Tommy Turvey's Pokerjoe

Tommie and Pokerjoe performing their hilarious "The Riding Instructor" act at BreyerFest 2012!

All the world's a stage to a horse named Pokerjoe, "the funniest horse under saddle" and faithful companion of equine entertainer and trainer Tommie Turvey.

American Paint Horse Poker Face Joe was purchased in 1995 at an auction in Florida by Tommie to perform a new act in the circus. His flashy white tail, black mane and unique markings and bunny brand on his rump were what attracted Tommie to Pokerjoe. He quickly learned Pokerjoe was unruly and that it would take a lot to get him to come around. He worked with him night and day as they performed in front of crowds and traveled from city to city. Tommie even slept next to him for months to create a special bond which is evident today.

Pokerjoe's Breyer model

With over 14 years of touring and performing with Tommie, Pokerjoe has done it all. He has performed fast-action trick riding, roman riding, jumping over fire, incredible stunts and comedy in just about every major horse show in North America. He is featured in TV shows, commercials and even starred with "Larry the Cable Guy" in the 2008 movie "Witless Protection." In 1999 Tommie began creating an act that would showcase Pokerjoe and his personality. After two years of trial and error, "The Riding Instructor" was born. In this one-of-a-kind act, a snooty "riding instructor" tries to school his horse in the fine art of dressage. We soon find out who is schooling whom. Pokerjoe gets the best of the trainer with hilarious, side-splitting results. This act not only showcases Pokerjoe, but also Tommie's talents as a trainer.


Tommie and Pokerjoe continue to tour the world and put smiles on the faces of countless children and adults. The next time you go to a horse expo, dinner theater, rodeo, or anything horse related, you may just see their amazing performance. And what fun they are having!