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Dakota - Meeting new people every day is Dakota's favorite part of being a therapy horse. Her calm and loving personality makes her the perfect Mini Whinnies for the job!
Star - Star loves to hang out with the other Mini Whinnies after the day is over to relax. Star loves getting new shoes from the blacksmith, having her mane and tail braided, and hanging her head over the stall to say hello to her neighbors.



Luna - When not enjoying sunny days in lush green fields, Luna pulls carriages and gives pony rides. She is always happy to make someone's special day memorable, whether it is a wedding or a birthday party!
Cheyenne - Cheyenne's goal in life is to visit as many places as possible. She has already been at horse shows in three countries and wants to do more. Traveling and showing are her passions, so she is constantly preparing for her next trip!


Magic - Every day is an adventure for Magic! Magic loves trying new tricks, sampling different foods and exploring new places. His spirit of adventure means he often goes on trips with Cheyenne.
Rusty - Rusty is the guy all the other Mini Whinnies go to when they need help! Trustworthy and kind, Rusty can always be counted on to lend a helping hoof. He knows his way around the barn, and when something changes in routine, Rusty is there to explain it to all the other Mini Whinnies.


Lucky - Lucky is the star athlete of the group. She has endless amounts of energy and runs back and forth across the field all day! Always up for a challenge, she often races Bella on the weekends.
Misty - Misty adores apples and sugar cubes, and often tries to sneak these treats from the other Mini Whinnies. Her sweet tooth may get her into trouble sometimes, but the other horses love her because of her kind and understanding personality. Her best friend is Luna.


Apache - Apache is a talented ranch horse. He gets up early every morning to check fences and spends the rest of the day herding cattle. His best friends are Toby and Max.
Ranger - Loyal and protective, Ranger is always there for her friends no matter what! She enjoys barrel racing and practicing lassoing techniques.


Max - Max helps out at the farm out whenever he can. He loves the fall and especially leading hay rides through apple orchards and pumpkin patches! He always avoids bumps in the path so his passengers have a smooth ride.
Toby - Toby loves to go riding and is a great teacher. His patience and easy going personality goes a long way when it comes to the ring. He has taught hundreds of young riders the basics of horsemanship. He loves when Dakota stops by to help!


Willow - Willow likes her comfortable stall, but she is truly at home in nature! Running through wild flowers and going on long trail rides are her favorite activities!
Midnight - Midnight is the center of attention at parades. Her lively and energetic disposition, combined with her grace keeps crowds entertained. She enjoys getting her mane braided with Star.


Sofie - Sofie is mischievous. When the others are not watching, she pulls pranks on everybody! Her best friend is Molly.
Molly - Molly is rambunctious and energetic. She may be young, but she knows she is destined for a great career in the show ring! Molly and Sofie are best friends.


Bella - Bella is a champion on the race track and in the ring, but her biggest competition is Lucky! Their friendly rivalry keeps her motivated.
Treasure - Even though she looks different from all her friends because she is a beautiful gold color, Treasure is loved by all the Mini Whinnies! Treasure is happy-go-lucky and will gladly pull a carriage or go on a long trail ride, but most of all, she likes surprises!