Classics Series Retired Products


Chestnut Appaloosa

Geared to authentic and imaginative play, Classics offer younger collectors excellent collectability too! This is a lovely chestnut Appaloosa...

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Appendix Quarter Horse

Geared to authentic and imaginative play, Classics offer younger collectors excellent collectability too! This is a lovely palomino roan Appendix...

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Dark Bay Hanoverian

Geared to authentic and imaginative play, Classics offer younger collectors excellent collectability too! This Hanoverian is a lovely dark bay...

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Colorful Foals

Geared to authentic and imaginative play, Classics offer younger collectors excellent collectibility too!

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Art Class Set

Drawing, painting and sculpting are so much more fun when you have an adorable bay and white pinto pony as your model. Together with paintbrushes...

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April's Daisy

The birth flower for the month of April, the playful Daisy symbolizes innocence, curiosity, and simplicity. Daisies come in many sizes and colors, making them an all-time...

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May's Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley represents happiness, sweetness, and hope, and is the birth flower for the month of May. It is said that if you were to receive a bouquet from someone...

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July's Larkspur

With its long stem full of lush flowers, the Larkspur is associated with levity and lightness. In a bouquet, this flower...

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Olivia, Farm Fresh Set

Contains Olivia 6" articulated doll, barrel of apples, bunch of carrots, shovel and rake...

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Blossoms Set of 12

Enjoy your love of horses year-round in this unique form! These delightful sculptures not only commemorate the beauty...

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Buckskin Morgan

A beautiful Classic Scale Mogan for your collection.

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February's Violet

Violet-February: The Violet is a symbol of wisdom, faithfulness and hope. True to its name, it features gorgeous shades of purple with Violet floral detailing...

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June's Rose

Perhaps the most well-known flower, the Rose is a long-standing symbol of love and beauty. Not surprisingly, the Rose is associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love...

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Dog Agility Play Set

Fun and fast are the words that best describe dog agility. These competitions, which are popular at horse shows and canine events, showcase the agility and obedience of a...

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August's Poppy

The birth flower for the month of August, the Poppy is a symbol of remembrance and consolation. This meaning most likely came from the fact that red poppies...

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September's Aster

With star-shaped flowers and a wildflower-like appearance, the Aster is associated with daintiness and is the birth flower for the month of September. It was once thought that...

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October's Calendula

With blossoms mimicking the golden hues of the fall, the Calendula is fittingly the birth flower for the month of October. Signifying grace, the Calendula is sometimes called

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November's Chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum is the birth flower of November, and is associated with friendship and compassion. It is one of the last plants to flower before the winter, with showy...

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December's Narcissus

The birth flower for the month of December, the fragrant and beautiful Narcissus represents sweetness. In a bouquet, the flower Narcissus...

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March's Daffodil

One of the first flowers of spring, the joyous Daffodil is an emblem of new beginnings and is the birth flower of March...

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January's Carnation

Carnation-January: The Carnation is associated with purity, beauty and pride. This cheerful perennial is the birth flower for January, and is often...

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Classics Animal Rescue Set

This little foal got lost, but luckily he met up with a friendly Corgi and a white cat. They brought the foal to the vet to make sure he wasn't hurt...

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2013 Classics Horse of the Year

First in a collectable series! This limited edition Morab is exclusively available in 2013...

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Appaloosa Horse & Foal Set

Black & White Mare & Foal

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Thoroughbred Horse & Foal Set

Grey Thoroughbred Horse & Foal in Classic Scale.

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Bee'xooti and Nookuhene

Chestnut mare and Bay Pinto foal

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Chico's Challenge Model and Book Set

Chico, a four-year-old American Quarter Horse, longs for a bigger life amid the vast grassland and big blue sky that lies beyond. When Chico comes to live with Sierra, a teen who dreams of being a cutting horse champion, his energy and her enthusiasm...

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Samirah's Ride: Classics Horse and Book Set

New from The Breyer® Horse Collection, the third story in a new horse series from Macmillan Children. Samirah is a spirited Arabian filly, lovingly...

