Horses, Etching, Drawing Horses, and so many more. Let's dive in a little deeper to learn about some fun offerings for this year.

The Dream Horse Kit workshop is always popular with our fans of all ages! Kristin Albert guides students through making their Dream Horse complete with a custom paint job and a mohair mane and tale and attendees walk away with their perfect Classics scale model.

Canvas Creations

Tina Dils is back again hosting her fun Christmas in July offering - Stablemates Christmas Ornaments! Paint your own Stablemates model and turn it into a lovely ornament to hang on your tree next winter. This workshop is a great way to capture your memories of this year's BreyerFest.

Canvas Creations was first introduced a couple of years ago and has been so popular with our guests that it's back again! Students begin the workshop with a ‘starter canvas' and Jane Tilton will walk all of the attendees through creating their own horse-inspired artwork and will go home with their own Classics model too.

As we've mentioned before, ALL workshops this year will be held in the Museum Gallery and Education Room (downstairs) of the International Museum of the Horse, with the exception of the Conformation workshop, hosted by Candace Liddy. All workshop attendees will meet instructor Candace Liddy in the Kids Craft & Activity Tent before walking over to the Stables to look at the horses and learn more about the how and why a horse is built the way it is.

All participants must register in advance and our workshops do sell out, so make sure you sign up today! You do need to be a Three-Day ticket holder to sign up for the workshops. You can learn more and sign up here!

February 7, 2018

We have another sneak peek to share with all of our BreyerFest Blog readers!

Can you guess who this might be?

As usual, keep an eye on the BreyerFest Blog to see the full model unveiled later in the week!


February 6, 2018

Join us for BreyerFest After Dark at the Clarion Hotel

The Clarion Hotel is BreyerFest's official Host Hotel and the official location of BreyerFest After Dark. The Clarion is home to both the Swap Meet and Artisans' Gallery for another year.

After spending all day at the Kentucky Horse Park you can continue the BreyerFest celebrations and enjoy the best of the best in the model horse hobby. The Swap Meet and Artisans' Gallery showcase all things equine!

You can find everything from custom models and tack to paintings and sculptures. And the Artisans' Gallery will be hosting the Best Customs Contest we mentioned last week - make sure you stop by and check out the finalists. As a reminder, the final judging will be at 9pm on Saturday. You won't want to miss finding out who the winners are!


The Swap Meet is held on Friday evening after the Live Auction at the KHP, from 7:30pm - 11pm. The Artisans' Gallery is on Thursday evening from 5:30pm - 11pm and Friday and Saturday evenings from 7:30pm - 11pm. Both events take place in the Clarion Hotel Ballroom.


If you're interested in participating in the Artisans' Gallery, you can visit here for more information and you can find the Artisans' Gallery application here. There's an Early Bird Special too! If you secure your table by April 16th you'll receive a BreyerFest Off to the Races guest wristband for FREE!

You can learn more about the Swap Meet and buy your tables here.

Please note: you must be a Three-Day ticket holder to display and sell in either the Artisans' Gallery or the Swap Meet, and tables do sell out so buy early to avoid disappointment.

However, you don't need to be a Three-Day Ticket Holder to browse and shop in the Artisans' Gallery or Swap Meet. Everyone is welcome!

We'll see you at BreyerFest After Dark!

February 5, 2018

We talked about our BreyerFest workshops a couple of weeks ago but with all of the exciting changes going on this year we just had to talk about them again.

If you took a look at the Workshop schedule you might have noticed that we have a packed schedule this year that now includes workshops on Sunday. How exciting!

All of the Sunday workshops take place in the morning from 10:30 - 12:30 and include some classic standbys (Suncatcher Stablemates) as well as brand new offerings like Carousel Horses, Creative Model Showing, Etching Decorators, and Dress up a Track Pony, a perfect workshops to celebrate BreyerFest Off to the Races. You can read more about these workshops as well as our many other offerings here.

