Exclusive BreyerFest 2012 Models!

All models available exclusively at BreyerFest!

Celebration Model - Model included in every three-day ticket

2012 Celebration Horse - No. 711140 Mariah's Boon


What's On Tap Collection Single Day Stablemates

Gambler's Choice! One model included with every Single Day ticket.

London Pride Carling Moonraker Moonraker
London Pride Carling Butter Moonraker


Prize Models - Check back often for more sneak peeks!

No. 711411 Saurday Raffle Prize - Carlisle
Queen Mum and The Prince
No. 711421 Sunday Raffle Prize
Crabbet Mare and Foal - Queen Mum and the Prince.


Westminister Abbey
No. 711451 Open Show Grand Prize - Westminster Abbey
Penny Lane
No. 711461 Open Show Reserve Prize - Penny Lane


Raffle Model
No. 711214 Early Bird Prize - Bennington
Raffle Model
No. 711441 Best of Britian Contest Prize - Sterling


Special Run Models - Check back often for more sneak peeks!

Available to Three-Day ticket holders only. Special Run Ticket required


No. 711148 British Spotted Pony – Sixes and Sevens
No 711147  Steeplechaser - Aintree


No. 711143 British White Bull - Bowland
No. 711146  English Shire Cross - Cheerio


Bees Knees
No. 711149 English Thoroughbred - Bees Knees

Tunbridge Wells

No. 711151 British Cob - Tunbridge Wells



No. 711145 - Stoneleigh Surprise!

Four horses are ready to go out for a ride!
Which one will you get for your trip through the British countryside!?

Prince of Chintz
No. 711142 - Prince of Chintz


Store Special Models

Available in the Breyer Store. No ticket required, however, quantities are limited.

Raffle Model

No.711150 Store Special - Taskin
No. 711144  Porcelain Irish Draft – Killarney