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RE: My Breyers, and some special favorites. :)

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RE: My Breyers, and some special favorites. :)

Dec 15,2016 4:49 pm by BreyerLover2222

I really want Big Chex to Cash, and Roxy is SO cool!!! :)

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My Breyers, and some special favorites. :)

Feb 10,2012 7:13 pm by Breyer

Okay, so here's a list of my fave Breyers...

-And QHs or Drafts. :) I have a special place in my heart for them. I'm like Arabs, Friesians, and the other fancy breeds, but I'm just not a fancy type gal. :)

-Bet Yer Blue Boons..Although I haven't bought her yet, Blue's always been a joy to watch in the arena.

-Big Chex to Cash- I have an extra big spot in my heart for this sweet stallion. :D I really like his dapples, and he relates a lot to my horse. Both are 9 yr old Palomino QH's, and although mine's not a Stallion, he's still a male.

-Roxy- I think that's her name, but Stacy Westfall's bareback and bridleless mount was a true treasure, although she is now passed. :'(

The Breyer horses I currently have:

-Big Chex to Cash
-Shetland pony..This one's an older model, a paint, black and white coloring, but the exact same model as the current gray shetland. :)
-Unknown model of two Chestnut drafts, a mare, and foal.
-Back in, like, 2010, Breyer had something LIKE the weather girls, but draft horses. Clydesdales. i got a bay.
-Chestnut paint horse gelding.

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