All participants must register in advance and our workshops do sell out so make sure you sign up today! You do need to be a Three-Day ticket holder to sign up for the workshops. You can learn more and sign up here!

As a quick reminder, ALL workshops this year will be held in the Museum Gallery and Education Room (downstairs) of the International Museum of the Horse. This is an air conditioned space that is accessible by elevator, has restrooms and water fountains, and has lovely shaded outside courtyard - perfect for waiting parents!

February 1, 2018

Have you heard about our Women in Racing panel discussion?

The panel discussion is hosted by the legendary Donna Brothers on Saturday from 12pm - 1pm in the Visitor Centre Theater and is free to all BreyerFest guests.

Joining Donna and our other, soon-to-be-announced, panelists is the equally legendary Rosie Napravnik, two-time winner of the Kentucky Oaks and the only woman to have ridden in all three Triple Crown races. Since Rosie started her career in 2005 she has been one of the top North American jockeys in both earnings and races won. In fact she was the highest-ranked female jockey in North America and broke Julie Krone's previous record of total wins and earnings!

In addition to taking part in the Women in Racing panel, Rosie will be riding her off the track Thoroughbred, Old Ironsides, in the Covered Arena throughout the day. Since 2014 Rosie has shown Old Ironsides, affectionately called Sugar, in Eventing competitions around the country.

And we're so excited to announce that Sugar's model will be available for purchase at BreyerFest Off to the Races as a Store Special! Sugar is depicted on the loose mane and tail Strapless model (mold #583) originally sculpted by Sommer Prosser and painted in a softly shaded grey with delicate fleabites.

Sugar1 Sugar2

BreyerFest fans will get the chance to meet Sugar, take a picture with him and Rosie, and get their model signed throughout the weekend. The official autograph schedule will be announced nearer the event but keep an eye out on the Breyer Blog as we will unveil the schedule here.

You can read more about the other FREE seminars here.

January 31, 2018

You're invited to the BreyerFest Open Show! Get your models ready!

We talked about the Youth and Children's Show the other day so we figured it was about time we talked about the BreyerFest Open show!

The Open Show kicks off BreyerFest weekend taking place as usual on Friday (July 13th this year) from 7am - 5pm at the Alltech Arena North Expo Hall.

As always, there will be tons of models, lots of laughs, and countless memories!

You can sign up here, but please note you need to be an adult Three-Day ticket holder to register.

For more information about the show or to see the Breed Classification List click here and for our first time Showers there's a wonderful First Timers' Guide to give you a better understanding of how a model horse show works. There's also tons of information in the Community section of our website.


Best of luck to all of our showers! We can't wait to see all of the amazing models!

For our younger Model Horse showers we have the Youth and Children's Show which is held on Saturday at the Alltech Arena. You can read more about it here.

January 30, 2018

See the dare-devil Trixie Chicks Trick Riders at BreyerFest Off to the Races!

The Trixie Chicks Trick Riders are an elite all-female specialty trick riding act and we can't wait to see them at BreyerFest! For those who don't know Trick Riding is when a rider performs dangerous stunts on a galloping horse. But don't worry - trick horses are trained to perform even when they're not being controlled by their riders (who are a bit preoccupied with their tricks!)

As the Trixie Chicks say on their website ‘'trick riding requires physical and mental courage, athletic agility, keen horsemanship, and a trusted equine teammate.''


The main members of the Trixie Chicks group are Kelsey Temmens and Shelby Epperson who are life-long equestrians and horse lovers. Previous members include Ashlee Hearod and Miko McFarland. Shelley rides Cookie while Kelsey rides a selection of horses including Lightning, King, Cookie, Jackson, and Cody. Both girls take the bond between horse and rider to the new level and dazzle audiences by hanging by one foot with their heads dragging on the ground to standing proudly atop their horses at a full gallop.

