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RE: Help!!!

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RE: Help!!!

Aug 02,2016 1:57 pm by BreyerLover2222

If your model you're showing has some flaws,scratches, etc. would you get points deducted for that???

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RE: Help!!!

Jul 15,2013 9:15 pm by breyerluver

First, breathe! Your first show is always nerve racking. Make sure you horses have their tags filled out correctly. Every show is different, but most of the time, it's breed and gender on one side and the horse's name and your initials on the other side. You may be able to show the deer, it depends on the show. Make sure you read the class list and show rules. Any other questions?

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Jul 10,2013 12:31 pm by Breyerluv00

I'm going to my first breyer show! :D what do I do to get my horses ready?
i'm bringing %100 flawless MidnightSun, Huckleberry Bey & frolicking foal appaloosa leopard. A black pinto Shetland pony with factory flaws, VERY good condition stable mates. Mistletoe with 1 scratch. I also have a deer, can you show deer? is that to much or not enough, what breeds should I give them? do they need show names or regular ones? so many questions.........................

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