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Show Grooming

Add a customized finishing touch to any model horse, just like in the real show ring! Includes: tack trunk, bucket, grooming tote, paint brush...

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Mischief Night

It’s Mischief Night at Breyer!   The screech of a cat, the howl of a dog, the flap of a bat’s wings…all make for a very spooky night!  Ghosts and goblins...

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Introducing Frosty, brother of Flurry! This smart-looking draft horse stallion will be an exciting addition to your Classics stable. He is a noble Shire, one of the tallest and...

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Meaneva and Koneihii

Grey Appaloosa mare and Black foal

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Colorful Foals

Foals are young horses that are less than one year old, and these two colorful friends are too cute! These 1:12 scale models are authentically crafted and hand painted, and are...

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Barrel Racing

This palomino paint horse is ready for Western events! Decked out in a tooled Western saddle with silver detailing, bridle, and saddle pad, this horse is ready to make a dash...

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2014 CLASSICS Horse of the Year

Second in the Horse of the Year series, this limited edition Appendix Quarter Horse is exclusively available in 2014! An Appendix Quarter Horse is a cross between

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Hongvi and Hinto

Chestnut Pinto stallion and Grey foal

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Eva, Saddle Up!

Contains Eva 6" articulated doll, grooming bag, Western saddle, Western bridle, sponge and bucket. Horse and some accessories not included...

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El Punto and Lunares

Untouched by human hands, traveling in family bands, America's mustangs still live wild and free throughout..

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Santiago and Salvador

Untouched by human hands, traveling in family bands, America’s mustangs still live wild and free...

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Classics® WAR HORSE Joey

Michael Morpurgo's WAR HORSE is the internationally acclaimed book that recounts the story of World War I as seen through the eyes of a cavalry horse named Joey, and the boy who loves him, Albert.

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Show Jumping

This chestnut horse is ready for a day of riding, and comes prepared with English tack that includes a saddle, bridle and saddle pad. This set also includes a red and white jump...

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Plank Jump

This beautiful jump is the perfect addition to any course! Blister Card Size: 9.5”L x 9”H

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Grullo Morgan

The Morgan was the first horse breed developed in the USA. A versatile breed, they are used for both English and western disciplines, driving, and everything in between! This...

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Silver Bay Mustang

Mustangs of the American west have long been a part of the nation's culture as symbols of beauty and freedom, and have captured our hearts with their spirit. This 1:12 scale...

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Bella and Mozart

Holiday magic! Wouldn't you love a beautiful and elegant Unicorn mare and her sprightly foal for your Classics collection? Well, here they are, complete with...

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Horse Blankets & Halters 3-Piece Assortment

Outfit your Classics horses with these coordinating blankets and halters! This assortment includes a blue blanket and blue halter; plaid blanket with pink halter; and a purple...

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Desert Rose and Azure

Dun Pinto mare and Blue Roan foal

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El Blanco and Sedonna

Grey stallion and Red Roan Appaloosa foal

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Warmblood Horse & Foal Set

Blood Bay Warmblood and Liver Chestnut Foal

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"Peace, Love & Horses"

First in a new series of limited edition Classics horses. With fun, pop colors, the eternal symbols of "Peace" and "Love", this non-realistic model is known by

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Pet Sitter Set

What could be better than having a job you really love? This girl is lucky enough to babysit a cute black and white pinto foal and her Beagle and cat...

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Western Accessory Set

Containing the essential Western riding accessories, this stylish set includes a dark brown Western saddle and bridle with bright turquoise accents, saddle pad, and a black...

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English Jumping Accessory Set

Take your Classics horse and rider to a jumping competition with this fun set! Includes a stone jump, tan English saddle and bridle, blue felt saddle pad, blue ribbon, and a...

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Classics Visiting Vet Gift Set

Our 6" articulated vet takes care of both large and small animals, including this appaloosa mare and foal, dog and two kitties! Set also includes...

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A Champion is Born

One of the world's oldest breeds, the Arabian, is known for its beauty, endurance and people-loving personality. The American Quarter Horse is known for speed and...