The team is based out of Springfield, MO and tours the country entertaining crowds at rodeos and horse events. The group has been a wildly popular fixture of the PRCA Rodeo circuit for a few years and hosts numerous clinics too.

In case you couldn't tell from the photos the only thing brighter than the Trixie Chicks' outfits are their personalities. Shelley and Kelsey are really looking forward to talking to lots of young fans about getting involved with trick riding and showing the crowds their best tricks!

As the girls say, ‘'I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say 'because of you, I didn't give up.' I'm not saying it's going to be easy. I'm just saying it's going to be worth it!'' What an inspiration!

These dare devils will be performing during the day in the Covered Arena and at our evening Celebration of Horses shows on both Friday and Saturday evenings!

January 29, 2018

Calling all kids to the Youth and Children's Model Horse Show!

On Saturday July 14th, BreyerFest Off to the Races gives our youngest fans the chance to show off their favorite models! Plus they'll also make new friends all while learning more about model horses and the model horse hobby!

For those who don't know, a model horse show is very similar to a live horse show except models are shown instead of live horses. And this is the largest model horse show for kids!


The Youth and Children's Show is held on Saturday from 7am - 3pm at the Alltech Arena North Expo Hall. There's a Children's Show for ages 12 and under, and the Youth Show is for ages 13 - 16.

Models can be shown in two divisions: halter and performance. You can view the breed guide and class lists for the show here. New to showing? Or need more information? Take a peek at the Model Horse Shows pages in our Community section for lots of information!


The Children's Show (for Breyer fans 12 and younger) requires a Children's Three-Day ticket to enter. The Youth Show (for ages 13 - 16) requires an Adult Three-Day ticket to enter. Please note that parents are also required to be a BreyerFest Single-Day or Three-Day ticket holder.

If you are considering showing but have a few questions, be sure to check out the FREE Introduction to Model Horse Showing seminar on Friday at 11am taught by Children's and Youth show manager Kim Bjorgo-Thorne. You can read more about our seminars here.

For a more hands-on experience, long-time shower Liz Cory will be conducting the How to Show Model Horses workshop on Friday at 10 am. You can read more about our workshops here.

We hope to see you at the Show!

January 26, 2018

We're thrilled to finally announce that Foiled Again will be making his BreyerFest debut! We are truly honored to have Foiled Again and legendary trainer, Mickey Burke Sr., joining us at Off to the Races.

Foiled Again, a 2004 bay Standardbred gelding is co-owned by Burke Racing Stable LLC, Weaver Bruscemi LLC, and JJK stables LLC and began his racing career in 2006. Driven by Yannick Gringas to many of his victories, Foiled Again has won his way to earning more than $7.5 million.

Foiled Again, known as the "richest pacer" has had an incredible career, but in 2018 will be aging out of the sport and is going into a much deserved retirement. Although, after winning his 99th race less than 2 weeks ago, Foiled Again is proving he is still the one to beat.

To celebrate Foiled Again's amazing lifetime of achievements in harness racing, Breyer has created a Special Edition of the Foiled Again model, on Chris Hess' iconic mold #46. This limited edition will feature a stunning green halter and a beautiful glossy finish.


BreyerFest fans will have the first opportunity to add the Special Edition Foiled Again to their collection. If models remain available after BreyerFest, they will be offered for sale to the general public on

We hope you are as excited as we are to be hosting Foiled Again at BreyerFest!

January 25, 2018

Get ready for the Photo Finish Model Horse Diorama Contest!

You might have heard us mention it already but BreyerFest Off to the Races will showcase all aspects of the Racing Industry. For the Photo Finish Model Horse Diorama Contest we want you to be inspired by the chariot racing of ancient civilizations, the excitement in the arena at a barrel race, or the sheer determination and grit of endurance riders and horses who race over thousands of miles - or any other type or interpretation of horse racing! There's so much to choose from!

