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RE: How do you put on a model horse show?

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RE: How do you put on a model horse show?

Nov 08,2017 7:11 pm by strawberryroan3000

I bet a lot of people BreyerLover2222!Probably about 100-200?I am not quite sure.The show at BF is probably a lot more than that!

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RE: How do you put on a model horse show?

Aug 01,2016 2:06 pm by BreyerLover2222

How many people are usually at a show?

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RE: How do you put on a model horse show?

Mar 17,2016 10:12 pm by pipperroo

With a lot of work!

This is my second year to have a large Model Horse Show. After showing for several years, I started out with tiny home shows. My region used to have fun shows over the Winter months as with snow you never knew if you would have anyone able to attend if a blizzard happened. the fun shows were held in people's homes and everyone judged. then one of the members organized a series of NAN Tiny shows, so I held a few of those. Finally in 2015 I went all out and organized a show of my own.

First for me is to find a location. Unless your home is very large, you need to rent a hall of some sort. For me a local church has a large hall I could rent. It included some tables and chairs, although I had to round up another 1/2 dozen tables to have enough. I was able to set up Friday night for a show that lasted all day Saturday. This might be the biggest expense.

Next is to have a Show bill. You need to decide what classes you will have. I decided not to have performance in my show. But I do have divisions for OF plastic, Artist Resin, Customized, Collectablilty, and China both OF and CM glaze. The more classes you have, the more people are likely to attend. But then you either need more space to have many classes happening at once or you will have a very long show.

Next for me was awards. I did apply for NAN qualification for my shows. This is important to many people. You have to send the application in at least 60 days before your show and results must be sent no later than 30 days after the show. There are many rules that you can read on the NAMSHA website about what is allowed for a show to be a NAN qualifier. I really like to win ribbons and rosettes, so I bought them for my show from Hodges. They are more expensive than using paper ribbons, but do have sales frequently. I was able to personalize my awards with the name of the show and the show symbol.

You also have to find judges. For a smaller show, the show holder could also be the only judge, but not if your show is large. I am fortunate to have several friends that are either willing to judge or help me find judges. Be nice to your judges and they will be more willing to return for another show.

Finally, it is important to advertise your show. If no one knows about it, no one will attend.

There are many other details but this could get you started.

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How do you put on a model horse show?

Aug 03,2015 7:55 am by Lyons93

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