Holiday & Seasonal Retired Products


Yuletide 2010 Glass Globe Ornament

8th in a collectible series A fireplace seasonally decorated in holly sets the whimsical scene for this curious Appaloosa foal opening a gift to see what...

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Waiting for Santa

As she waits for Santa's arrival, this little girl snuggles up in her adorable white pony beanbag chair with visions of Breyer horses dancing in...

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Tis' the Season - 2010 Blown Glass Ornament

4th in a collectible series A gentle equine beauty, framed in holly and wrapped in a red bow, brings greetings of the season from...

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2010 Artist Signature Ornament

2nd in a collectible series Breyer features the artistry of Susan Carlton Sifton on this delicate hand-blown glass ornament. On one...

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Christmas Wish - 2011 Treasure Box Ornament

This little horse, with its holiday bow, is bridled and ready to help Santa make his Christmas Eve deliveries and wishes come true. Cherish gifts in this fine...

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Jewel - 2010 Stirrup Ornament

12th in a collectible series This beautifully detailed replica of Breyer's 2010 Holiday Horse Jewel is encased within a traditional silver stirrup...

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Winter Belle - 2011 Holiday Horse

Few winter sounds are prettier than the soft ‘swoosh’ of hooves through snow. Bedecked in evergreens and holiday balls, this gentle-eyed bay carries...

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Winter Belle - 2011 Stirrup Ornament

Step into a bouncy Christmas cadence with this cheery trotting bay, in hand-painted, durable resin. Snugly framed inside a stirrup and adorned in...

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2011 Artist Signature Ornament

Breyer goes back to its roots this season, celebrating its original sculptor, Chris Hess, whose realistic, personable molds launched a world of collecting for...

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Sonata Stander - 2011 Carousel Horse Ornament

Merry-go-round memories are made of painted ponies dancing to a calliope or carousel organ. This fine porcelain carousel stander salutes those...

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Mustang - 2011 Beautiful Breeds Ornament

This series of fine bisque porcelain ornaments of beautiful horse breeds celebrates the fragile beauty of one of Nature’s loveliest creations. Horses embody...

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Zenyatta Ornament

The mighty Zenyatta is racing’s all-time North American leading female money earner and is best known for her dramatic come-from-behind win in the...

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Golden Memories 2010 Treasure Box Ornament

3rd in a collectible series What better place for the most treasured of keepsakes than this beautiful box? On the lid is an adorable palomino pinto foal...

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Merry Fillies - Snowdrift

This cheerful filly will prance her way into your home and your heart! Hand-painted by the horse experts at Breyer, Snowdrift is...

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Merry Fillies -Twinkle

This cheerful filly will prance her way into your home and your heart! Hand-painted by the horse experts at Breyer, Twinkle is...

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Merry Fillies - Truffle

This cheerful filly will prance her way into your home and your heart! Hand-painted by the horse experts at Breyer, Truffle is...

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Strolling Santa 2010 Ornament

Santa merrily strolls along delivering his horsey gifts to good boys and girls. His jaunty stride and happy expression are matched by the stick horse...

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Merry Fillies Ornaments 6pc Assortment

These cheerful fillies are so cute, kids will want all three! Pretty dapple grey, bay and palomino appaloosa fillies are...

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Artist Signature Ornament

This beautiful hand-blown glass ornament features the artistry of Sommer Prosser. Prosser sculpted the original Breyer models...

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2012 Holiday Horse

Decorated with vibrant red poinsettias and glittering gems, Noche Buena wears a jeweled saddle resting on a poinsettia pad and gold halter

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Beautiful Breeds Ornament

This series of fine bisque porcelain ornaments celebrates beautiful breeds from around the world. The joyful spirit and brio

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Holiday Homecoming

Riding in a red sleigh adorned with gold-colored scrollwork, Santa is pulled by a high-stepping palomino horse through...

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Starry Night - 2011 Musical Snow Globe

On this Starry Night, amid a forest of snow, peace reigns over the animal kingdom as its gentle creatures come out to play. This realistic resin scene...

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Noble Gem 2010 Prancer Carousel Ornament

11th in a collectible series This spectacular dappled palomino Noble Gem Prancer Carousel Horse evokes dreams of childhood delights...

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Patriot - Carousel Ornament

This unique carousel horse is crafted in high quality, hand-painted artist's resin and comes in a full-color gift box. Decorated with beautiful symbols and bold colors, Patriot...