As usual there are four age categories: Under 10 years, 10-14 years, 15-19 years, and 20 Years & Older. The prize model will be unveiled at a later date so until then you'll have to be inspired by the countless different race horses throughout history!

The rules are listed below, but you can find more information about the Diorama Contest here.

Best of luck everyone! We'll see you and your diorama at the starting line!

Diorama Contest Rules:
• One entry per person.
• All entries must be created using a least one Breyer Model (any scale).
• All entries must stand upright on a table and fit entirely inside a 12" cube; including bases, stands, and attachments (entries will be measured).
• Any media, attachments, and bases can be used as long as it fits the size requirement above.
• Entry must be accompanied with a 3" x 5" index card with a description on one side and name, age, city and state on the other side.
• All entrants must be BreyerFest Three-Day ticket holders.
• Submissions will only be accepted Friday, July 13th from 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at the Visitor Information Center. Entries will be judged Friday evening after the park is closed, allowing judges time to read the entry cards. Entries received after Friday will not be judged.
• All entries must be submitted by the original artist.
• Winners will be announced after the Saturday Raffle in the Covered Arena
• All entries must be picked up from the Visitor Information Center by Sunday, July 15th at 1:00 p.m.

January 23, 2018

The Breyer Best Customs Contest is back at the Artisans' Gallery!

If you've been to the Artisans' Gallery over the past couple of years you might have noticed the Best Customs Contest finalists. These outstanding models showcase the best of the best in customizing. Hopefully you have been inspired by these excellent models to make your own custom creation!


This year there are five different divisions, which include: Excellence in Finish Work, Fantasy, Most Extreme Custom, Best Custom for Performance Excellence (shown with Tack and Rider), and Theme.

The Theme changes from year to year and this year's theme is ‘Portrait of a Champion'. We're looking forward to honoring famous race horses through history whether they're from the Thoroughbred world, the Barrel racing word, or even Harness racing and Endurance racing.

Prizes include a Special Edition BreyerFest Best Customs Traditional Model for the first place winner of each division and Special Edition Stablemates Best Customs Models for the second and third place winners of each division. The winners and our finalists will receive a special Rosette as well.

To enter you will need to submit a photo of your custom to [email protected] for initial judging no later June 14th, 2018, 11:59 pm EST. No late entries allowed! The three finalists for each division will be notified on/about July 1, 2018 and will be responsible for getting their model to BreyerFest Off to the Races to be displayed at the Artisans' Gallery. The top 3 custom finalists in each division will be showcased at BreyerFest in the Artisans' Gallery for final judging.

These models will be on display until 9:30pm on Saturday, July 14th when the winner of each division is announced. Make sure you stop by and check them out! They're guaranteed to be outstanding!

Best of luck to all of our competitors!

More information about the different divisions and how to enter can be found here.

January 22, 2018

Applications now being accepted for BreyerFest Off to the Races volunteers!

Over the years countless volunteers have given many, many hours of their time to help make BreyerFest a success. We can't say thank you enough to our past and future volunteers!

That being said, we're looking for Breyer fans to work behind the scenes this year. We need volunteers around the Kentucky Horse Park whether it's in the Hands-on Hobby booth, the Craft and Activities tent, or somewhere else at BreyerFest. There's even a couple of new positions this year!

In addition to lots of fun memories, BreyerFest volunteers receive a limited edition volunteer model and a huge thank you for all of their hard work! Please note that models will be distributed on Sunday afternoon after the closing ceremonies.

For more information about volunteering at BreyerFest and the different opportunities available please click here. You can download the Volunteer Application here.

And if you have any questions about volunteering at BreyerFest Off to the Races you can reach out to Robin Briscoe, our Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected]

Please note that applications will only be accepted from January 15 and March 1, 2018. Any applications received outside of these dates will be discarded. Volunteers will be notified of their status on/after March 26th giving people plenty of time to buy Early Bird Tickets if they were not accepted as a volunteer. As a reminder, the Early Bird ticket sales end on April 16th.

