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A mare's bond with her newborn foal is precious and strong. Struggling to find its legs for the first time, the foal is shaky and unsure as its mother gently offers her support. Kathleen Moody portrays this moment with her traditional sized sculptures, Susecion and Le Fire.

Introduced in 2002 as #1175 Nuzzling Mare & Foal "Susecion & Le Fire", the set was available until 2005. The pair included a hang tag labeled, "Susecion Hall of Fame Arabian Mare and her "Bask son, Le Fire". Susecion was the only Hall of Fame mare to produce two double National Champion mares as well as a son who sired a National Champion Mare. Susecion was bought for only $2500 by owners Dr. Fred and Florence Ragland and produced thirteen foals including Le Fire, who was foaled in 1975 as her fifth foal. The model Susecion is matte light grey with a shaded face and natural colored hooves.

#1175 Susecion; SR 2002, Baby's First Steps
#1175 Susecion; SR 2002, Baby's First Steps


Le Fire is a matte chestnut with a star-stripe, shaded muzzle, and eyewhites. The colt also has a right front sock with stockings on the other legs. Both mare and foal have shaded chestnuts and ergots.

#1175 Le Fire; SR 2002, Baby's First Steps
#1175 Le Fire; SR 2002, Baby's First Steps


The first of several special run offerings came in May of 2002 on QVC, the television shopping network. The duo, "Baby's First Steps", featured a lovely palomino mare and her similarly colored colt. The mare's color is richly shaded and nicely complements her stark white mane, tail, and three socks. Her face is detailed with a broad snip and grey shaded muzzle. The colt's coat is slightly lighter and features a blaze and socks. Both mare and foal sport painted ergots and chestnuts and detailed eyewhites.

Each year, the Scottsdale Arabian Show highlights the best of the Arabian breed with competition, entertainment, and shopping. The 2003 show brought a rare cast bronze piece to collectors. "The Gift" was available in three patinas (the bronze finish with wooden base is shown) on a base with nameplate. Less than twenty pieces are in circulation. Like other Breyer bronzes, this release is rarely seen for sale on the secondary market.

SR 2003 The Gift
SR 2003 The Gift


The March/April 2004 issue of Just About Horses gave collectors the chance to own the only Connoisseur models offered as a pair. Given special run number #90128, "Decoupage & Impressionistic Page" was limited to 350 models. Susecion appeared as Decoupage, a matte bay pinto with black points and a bi-color mane. Neatly mapped pinto markings appealed to fans of the flashy Connoisseur line. Decoupage also has a right hind sock and high white stockings on her other legs. 

SR 2004 #90128 Decoupage
SR 2004 #90128 Decoupage


A matte bay pinto, Impressionistic Page's color is slightly lighter. He sports a star, front stockings, and a left hind sock.

#90128 Impressionistic Page
#90128 Impressionistic Page


Collectors had to wait two years for another release of this sweet mare and foal. JC Penney's annual special run in 2006 was a trio of pintos. The Pinto Half Arabian Family, #410146, included the Susecion, Le Fire, and Huckleberry Bey molds in the eye-catching trio. The mare is a snazzy matte buckskin pinto with a snip, eyewhites, and natural hooves.

SR 2006 #410146 Pinto Half Arabian Mare
SR 2006 #410146 Pinto Half Arabian Mare


Le Fire appears as a matte palomino pinto with subtle shading on his knees, eye whites, and natural hooves.

SR 2006 #410146 Pinto Half Arabian Foal
SR 2006 #410146 Pinto Half Arabian Foal


The Huckleberry Bey is a chestnut pinto. Because of the popularity of the molds, this release remains a collector's favorite.

The only other regular run appearance of Susecion and Le Fire came in 2008's Treasure Hunt. For the Mare & Foal Color Crazy! Collectors' Event, hobbyists had to collect all three mare and foal sets, and then send in the box UPCs to obtain the herd stallion. The Arabian set, #1324, came in two versions, one with belly spots, the other solid-bodied. Both sets could be referred to as sabino because of their jagged high white stockings, however many collectors refer to the version with belly spots as the "sabino variation".

Glossy SR 2008 #1324 with belly spots
Glossy SR 2008 #1324 with belly spots


The solid bodied Susecion is a matte chestnut with eye whites and a snip. She has stockings on all but her right hind leg.

Matte SR 2008 #1324
Matte SR 2008 #1324


The spotted variation has the same body color, but with a larger broken blaze-snip face marking, high stockings, and sabino spots on both sides of her barrel. The solid Le Fire is a shaded grey or "foal coat black" with a snip, left front sock, right hind stocking, and eye whites. The other version has a large blaze over his muzzle, high stockings, and small spots on the belly. Many collectors aim to add both variations of the beautiful mare and foal to their collections, which can be difficult to find.

Glossy SR 2008 #1324
Glossy SR 2008 #1324


The most recent release on the Susecion and Le Fire molds is highly sought after and rarely seen. The BreyerWest 2008 Live Show Champions were awarded exclusive glossy Color Crazy! Arabian sets. There were four solid-bodied sets awarded and one belly-spot set. Winners of these unique sets were thrilled to add them to their collections and show strings.

Having only appeared twice as a regular run, fanciers of the Susecion and Le Fire molds are left wanting more. There are unlimited color combinations left to be explored on the versatile pair.

Number Name Description Dates
#1175  Nuzzling Mare and Foal Susecion and Le Fire Susecion – matte shaded grey. 2002-2005  
Le Fire - Matte chestnut; star-stripe, right front sock, other legs with stockings.
  SR  Baby’s First Steps Susecion - matte palomino, broad snip, three socks. 2002
Le Fire - matte palomino, blaze. QVC
  SR  The Gift Cast bronze with base and name plate, less than 20 produced, Scottsdale Arabian Show 2003
SR #90128 Decoupage and Impressionistic Page Susecion - matte bay pinto, black points, bi-colored mane. “Decoupage”. 2004
Le Fire – matte bay pinto, star, black mane, white tail, front stockings, left hind sock. “Impressionistic Page”. Just About Horses Connoisseur Series, 350 produced.
SR #410146 Pinto Half Arabian Family Susecion -  matte buckskin pinto, snip 2006
Le Fire – matte palomino pinto. JC Penney.
# 1324 Mare & Foal Color Crazy! Collector’s Event  Susecion – matte chestnut, snip, three stockings, not right hind. 2008
Le Fire – shaded gray, snip, left front sock, right hind stocking
# 1324 Mare & Foal Color Crazy! Collector’s Event  (belly spot version) Susecion - matte chestnut with spots on belly, broken blaze-snip, high stockings. 2008
Le Fire – shaded grey, high stockings, blaze over muzzle, small spots on belly
SR #1324 Glossy Mare & Foal Color Crazy! Collector’s Event Glossed mare and foal. 4 produced, BreyerWest. 2008
SR #1324 Glossy Mare & Foal Color Crazy! Collector’s Event (belly spot version) Glossed belly spot variation mare and foal. 1 produced, BreyerWest. 2008



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i really hope breyer releases a horse on this mold as a regular run in 2016!!!

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What about Whinny & Nicker, A Mother's Day Love special release?

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