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RE: a new thing for Kingdoms Conquer

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RE: a new thing for Kingdoms Conquer

Nov 09,2017 1:35 pm by BreyerLover2222

Oh yes, totally fine if you redo the raffle...and this sounds SO AMAZING!!!
Sorry I didn't post the past 2 days; we were spending time with some of our friends and I didn't have a chance to post. :) :)

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RE: a new thing for Kingdoms Conquer

Nov 07,2017 4:38 pm by BreyergirlZ

oh one more thing, The two seperate KC series will only be available for a limited time on youtube. i wont over price it on amazon though.

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a new thing for Kingdoms Conquer

Nov 07,2017 4:37 pm by BreyergirlZ

im creating two seperate series.
Kingdoms Conquer: History and Geography
Kingdoms Conquer: Myths,Legends and Folklore
these may or may not be available with the seasons of kingdoms conquer.(which i decided to sell on amazon instead of itunes) if i can it will be available with KC like season 1 deluxe or season 2 deluxe (not normal seasons. if you buy the normal seasons you only get the episodes). or you may have to buy the series seprate.
so yes i will be selling KC and all my other movies on amazon(i figured out everything so the quality should be better and my filmmaking better(hopefully almost to fox`s or at least guardianoffires leverl)
so KC extras should be
deleted scenes
beind the scenes
(maybe )interview with the cast
sets bonus
props bonus
costumes bonus
+ more!!!!
i will make a video going over the rest once i`m sure i have KC set up and stuff. :)
breyerlover, ok if i redo the raffle? i have subs i`m sure would enter.:D if you want i don`t have to, (although i will do it with season 2) but if i do you`ll get a discount weather you win or not.

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