January 19, 2018


BreyerFest 5K

3 Way Racing

In case you missed it, the BreyerFest 5K signup website went live on Wednesday!

We can't think of a better way to warm up on these cold winter days than by training for the BF5K. To get you motivated, we've put together a list of our top five running apps to help inspire to get in shape with us. So crank up "Eye of the Tiger" and share your progress with us on our Facebook page, Breyer Model Horses or tag us on Instagram with #BF5K!

1. Couch to 5K - this app is great for beginners and provides you with a program each day and gradually builds up your running time and distance to a 5K. With achievable commitment times (20-30 minutes a day, 3 times a week), Couch to 5K will help you train yourself to completing a 5K in just 9 weeks.

2. Map My Run - this app, for more experienced runners, helps you track and map all your runs, and helps you track your stats to improve your performance. With a community of over 50 million users, get inspired to reach your running goals!

3. Strava Running and Cycling - great for the person who is into more than just running. Track your runs, cycling, and other activities with millions of users. Tracks key stats like distance and time, but also offers users the opportunity to participate in community-wide challenges to up their fitness game.

4. Charity Miles - take your run to the next level with this app that allows you to earn money for charity with every step! Track your steps with this app and choose from more than 40 charities to donate to.

5. Run Keeper - this run tracking app allows you to track your progress, set goals, keep personal records, and creates tailor-made plans to show you how to improve. Set your goals, stay motivated, and see yourself progress to the finish line!

Dino Runner

If you haven't signed up already, you can learn more about the BreyerFest 5K here and follow the link to sign up. Every runner will receive a finisher's medal and t-shirt, courtesy of our race partners at 3 Way Racing, and prizes for the top three runners in each age category will be awarded by Breyer.

There's no better way to start off the last day of BreyerFest Off to the Races than with a quick jaunt around the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park - who knows who you might run into.

We will see you at the starting line!

January 18, 2018

Was anyone able to work out the first Special Run model?!

Here he is...

StraightBet1 StraightBet2

Now that you've seen the full model unveiled let's meet Straight Bet!

Straight Bet is a richly shaded liver chestnut with dapples and a shiny coat of gloss, an uncommon but stunning color for the Lusitano breed! The model is on the lovely Spanish Stallion mold (745) sculpted by Mindy Berg.

Straight Bet is the first of our Special Run models and there's a lot more models to be unveiled in the run-up to BreyerFest Off to the Races!

Keep an eye on the Breyer Blog!

January 17, 2018

Along with all of the other exciting changes happening at BreyerFest Off to the Races we’ve made lots of changes to the workshops. And all for the better!

This year ALL of our workshops will be held in the Museum Gallery and Education Room located downstairs within the International Museum of the Horse, unless otherwise noted on the schedule. This makes it much more convenient for workshop attendees and friends alike. Plus there’s less commuting time if you’re going from workshop to workshop throughout the day!

We’ve also added several workshops on Sunday morning. There’s even more chances to learn more about model horses and the model horse hobby! These workshops include a perennial BreyerFest favorite, Suncatcher Stablemates, as well as new workshops like Carousel Horses, Creative Model Showing, Etching Decorators, and Dress up a Track Pony.

There’s a couple of racing workshops as you would expect for BreyerFest Off to the Races! These workshops include LeeAnn Masters’ Racing Bridles and Floral Shoulder Drapes with Didi Hornberger.

In additional to the BreyerFest favorites mentioned earlier, Pintos & Appys, Dream Horse Kit, Repairing Horses, Etching, Drawing Horses, and many others are back again!

Workshops do fill up quickly so make sure you sign up today! And as a friendly reminder you must be a Three-Day ticket holder to sign up for our different workshops. You can buy your tickets here.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on the Breyer Blog to see the first Special Run model unveiled later this week!