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Noche Buena Stirrup Ornament

An exquisitely detailed miniature of Breyer's 2012 Holiday Horse, Noche Buena is created of artist's resin and is framed...

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Holiday on Parade Stirrup Ornament

This exquistely detailed miniature of Breyer's 2013 Holiday Horse "Holiday on Parade" is created of artist's resin and is framed inside a traditional silver-tone stirrup. Adorned...

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Holiday Surprise - Musical Snow Globe

Snow globes are timeless collectibles, making them ideal gift items! This snow globe features a sweet bay pony waiting by the Christmas tree to surprise a very lucky child on....

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2013 Holiday Horse - Holiday on Parade

In the tradition of the stunning Saddlebred horses seen in presitgious parades, Holiday on Parade is a beautifully decorated parade horse! He sports a brocade saddle pad...

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Man O'War Ornament

Considered by some to be the greatest racehorse of all time, Man o' War won 20 races of his 21-race career. Racing from 1919-1920, he went on to become a sire of...

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Appaloosa Beautiful Breeds Ornament

Each year, this series portrays one of the most beautiful breeds of horses from around the world. This resin Appaloosa ornament features the striking leopard pattern, and is...

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Native Dancer Ornament

Native Dancer raced from 1952-1954, and earned high accolades each year: 1952 U.S. Champion Two-Year Old Colt, 1953 U.S. Champion Three-Year Old Colt, and...

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Rising Sun & Bear Porcelain Ornament Set

These two porcelain ornaments are shaped like snowflakes, and frame pictures of Elvis® with his favorite horses: the golden palomino named Rising Sun...

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Prancer Carousel Horse Ornament

Carousels have always held a special magic for both children and adults, and this ornament brings that magic to the holidays...

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2014 Holiday Horse - Bayberry and Roses

Reminiscent of the beauty found in a snowy landscape at twilight and wrapped in the festive colors of holiday flora, Bayberry and Roses is posed to...

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Bayberry and Roses Stirrup Ornament

This finely-detailed miniature of the Holiday Horse "Bayberry and Roses" is framed by a silver stirrup with the year printed along the bottom bar, making it the perfect...

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Cantata Carousel Ornament

This musically-decorated carousel horse conjures happy memories of tinkling music and the smiling faces of both the young and old. Decorated as only carousel horses are with...

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Winter in the Woods 2009 Breyer Buddies Ornament

A playful foal and his charming woodland friends celebrate the beauty of the season in this new annual collectible series of porcelain ornaments...

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Artist Signature Ornament

This beautiful hand-blown glass ornament features the artistry of Kathleen Moody. Moody sculpted the original Breyer models that inspired this ornament, and created the...

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Baby’s First Ornament

A sweet keepsake of baby's first holiday! This bright red porcelain sleigh is speeding along with a cherubic toddler dressed in...

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Beautiful Breeds Ornament

This series of elegant ornaments celebrates beautiful breeds from around the world! The essence of the graceful Warmblood has been captured in this sculpture by...

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Sweet Holidays Musical Snow Globe

Children aren't the only ones receiving gifts this year! Snow globes are always a favorite piece of holiday décor, and this delightful piece is no exception. Containing a bay mare

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Artist Signature Glass Ornament

This beautiful hand-blown glass ornament features paintings of American Quarter Horses by the talented Sheryl Leisure. The artwork is based on two popular Breyer models...

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Santa’s Flight – Jumper Ornament

Who needs reindeer to fly? Santa takes the reins of a liver chestnut jumping horse in this playful ornament. The horse, in English tack, soars effortlessly over a holiday...

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Gifts from Santa - Glass Globe Ornament

Do you hear the bell ringing? Santa is riding into town on a beautiful horse, and he has brought gifts for all! This charming scene is captured in hand-painted artist's resin, and...

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Peppermint Kiss - 2015 Holiday Horse Stirrup Ornament

A finely-detailed miniature of Breyer's 2015 Holiday Horse "Peppermint Kiss" is crafted of artist's resin and framed by a traditional silver-tone stirrup. This collectible...

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RCMP Musical Ride Ornament

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Musical Ride is world-renowned spectacle that features officers in ceremonial dress riding all-black horses in intricate figures and...

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Angel Fillies Ornament - Blue

Our flying fillies are so cute, you'll want all three! In soft green, blue, and gold, these three winged fillies complement each other perfectly...

