Educating new collectors and horse lovers has always been a staple of BreyerFest! Not only do guests have a GREAT time with horses, they learn something too! BreyerFest instructors offer a wealth of knowledge about horses and the model horse hobby. All of our seminars are FREE and do not require registration.


Seminar schedule is subject to change

Choosing Breeds & Colors with Lesli Kathman
Creative breed assignment can give entrants an edge at model horse shows. This seminar will cover the variations in breed type and color, and offer insight into ways that can be used to improve your show entries. Come prepared to learn about some rare breeds - and some surprising things about familiar ones!

Cloud the Legend / The Fight to Save Wild Horses with Emmy® Award-Winning Filmmaker Ginger Kathrens
Meet Emmy® award-winning filmmaker Ginger Kathrens and learn more about her work with mustangs in America. Learn about what is currently being done to support this horse population and what you can do to help.

Exploring and Using Color with Mindy Berg
This seminar will explore basic color theory principles. The essence behind color theory is recognizing how color reacts with other colors. Color behavior will be explored and explained, and can be applied anywhere from how to take a better picture to applying this knowledge while painting model horses. Discussion will include finding the right contrasts using colors, as well as how to create some shortcuts in painting to bring out the best color on your model horse.

Intro to Model Horse Showing with Kim Bjorgo-Thorne
Take your Breyer collection to the next level- show them! We will review how to prepare your Breyer models for showing and what to expect at your first show. The seminar is ideal for first-time Breyer show attendees (especially C/Y exhibitors and families) and anyone wishing to learn about showing model horses. Handouts provided.

Learning to Collect with Penny Lehew
Join Penny Lehew as she gives you insight into the world of model horse collectability! She will teach you how to determine the value of your collection plus help you identify mystery models you may own. This is one seminar that can't be missed!

Panel Discussion: Arabian Horse Racing hosted by Marion Altieri
Moderated by Marion Altieri, this illustrious panel of Arabian Racing breeders, jockeys, owners is not to be missed! Panelists will include:
Susan Meyer - President of the Arabian Jockey Club and owner/breeder
Kathy Kroll-Smoke - Vice President of the Arabian Jockey Club and owner/breeder the famed Spin Doctor.
Denise Gault - President and founder of Race Street Management, Inc., a Bloodstock Agency, specializing in the management, consultation, sales, and marketing of purebred Arabian horses world-wide.
Michelle and Dr. Mickey Morgan - renowned breeders of Arabian race horses in North America
Amanda Roxborough - racing partnership owner; filmmaker; producer
Kirsten Swan - Darley Award-winning Jockey
Lynn Ashby - Eight-time Darley Award winner and one of two horse trainers in the United States who train both Arabians AND Thoroughbreds.
BreyerFest is honored to have Marion and the entire panel representing the world of Arabian Racing.

Panel Discussion hosted by Donna Brothers
Straight from the horse's mouth! Hear what it is really like to come down the stretch and win the big races from the most prominent women in racing. Moderated by none other than Donna Brothers, this panel will feature racing stars Rosie Napravnik and Blythe Miller-Davies who will talk about their exciting careers in this male-dominated industry.  You don't want to miss this!

Rachel Alexandra with Deb Aronson
Rachel Alexandra was far from a sure bet, so how did she end up ruling the racetrack? Author Deb Aronson is on hand to share Rachel's extraordinary underdog story. Meet Deb after each seminar for an autograph signing!

Repairing models with Jenn Danza
Don't we all wish we could touch up some of our favorite models once they start to show signs of age? Now you can! Jenn Danza's step-by-step lecture will help you fix the most common types of damage seen on model horses from leg and ear breaks to yellowing. There will be a question and answer period too.

The Foundation of Racing: Arabian Horses with Marion Altieri
Arabian horses are the foundation ancestors of our beloved Thoroughbreds. - ME. Altieri
Did you know that every Thoroughbred, in order to prove they are indeed a Thoroughbred, must prove they can trace their lineage back to one of three foundation Arabian sires? Author Marion Altieri outlines the immense impact Arabians have had on the entire racing industry. From the Dubai World Cup to Saratoga Springs, Marion Altieri has been at the rail documenting this breed's continuing legacy.