January 15, 2018

Now that we've passed the six month countdown for BreyerFest Off to the Races we wanted to share the first of our Special Run Sneak Peeks!

Take a look at the picture below and see if you can work out which model it is.

Sneak Peek 1

And keep an eye on the Breyer Blog to see the full model unveiled later in the week!

January 11, 2018

Every year we see lots of new faces at BreyerFest and we see familiar faces that we haven't seen in a couple of years. Because of this we like to post a little refresher on the Breyer Blog about the Special Runs and the Special Run line.

Breyer creates models exclusively for BreyerFest Three-Day Ticket holders, these models are known as "Special Runs". The total number of models varies from year to year, but typically there are 8 different models to choose from. Within each option we may or may not have included some surprises - like ½ the run is glossy or the entire model is a surprise! With a "Surprise Set" you won't know anything about the model you are buying until you open it!

Models are announced here on the Blog in the months leading up to BreyerFest. The models will also be on the Exclusive Models page after they are released.

Prices and quantities will be announced in the Event Program, which is posted online before BreyerFest. We'll announce it on the Blog when the program is posted, too, so keep an eye on this page!

So how do you buy these models?!

Each Three-Day Ticket holder receives a packet of information approximately 4-6 weeks after your ticket purchase is complete - it will include your admission wristband, a Celebration Model Redemption ticket, a ticket for any additional activities included with your ticket (like our Friday or Saturday evening shows) and a Special Run Ticket. The Special Run tickets are randomly chosen for each ticket packet. Special Run tickets are for a specific day and time - this indicates the day and time that you can shop in the Special Run Store. Ticket times start at 10 am on Friday and run hourly through Sunday at 1pm.

To keep things fair and organized, we have taken each model and broken the total quantity down into 18 different groups. This way each hour has an equal chance to buy models. The Special Run ticket is also numbered. Fifteen minutes before the start of that shopping hour, a BreyerFest staff member will draw a random number to start the line. Small groups of people will be let into the store at a time to keep things from getting too crowded. If you are late and miss when your ticket number went into the store you will need to go to the end of the line, so please be prompt! Once you are in the Special Run Store, you can purchase up to 2 different Special Run models, but you cannot purchase 2 of the same model.

Here is an example of how to line up: You have received ticket #35 for the Friday 2pm - 3pm time. At 1:45pm you need to line up at the Special Run Line Tent and a number will be drawn that will determine which ticket number will start the line. If the number drawn is 29, the line for that time slot will start with the holder of ticket #29, followed by #30, #31 and so on. When the highest number for that group has been reached, the next number will be #1, then #2 and so on. If you are late and your ticket number has already gone into the store you must go to the end of the line.

Please keep in mind that each person can only go through the Special Run line once per ticket time and can only purchase up to 2 models at a time. If you are shopping for a child or a friend who is taking a workshop or showing in a model horse show, and therefore have multiple Special Run tickets, you cannot purchase more than the maximum of two models at a time. You must line up again after making your first purchase or trade tickets with another guest so you have multiple tickets for different time slots. Another option is to give your extra ticket to someone else to go through the line for you.

What happens if I am showing all day Friday or Saturday?

It is very important to tell us if you are planning to show in either the Open or Youth and Children's Show when you are buying your ticket. On the ticket order page there is a drop down that says "To aid special run ticket assignment, please choose one (Please note: you must register for Model Horse Shows separately):" This drop down menu determines if you will get a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday ticket time. If you indicate that you are planning to show on Friday in the Open Show, you will get a Saturday or Sunday ticket time. If you say you are planning to show on Saturday in the Youth and Children's Show, you will get a Friday or Sunday ticket time. Those that select either "Not Showing" or "Showing in Both Shows" will receive a randomly assigned ticket.

Buy Tickets

Please note that this drop down menu is for planning purposes only and does not register you for the show. You must register for either show AFTER you complete this purchase. The Breyer account that you used to purchase the 3-Day tickets will automatically be added to a group that has access to those registration pages.

