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Knights of Valour with Shane Adams

Host of the History Channel's Full Metal Jousting


Knights of Valour

Knights of Valour Jousting!
Courtesy of Ohio Renaissance Inc.

The Knights of Valour are putting a modern twist on the sport of jousting from the days of Merrie Old England! In modern suits of steel armor, the Knights of Valour jousters charge towards each other on horseback, knocking their opponents to the ground with a well-placed hit with a lance.

The battles don't end there; sword fights ensue until a final victor is named! Sir Shanton of Falcon's Hill, aka Shane Adams, leads the Knights of Valour atop Dragon, his black Percheron Stallion.

Shane  Adams
Shane Adams, Host of History Channel's Full Metal Jousting
Courtesy of Ohio Renaissance Inc


Shane Adams holds 17 international jousting titles and was tapped by the History Channel to host and train the jousters on their new hit show Full Metal Jousting!

Recognizing the importance of a trusty steed, the Knights of Valour rescued two of their five horses from slaughterhouses and gave a former carriage horse greener pastures within the troupe.







Sylvia Zerbini - Grande Liberté


Silvia Zerbini
Sylvia Zerbini will leave you mesmerized!

Sylvia Zerbini is a 9th generation equine performer and Cavalia alumna! After four years touring with Cavalia, Sylvia is taking her eight dancing Arabians to new levels with her Grand Liberté act. In this incredible act, the horses are free in the arena and Sylvia guides each of them through graceful movements and captivating performances using body language and her own secret language replicating a horse's natural use of tones. To keep the horses fresh and connected, the act is different each time they perform.

Witness the magic of Sylvia's performance at BreyerFest!


Tommie Tuvey - Equine Extremist

With Odd Job Bob, star of the movie The Greening of Whitney Brown


Number 4
Tommie Turvey and Odd Job Bob, star of the movie The Greening of Whitney Brown
© Steve Priest Photography

Equine Extremist, Tommie Turvey, is back by popular demand and is bringing even more star power! Odd Job Bob, star of the movie The Greening of Whitney Brown, will makes his BreyerFest debut alongside Tommie.

With new tricks and hilarious new moves, Tommie will leave you in stitches! Joining Bob are BreyerFest fan favorites and Breyer portrait horses, Pokerjoe and Joker!

Tommie Turvey and his herd of performers have done it all! From fast-action trick riding to jumping over fire, Tommie's incredible stunts and comedy routines have been featured in almost every horse show in North America. Be sure to catch Tommie and Bob's newest antics at BreyerFest!