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Winter Winds Carousel Ornament

The classic elegance of the carousel horse is captured in this fine resin ornament. Winter Winds has a lovely chestnut coat, and her flaxen mane and tail are blowing in...

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Beautiful Breeds Ornament – Thoroughbred

The beauty of horses from around the globe is celebrated in the Beautiful Breeds ornament series. Athletic and refined, this bay Thoroughbred would make a handsome...

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Holiday Traditions Musical Snow Globe

The holidays are a time to embrace tradition, and nothing is more traditional than bringing home your freshly-cut Christmas tree by horse-drawn sleigh! In this Musical Snow...

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Gypsy Vanner - Beautiful Breeds Ornament

Breyer's Beautiful Breeds ornament series celebrates the beauty and diversity of horse breeds fround around the world. The charming Gypsy Vanner breed is best known for...

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Tartan Carousel Ornament

The charm of the carousel horse meets the allure of the winter woods in this timeless carousel horse ornament. Tartan has a rich silver-bay coat which is accented by a red and...

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2016 Artist Signature Ornament

Classic in its beauty, this hand-blown glass ornament showcases the stunning artwork of Sheryl Leisure. The frosted glass ball is double-sided so it's a joy to view from any...

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Bejeweled Ornament

Nothing is more beautiful to behold than a horse in motion! This galloping blue roan is accentuated by the strand of jewel beads it hangs from. The beads will catch the light...

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Peppermint Kiss - 2015 Holiday Horse

Bedecked with peppermints and candy canes, Peppermint Kiss will surely freshen up your holiday decor. An eye-catching feathered plume graces his...

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Vixen and Blitzen

Who better to meet under the tree this holiday season? This cute bay pinto mare and foal pair are decked out with seasonally inspired...

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My First Pony Musical Snow Globe

Breyer has captured the magic of a child receiving their first pony in this musical snow globe. A lucky cowgirl sits atop her new palomino pony on Christmas morning...

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Equestrian Wreath Ornament

Every tree could use a bit of equestrian flair, and this Horse-themed Wreath Ornament will deliver! Classically styled, this 3-D ornament is lovely from every angle. It features

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Woodland Splendor Stirrup Ornament

Add the beauty of the season to your tree! This detailed miniature of Breyer's 2016 Holiday Horse, "Woodland Splendor," is framed in a traditional silver-tone stirrup. Made of...

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Blown Glass Ornament Golden Star

Breyer continues a fine European tradition with this lovely hand blown glass horse. Golden Star will...

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Eggnog Rocking Horse Ornament

The perfect present under the holiday tree, this lovely palomino rocking horse will delight children of all ages! Eggnog is adorned with a festive red saddle and...

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Special Delivery – Cowpony Ornament

Santa, mounted on a strong cowpony, is ready to deliver Christmas gifts to all the children on the ranch. His buckskin mount is outfitted in traditional Western tack, and...

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Angel Fillies Ornament - Green

Our flying fillies are so cute, you’ll want all three! In soft green, blue, and gold, these three winged fillies complement each other perfectly...

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Blown Glass Ornament

2008 Blown Glass Ornament; 2nd in the series.

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Woodland Splendor

The smell of pine is carried on the cool winter's breeze, and a faint jingling can be heard coming from the woods. Who is that approaching? It's Woodland Splendor, Breyer's ...

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Santa's Wild Ride Ornament

Every now and then Santa needs a change of pace from his sleigh and reindeer. What better way to shake things up a bit than to visit the rodeo! This fun resin ornament...

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A Gathering of Friends

The joy and friendship of the holiday season aren't just for people - and these animals are gathering to celebrate together! A fox, squirrel, rabbit, horse, and birds surround...

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Artist Signature Glass Ornament-Draft Horses

Majestic in nature and always a joy to behold, draft horses take center stage on this year's Artist Signature Ornament. Inspired by Breyer models, artist Sheryl Leisure...

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Winter Wonderland Stirrup Ornament

Our 2017 Stirrup Ornament is a detailed miniature of Breyer's 2017 Holiday Horse, "Winter Wonderland." Housed within a traditional silver-tone stirrup and crafted of fine...

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Morgan - Beautiful Breeds Ornament

What's not to love about the Morgan? Friendly and elegant, the Morgan was the first horse breed developed in the United States - an American Original. The impressive

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Captain - Nutcracker Ornament

A little bit traditional and a whole lot of fun! Crafted of fine artist's resin, our nutcracker ornament Captain is a cheeky nod to the holiday décor staple! Outfitted...

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