What about Workshop conflicts?

After you have completed your Three Day ticket purchase, your Breyer account will be placed into a group that has access to the Workshop Registration pages. If your Special Run ticket ends up conflicting with your Workshop time you have a few options: you can have a friend go shopping for you, you can switch tickets with someone else, or call Customer Service at 800-413-3348 for assistance.

A few additional important reminders -
1. Check your ticket packets as soon as you receive them - if anything is missing or you have questions call Customer Service at 800-413-3348 as soon as possible. This way we can get your problem resolved quickly and you won't have to wait in line to speak to someone at the front gate!
2. There have been some scheduling changes for 2018: In an effort to not conflict with the Saturday Raffle, the last Special Run time slot will be at 3 pm that day.  This will give guests time to make their way over to the Covered Arena for the Raffle, since you must be present in the Arena to win if your name is drawn.  We have moved the 4 pm Saturday Special Run ticket time to Sunday morning at 9 am and will be openng BreyerFest gates at 8:30 am on Sunday, July 15th. 

January 10, 2018

You might have noticed our very handsome Early Bird Raffle Model amongst the other horses on the Exclusive Models page.

Let's officially meet Riddle!
Riddle2 Riddle2

Riddle is a stunningly shaded glossy dark grey on the old favorite mold 44, Man O'War sculpted by Chris Hess in 1967. Riddle's look is completed with a brown halter with shiny gold accents.

All of our Early Bird Ticket buyers will automatically entered into the raffle and there will be three lucky winners! You can purchase your tickets here and the Early Bird price is valid until April 16th.

There's also an Early Bird Parking Pass here that gives you easy re-entry all weekend long. You can buy it here. The Early Bird Parking Pass price is also valid until April 16th.

The drawing for Riddle will take place right before the Saturday raffle at 4:00pm in the Covered Arena. Please note you must be present to win. Stay tuned for the Saturday and Sunday Raffle Models as well as our Special Run models!

There's still lots of models to be unveiled!

January 9, 2018

Greetings on this fine Tuesday, BreyerFest fans!

As you may have seen so far on the website, there have been a handful of changes and additions to BreyerFest for this year. One of these is that all of BreyerFest's workshops have been moved to a single location on the lower level of the International Museum of the Horse, but that will be discussed later. What's really important here is our plan for that lovely, air conditioned gallery space on the upper level of the Covered Arena.

We present to you, our guests, the Breyer Lounge!


If getting the best seat for the Equine Entertainment at BreyerFest is #1 on your list, look no further. Come and go as you please, relax on the sofas, have a snack, or sit back and take in the incredible entertainment with a bird's eye view. The whole space will be decked out for both style and comfort and (for the first time ever) will be wired for sound so you don't miss a beat of the equine action down below in the arena!

Only a limited number of passes will be available, so don't hesitate! Click here to purchase your tickets and to learn more.

*Please note that the Breyer Lounge will only be occupying the space in the gallery formerly occupied by the workshops. The rear portion of the upstairs space, including the restrooms, will still be open to guests.

January 8, 2018

Brass Hat 1

You might have read a bit about Brass Hat on our Guest Horses page but for those who missed out let’s do a little recap on our BreyerFest Off to the Races Celebration Horse, Brass Hat!

Brass Hat is a 2001 bay Thoroughbred gelding owned by the late Fred Bradley and trained by his son William "Buff" Bradley. During his career Brass Hat quickly became a regional favorite of racing fans, earning over $2.17 million in 40 starts. His seven-year racing career highlights include 9 stakes wins, and setting track records at Churchill Downs and Gulfstream Park.

Brass Hat retired from the racetrack at the age of 10 and was moved to the Bradley's Indian Ridge Farm, where he became a pasture mate to other off-the-track-Thoroughbreds and a babysitter to the farm's weanlings.