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New Arrival at the Barn - Deluxe Horse & Foal Set

The magic of discovering a new foal is captured in this sweet set. Includes everything a child needs to take care of the two horses! Includes: Mare and foal, 6" articulated

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Black Caviar Mare & Foal

Black Caviar, the international racing sensation from Down Under has been busy since she officially retired in April 2013! Black Caviar, whose nickname is "Nelly," gave birth

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Liam, Strawberry Roan Quarter Horse

Limited edition Quarter Horse is exclusively available in 2015. The Quarter Horse is the most popular breed in the United States and played a crucial role in the American...

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Western Horse & Rider

Cowgirl up with this fun Western set which includes a beautiful black semi-leopard Appaloosa. Includes: 6" articulated rider, horse, saddle pad...

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Quarter Horse

Quarter Horses are the most popular breed in the United States! Great sprinters, the American Quarter Horse is

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Black Beauty Model and Book Set

Anna Sewell's classic horse tale, Black Beauty, has inspired generations of horse lovers, and now is brought to you in a set with a beautiful 1:12 scale model of Black Beauty to...

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This magical Unicorn stallion has an ethereal pearly coat with shimmery pinto markings. With his gilded horn and hooves, he is both beautiful and majestic...

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Harper - 2016 Horse of the Year

This limited edition Pinto is exclusively available in 2016! Because Pinto is a pattern of coloration, Pintos can be found in every breed type and discipline. Pintos can...

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Raven Black Morgan Mare & Red Bay Foal

This adorable raven black morgan mare with sun bleaching and red bay foal is the perfect way to get your Breyer stable started!

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Shipping Set 2-Piece Assortment

Classics horses are ready to hit the road in these shipping sets! Assortment includes a blue shipping blanket and boots and a green shipping blanket and boots.

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Pippa Funnell's Magic Spirit

Eventing superstar Pippa Funnell is now sharing her love of horses and wealth of knowledge with children in a book series called Tilly's Pony Tails. First in the series...

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Pippa Funnell's Primmore's Pride

Three-day eventing star Pippa Funnell became the only person in the world ever to win the Grand Slam of eventing in 2003 by winning the Rolex Kentucky Three Day...

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Classics Horse Cruiser

Introducing the one and only vehicle designed to fit Breyer Classics and Pony Gals. And what a design it is! Who needs a hotel when horses and riders...

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Aquarius – Zodiac Series

Aquarius wants to make the world a better place. Their sign is the Water Bearer. This handsome Morgan marches forward, head up and eyes to the horizon, his tail flowing...

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Virgo – Zodiac Series

Virgo's sign is The Virgin, and this young mare is balanced and energetic. She is an athletic Thoroughbred, as Virgos are known to be quick of mind but sometimes a bit...

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Black Beauty

Anna Sewell's classic horse tale, Black Beauty, has inspired generations of horse lovers...

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Poncho & Champ

A pair of foals is twice the fun! Meet Poncho, a beautiful palomino Paint foal with his blue stars blanket, and his pal Champ...

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With his striking pose and eerie glow-in-the-dark coat, Crane is sure to frighten the bravest of ghouls. His leopard appaloosa...

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Shire Stallion & Corgi Dog

The Shire is one of Britain's most popular draught horses. The average Shire stallion stands...

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National Reining Horse 50th Anniversary Special

In 2016, the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) celebrates their 50th anniversary! Formed in 1966 to promote the reining horse, the NRHA has become a dynamic...

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Chestnut Semi-Leopard Appaloosa Stallion & Chestnut Blanket Appaloosa Foal

This adorable chestnut semi-leopard appaloosa stallion and chestnut appaloosa foal set is the perfect way to get your Breyer stable started!...

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Chestnut Haflinger

Haflingers originated in Austria, and today are excellent riding and driving horses. They can be any shade of chestnut, and have a flaxen mane and tail. This 1:12 scale model is...

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Bay Arabian

The Arabian is the oldest known horse breed, and has played a role in the evolution of almost every other recognized breed of horse. Arabians dominate the sport of endurance...

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A beautifully shaded pinto half-Arabian mare originally designed by Tom Bainbridge. The Arabian, with its delicate dished face and high tail carriage...

