Special Runs

One of the features of BreyerFest that makes it such a unique and special experience are the Special Run models Breyer creates specifically for the event, that are only available at the event.  These models are made in limited quantities and are a great keepsake for both the novice and experienced collector.

All 3-Day ticket holders receive a Special Run Ticket, which entitles them to purchase up to two (2) Special Run models during the assigned time slot on their ticket.  Guests are asked to please meet at the Special Run Line Tent fifteen (15) minutes prior to their ticket time to line up.  Please allow time before this to check your bags and personal items larger than a purse at our Bag Check tent, as bags are not allowed inside the Special Run Store or the Breyer Store. 

Once the group for your designated time slot has arrived, a random number will be drawn and that number ticket will start the line.  This lottery method is employed to ensure fairness to all.  Each time slot has 500 tickets and each ticket has a number between 001 and 500 printed right on the ticket.  The person whose number is drawn, 225 for example, will be the first person in line.  Following this guest will be 226 and so on to 500, and then starting over with 001, with 224 at the end.

If you are late to your designated time and miss the lottery drawing, you must proceed to the back of the line, regardless of where your numbered ticket falls.

This year, the BreyerFest Special Run Line will be moving out of the Covered Arena to its own spacious, dedicated Special Run Store adjacent to the Covered Arena. Please be sure to check the map in the program when it is released in July for the specific location. We will see you there!