Brass Hat 2

During his retirement Brass Hat has also worked as an ambassador for Kentucky's Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance, which helps organizations to retire, retrain, and re-home Thoroughbreds. And in 2016, Brass Hat made his show horse debut with the Thoroughbred Horse Show Association, where he was shown under saddle by Buff's 12-year-old daughter.

Brass Hat is proof that a Thoroughbred can do it all, and we can’t wait for everyone to meet him (and his family) at BreyerFest!

And don’t forget to buy your Three-Day tickets today so you don’t miss out on the Brass Hat Celebration Model!

January 5, 2018

Why BreyerFest is Off to the Races.

After a gallop across the globe from France to Brazil to India, we at Breyer wanted to take a break from all the traveling and get back to celebrating our roots.  And here at Breyer, we celebrate horses and their rich and diverse history in America (and around the world!).  For more than 350 years, that history has included some type of horse racing – dating back to 1665, when the first race was run on the Newmarket course in Salisbury, NY, not far from where Belmont Park is today.  With so much history, we couldn’t think of any better way to shine light on all the different types of horse racing that have evolved in the United States than at BreyerFest. 

This will be the 29th time the Kentucky Horse Park has been home to BreyerFest and Lexington is a city steeped in horse racing history.  Not far from the Park are Keeneland Race Track and The Red Mile, and only 80 miles to the west is the beacon of American horseracing and home to the Kentucky Derby – Churchill Downs.  In addition to these historic racing landmarks, Lexington is home to legendary training and breeding facilities like Calumet Farm, Three Chimneys, Stonestreet and Pin Oak Stud – just to name a few!  The landscape of Lexington is a horse lover’s dream – miles of paddock fencing surrounding beautifully landscaped farms are just the tip of the iceberg of what this beautiful city has to offer.

In addition to highlighting the sport of horse racing, this year at BreyerFest we are placing special emphasis on the lives of horses once they are off the race track.  Because Breyer (and BreyerFest) is about loving horses, shining a spotlight on aftercare will be a large part of this year’s event; together we will embrace the lives of horses after their time on the track has ended.

Even though our Celebration Horse, Brass hat, is a star Thoroughbred, Off to the Races means more than the high stakes of Thoroughbred racing.  This year, BreyerFest is home to stars in Arabian racing, Harness racing, Endurance racing, Barrel racing, and more, each with an incredible story.

Stay tuned to the BreyerFest blog in the coming months as we reveal this year’s Special Run Models, BreyerFest special guests, and all the fun programming we have to offer this year.  It’s going to be a great ride!

And they're off!

Welcome to the 2018 BreyerFest Blog!

Despite the icy temperatures being felt around the country, here at Breyer we are keeping warm with thoughts of summertime fun at BreyerFest (that heat sure doesn't sound so bad when it's 10 degrees out!). In case you're new to BreyerFest, the blog is your go-to place for all the latest information and updates, including reveals of new models, announcements of special guests, and any scheduling updates that may occur.

This year, BreyerFest is Off to the Races and we are looking forward to introducing you to all the fun surprises we have in store for the 29th annual celebration. Here on the blog we will be chatting with guest horse owners, meeting all the exclusive models, and generally just being excited about getting back to Lexington in July.

For 2018, guests can expect lots of new and exciting things! The Special Run Line will be moving out of the Covered Arena and into its own dedicated tent. As well, the upstairs gallery space in the Covered Arena (the area that has previously housed workshops) has been re-imagined as the Breyer Lounge - a fun, air conditioned hangout space where you can have a front row seat to all the equine action! And speaking of those workshops, all workshops spaces will now be located on the lower level of the International Museum of the Horse, a wonderful, air conditioned space, which means no more running across the park to get to classes on time!

This year's event is shaping up to be the most exciting yet! There are so many amazing guests this year, even at Breyer we are having a hard time containing our excitement.

We will see you at the starting line!