Vintage Club Members – The Fourth Release is now Available!


The Classics Paint Horse Family, the 4th release in the 2017 Vintage Club, is now available until September 22nd.  Don’t delay – make sure you order yours now to remain in the Club! You can find the information in either your email or by signing in to your club account. The Classics scale Paint Horse Family beautifully depicts the regal and gentle all American breed. Sculpted by Maureen Love and originally released in 1974, the family has been a collector favorite from day one. Despite their age, the sculptures are still among the best representations of the foundation style breed on the market today. They come in a vintage style carrying case just like their original counterparts and feature true-to-life modern overo patterns, sure to appeal to fans both new and old!


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nadia ann Says:
09/27/2017 at 2:30 pm

they are very beautiful model, I love collecting them, I wish I can have them they are so cute!

Lupineleigh Says:
09/18/2017 at 5:52 pm

what is the foal's name?

They're so cute! Does the foal have a name? People who have theirs already said the stickers on the mare and stallion have names on them: Sadie and Preston. :)

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