Model Horse Shows


BreyerFest hosts the world's largest model horse show for kids! Adults can get in on the action too with an equally large Open show! A model horse show is much like a live horse show except that models are shown! Models can be shown in two divisions: halter and performance.

BreyerFest Breakables Live, BreyerFest's all-china show, will be held at the Clarion on Thursday, July 12th.

Registration is required for all Model Horse Shows. Registration is open to Three-Day ticket holders only, separate fees are required.


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The Resin Futurity


New for 2018!

Embassy Suites Ballroom
1801 Newtown Pike
Lexington, KY 40511

Thursday, July 12th at 8:00 am
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BreyerFest Breakable Live!


Clarion Hotel Ballroom
1950 Newtown Pike
Lexington, KY 40511

Thursday, July 12th at 3:00 pm
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Open Model Horse Show


Alltech Arena North Expo Hall

Friday, July 13th 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Adult Three-Day ticket is required

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Children and Youth Show


Alltech Arena North Expo Hall

Saturday, July 14th 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Children Show (Ages 12 and under) - Children's Three-Day ticket is required.
Youth Show (Ages 13-16) - Adult Three-Day ticket is required.

All documents are for both the Children and Youth show.
Youth Classlist
Children's Classlist
Code of Conduct - IMPORTANT TO READ
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Michelle Masters, Open Show Manager

Michelle Masters, Open Show Manager

Michelle Masters has been managing the BreyerFest Open Show since 2006, but has been collecting Breyer for much longer. In fact, Michelle got her first Breyer model horse from her aunt when she was seven. In the last 45-odd years she's collected 300 O.F. Breyer models as well as special runs and event models. She got her model horse show start when she attended her first ‘live' show in 1975. She's been to countless shows since then! Michelle first attended BreyerFest in 1993 and impressively she's only missed two years since then! Michelle attended ten years of BreyerFest with all three of her daughters, who also collect model horses and have shown in many shows.

Michelle started out as a judge at BreyerFest, then moved on to teach the Showing and Performance clinics before being asked to take over as show manager for the Open Show in 2006. Michelle considers her duties as show manager a true labor of love as it combines her love of organizing and planning with her life-long love of the model horse hobby.

Michelle is very busy year round with her job as an 8th grade English teacher, so of course she can't get enough books! Michelle also adores her three dogs and the beach, and loves jigsaw puzzles, playing volleyball, and attending Renaissance festivals.

Kim Bjorgo-Thorne

Kim Bjorgo-Thorne

Kim Bjorgo-Thorne started her collection of Breyers with a pair of woodgrain models given to her by her mother. Rumor has it that she wasn't all that impressed with her new baby sister, and that the models were an attempt to redirect her energy. Those woodgrain models went everywhere - to the beach, in the pool, the yard, etc. As Kim's carpet herd grew she learned about the model horse hobby and Just About Horses. She attended her first live show at a local hobbyist's house at age 12, and 6 years later, held her first "live" show. Fast forward through college and graduate school, and Kim is still active with the model horse hobby. She holds a show every year in Columbus, Ohio and participates in several online model horse-related communities. Kim has attended all but the first two BreyerFests. Her collection is an eclectic mix of Breyer clinky models, and a few draft breed artist resins.

Kim has ridden hunter jumpers and three-day horses since she was seven, but the draft breeds hold her heart. She is a lifetime member of the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA. In "real life", Kim is a professor at a small liberal arts college, where she teaches vertebrate zoology, ecology, and environmental-related courses. Her advanced work is in fisheries, biology, and spatial ecology, and considers horses her avocation rather than vocation. Kim also works with the local 4-H equestrian group and teaches about horse form and function. Through life's ups and downs, successes and triumphs, the one constant in Kim's life has been the model horse hobby, and she finds great fulfillment through the deep and lasting friendships made as a result of the hobby.

Eleanor Harvey

Eleanor Harvey

Eleanor Harvey began collecting model horses after years of pleas for a real pony fell on deaf ears. Her parents caved and gave her a glossy dapple grey Running Mare, only to watch in disbelief as she grew the herd to its present state, numbering over 2000 models. She did finally begin riding horses in Virginia when she was 9 years old, and eventually rode hunter paces and combined training in Connecticut on a Welsh pony named Buster, and progressed to second level dressage under Elizabeth Madlener at Maryland Horse Center. Her riding career went on hold as graduate school, marriage, a career, and two kids absorbed most of her time, but the model horse hobby became a more important part of her life, and through the hobby she has made some of her closest friends. She began showing and judging model horses in the 1980s. Her specialties are English performance, harness, and collectability. She has attended most BreyerFests since 1993, and judged the Children and Youth shows for many years before becoming co-manager of the shows with her good friend, Kim Bjorgo-Thorne. When she's not playing with her model horses Eleanor is an art museum curator in Washington, DC, where she organizes exhibitions and writes books about American art.

Diana R. Dubbeld

Diana Dubbeld
Diana R. Dubbeld

Diana R. Dubbeld has been collecting model horses since she picked out her first Breyer, a bay grazing foal, at a garage sale when she was one year old. She started avidly collecting in 1995. Twenty-three years later she still has Breyer models in her collection, but her primary focus is clankies (metal horses), chinas, porcelains, and anything else that clinks. Her favorite method for adding models to her collection is by "liberating" them at auctions, antique malls, and estate sales and bringing them back into the model horse hobby. She first started live showing in the early 2000s in her home state of Michigan. Diana attended her first BreyerFest in 1997 and has since attended 17 more. She first volunteered for BreyerFest in 2005 and she is excited to be hosting Breakables again in 2018. Diana moved to Kentucky 12 years ago and has been working in the thoroughbred racing industry for the past 9 years. While at work one day, a handsome gelding by the name of Little Sheik caught her eye.  Two years later, she was able to help him retire off the track and they have been inseparable the past four years.  She also enjoys spending time with her five cats, studying pedigree assignment, simulated horse racing, color genetics, following horse racing, art, and science fiction.

Stacy Quick

Stacy Quick

Stacy Quick has been collecting since 1993 and attended her first model horse show in 1994. As the show hostess for Atomic City Live held in Pasco, WA in October every year (2018 is its 7th year) and Region 1 Championship, Stacy brings her strong love of model horse showing to the resin community. Stacy is a regular at NAN and has been a judge and instructor with BreyerWest for the last several years. Whenever possible, Stacy carves out some time to enjoy her own sculpting and painting.