Breyer Photo Show September 2016 - Results

September Stablemates, Mustangs Roam Free!

JUDGE: Michele Katz Grieder

The American Mustang is a free-roaming horse that descended from domesticated horses brought to the Americas in the 16th century by Spanish explorers. They are living symbols of the pioneer spirit of the west, and a great part of American history. Although some refer to them as "feral" and others as "wild," there is nothing like watching a herd of these rugged, untamed horses running free. Your assignment for this show was to try to capture that spirit in a photograph, using Breyer Stablemate models.

One of the most important things to consider when photographing your models is scale. This is particularly challenging when photographing Stablemate models because they are so small. Everything in the picture has to be tiny. The grass outside your door is in scale for a living breathing horse, so each blade is far too tall and wide to be the footing for a tiny 3" model! That's when creativity, props, and tricks with the camera come in! Having your models in focus and with proper lighting are also very important. And lastly, model choice. This show's theme is "mustangs roaming free" so it is critical that you choose models that could accurately represent mustang horses. They come in any color, but what about body type? Mustangs are typically medium sized and between 14 and 15 hands high. They can be solid looking but are not heavy. And you certainly would not see a wild mustang with a braided mane or banged tail!

I saw a lot of really creative photos that utilized clever camera angles, unique backgrounds, and several that incorporated water into the scenes. I really enjoyed judging them, and thank you for sending them in! With a little tweaking, they all could be winners!

1st Place


Allison P., NJ

WHAT I LIKE: Beautiful, serene scene of a mustang surveying its range! I like that the horse is tight in the foreground, creating the illusion of distance. I almost feel like I am seeing the environment from the horse's point of view. The background is appropriate, and the photographer paid close attention to scale with the footing! I love the overall composition and color balance of this photo with the warm tones against a cool blue sky.

WHAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: I wish the camera had been set back just a bit OR come in even tighter. The cropping works, but is a little awkward with the hooves cut off. While the calm, placid stance of this particular mold is perfect, and its color compliments the rest of the scene, I'd have preferred to see a horse with a longer, less evenly trimmed mane.

2nd Place


Anna C., PA

WHAT I LIKE: This is a fun scene of a horse frolicking in a streambed! I really love the action, and how well it was captured photographically. I wonder how many times the photographer had to splash the horse before getting this shot! The mold that was chosen is a great example of a mustang, with roan being a very common color. And even the pose of the horse makes sense. The neutral background keeps the focus on the horse.

WHAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: This is being really picky, but the volume of water coming up over his back seems a bit out of proportion. And I think if there were a couple of horses standing in the background, watching, out of focus it could even be better.

3rd Place


Hope A., CA

WHAT I LIKE: Love this scene of horses visiting a watering hole! A creative idea and I like that there is a story here! While the rocks in the background are technically way out of scale, the fact that they are not in focus makes that forgivable. I also like that the 2 horses that are the focus of this scene are of stock-type, and the photo is taken at such an angle that you can not see they have short, trimmed manes, making them seem like they could, indeed be mustangs.

WHAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: The water droplets on the horses are way out of scale. The horses look like they have giant puddles on their necks and backs. The photo would have been more realistic if the horses were dry, except for their legs as they waded through the shallow water. The draft horse in the back is a not really appropriate for this theme. While mustangs did descend from and sometimes have characteristics of many different breeds, it is unusual to see one of such an obviously heavy build. I do like that he is not in focus, but I would have left that guy out of the scene.

4th Place


Michele G., ME

WHAT I LIKE: Great storytelling here! Stallions fighting over a band of mares is something that happens frequently in nature. The photographer clearly did their homework! The models chosen are perfect for this scene, and I like how they are angled differently from each other so you can not tell they are both of the same mold. The background is appropriate, and slightly out of focus to create the illusion of distance.

WHAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: The footing color is too bright (it looks like indoor-outdoor carpeting, or a golf course) and if it were really grass it would be too short. A more natural looking option would be to use fine sand. Also, the glare on the horse on the left's face is a bit distracting and prevents detail from being captured.

5th Place


Amber C., MT

WHAT I LIKE: All of the models pictured make great mustangs and I love the pairing of the 2 running models in the foreground. The background creates an appropriate setting for the herd, and the footing looks pretty good.

WHAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: The horses that are out of focus in the background need to be set back a bit farther so that the running pair is the center of attention. Right now it is a bit busy, and it looks a little strange that the others are so blurry when they are not that far away.

6th Place


Kaleigh B., GA

WHAT I LIKE: This is a cool scene of a galloping herd of horses. The horses are all in action poses and seem to be running at the same speed. I like how the foreground and background are out of focus, but the horses themselves are crisp. The lighting is perfect and the colors are very vibrant. I like that some foals were included in this scene!

WHAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: The trees look REALLY tall compared to the horses. I'd rather see them running in an open space more typical of the American west, but this background could have worked a little better if the photographer had zoomed in more, capturing more of the horses, and less of the background. Right now the horses seem very small, as if they are running through a redwood forest. The palomino horse is not a good mold choice for a mustang.

Honorable Mention


Lucy K., TX

WHAT I LIKE: Great scene of a galloping herd. I like that the photographer paid attention to scale with the footing they are traveling on. The earth in the foreground looks kind of neat, and gives the photo dimension.

WHAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: The horses are not in sharp focus, and the lighting is off. It appears to have been taken in late afternoon sun, which gives everything a more golden tone and creates dramatic shadows. Maybe try again earlier in the day when the sun is higher.

Honorable Mention


Susan V., IN

WHAT I LIKE: A nice scene of 2 mustangs rejoining the herd! I like when the photographer creates a story! Everything is in scale, and the footing blends into the background seamlessly. The horses are in crisp focus and the scene is well-lit.

WHAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: The giant blurry spot on the left is very distracting. I would have preferred a background a little more remote, that didn't include houses.



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