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"Butterfly Kisses"

"Butterfly Kisses" is the newest addition to a series of limited edition Classics horses. With its sparkling glitter and magical design, this non-realistic model is known by...

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Bay Dartmoor Pony & Light Bay Foal

This adorable mealy bay dartmoor pony and light bay foal is the perfect way to get your Breyer stable started!

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Liver Chestnut Mustang

Mustangs have long been a part of America's culture. Descended from the horses brought to the country by the Spanish explorers, Mustangs are feral horses that...

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Chestnut Morgan

The Morgan was the first horse breed developed in the USA. A versatile breed, they are used for both English and western disciplines, driving, and everything...

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Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse Cross

A Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse cross is also known as an Appendix Quarter Horse. This is a popular cross, and usually results in a...

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Gemini – Zodiac Series

Geminis are energetic, quick, and full of energy. Like a spirited Arabian horse, they can be charming and friendly and then gone in a flash! Geminis are the most social sign...

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"Rock 'N Roll Forever"

Rock 'N Roll Forever, the third in a series of decorator Breyer Classics horses, shines in the spotlight with a vibrant rock star theme. This limited...

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Taurus – Zodiac Series

Strong and balanced, this Warmblood stallion represents Taurus. Looking toward solid ground, this Earth sign is known for being patient and reliable. Persistent and...

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Zodiac Collection 12 Piece Set

The Breyer® Zodiac collection features 12 horses corresponding with the 12 symbols in astrology, the ancient belief that how the stars and planets align at your birth can...

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Bella – 2017 Horse of the Year

A new sculpture by Kathleen Moody! Bella is a buckskin Appendix Quarter Horse which is the result of breeding a registered American Quarter Horse with a Thoroughbred. The...

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Pisces – Zodiac Series

Compassionate and dreamy Pisces is represented by two swimming fish. Pisces are introspective, spiritual, sensitive and creative. They will do anything to help those in...

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American Pharoah

For 37 years, Thoroughbred fans around the world have been waiting for the next great horse to win racing's Triple Crown: the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and...

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Pet Groomer

Kids can help the groomer make animals look their best! Includes: 6" articulated doll, Corgi dog, Siamese cat, palomino foal, shampoo bottle, bucket and...

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Show Jumping

Great starter set for this popular equestrian event. Show jumping tests the partnership of the horse and rider, who must leap over a series of obstacles as cleanly as...

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Aries Zodiac Series

Aries are spirited and full of energy. Aries colors are brilliant reds and orange. This wild Mustang represents the Aries independent nature and strong will. Dynamic and...

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Scorpio – Zodiac Series

Passionate and perceptive Scorpio is strong with a sharp intuition. A water sign, these still waters run deep. While bold on the surface, often appearing fearless to outsiders...

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Cancer – Zodiac Series

Like moonlight reflected on water, Cancer's shimmering coat is a pearl white. Cancer's symbol, the crab, lives in the ocean. In touch with the tides, and with nature, this...

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The Gambler’s Choice is back! Distinguished by a white spotted blanket, Calvin comes in chestnut, bay, and metallic interference blue...

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Best Friends

This Fleabitten Grey Morgan mare has a very special friend - a lovely sable Shetland Sheepdog! Morgans have great stamina, intelligence and bravery which

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Race Horse & Jockey

Besides Thoroughbreds, other breeds like Standardbreds, Quarter Horses and Appaloosas are used for horse racing, too! Race horse riders are called jockeys...

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Western Horse & Rider

Cowgirl up with this fun Western set which includes a beautiful red roan Quarter Horse mare. Includes: 6" articulated rider, horse, saddle pad, western saddle

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Classics 3-Horse Stable

Adorable, easy-to-assemble 3-stall barn is the perfect place for kids to stable their Classics horses. Features pink roof and windows and doors that...

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Vet Care

Help the veterinarian take care of all the animals in this fun set! Includes: bay foal, 6" articulated veterinarian, dog...

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Abigail, English Rider

6" articulated English rider comes dressed in a fashionable pink-accented riding outfit and has a coordinating saddle pad!...

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