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For June, 2017

Welcome to the BreyerFest Gateway to India Live Auction Countdown!


July and BreyerFest are right around the corner which means it’s time to see the Live Auction models. We know we’re...

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Saturday’s are for Show Jumpers!


The second Live Auction model is a rich, dark Bay Roan on the Warmblood Show...

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The Third Release in the Live Auction Countdown!


Sunday’s model is a Flaxen Chestnut Appaloosa on mold 50, the classic...

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Here’s lot number four to get you through this Monday!


Totilas (mold #725) looks especially handsome in this Red...

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Let’s meet this sweet little Live Auction model today!


The fifth lot is a Fell Pony in a Glossy Silver Dapple Bay. The Fell Pony mold (#726) was first released as Carltonlima Emma in 2015 and was sculpted by...

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22 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


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21 Days Left Till BreyerFest


We have a really good model to announce after yesterday’s no show.

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20 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


Let's kick up our heels, or our hoofs, to celebrate Friday with today's model!...

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19 Days Till BreyerFest!


As much as we love Namaste, one of the Special Run models, we love this Live Auction model as well! Especially with the vibrant designs and the way they ...

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18 Days Till BreyerFest!


We’re thrilled to introduce Sunday’s spectacular model!...

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17 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


Today's model is hoping to jump into a new home at the BreyerFest Gateway to India Live Auction! This Cremello...

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Magical Mystery Tour Coloring Contest Winners Annoucned!


And the winners are...

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16 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


Introducing Tuesday's Model!...

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New Spirit Horses Now Available at your Favorite Retailers!


We’re really excited about our new Spirit horses which are now available at your favorite retailers!...

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15 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


And the next Breyerfest Live Auction Model is...

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2017 Live Show Benefit Round Up!


All around the country groups of horse lovers are coming together to show off the best of their model horses in Breyer Live Show Benefits! Below we have included

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14 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


Today's model is on another fan favorite mold, the Walking Thoroughbred, mold #724. ‘Carrick' has appeared at prior BreyerFests including last year's volunteer...

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13 Days Till BreyerFest!


Happy Friday Readers!...

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12 Days Till BreyerFest!


Meet our Live Auction Indian Pony! This guy is on mold #175 and was designed by Gretchen Oneail who chose...

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11 Days Till BreyerFest!


This lot might look familiar to our readers as Rana is this year's Saturday raffle model! A bay semi-leopard Appaloosa designed by Sheryl Leisure and the...

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Only 10 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


Let Giselle cheer up the Sunday Blues!...

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9 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


Here's the next release in the BreyerFest Countdown...

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8 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


We're sorry about yesterday, but we hope we can make up for it with this magnificent Working Cow Horse model!...

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