Workshops at BreyerFest offer hands-on learning experiences for everyone! Whether you are a novice or veteran in the model horse hobby, we have a workshop for you!

Registration is Closed! 

Advance purchase is necessary and each workshop is $30. All necessary supplies will be provided. Onsite registration for workshops is not available.


Levels are defined as follows:

Beginner - has never taken a workshop,
- has taken a similar BreyerFest workshop or has experience in the subject,
Advanced - has extensive knowledge of the subject and has taken previous BreyerFest workshops.

Advanced Sculpting
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Take your sculpting to new levels! Focusing on biomechanics and anatomy, Morgen Kilbourn, will bring each student through the intricacies of adding movement and detail to your sculptures!

Arabian Halter 101
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Work with Tiffany Purdy and learn how to make your own Arabian halter. Supplies are provided, but you may want to bring along your favorite Arabian model!

Arabian Halter 201
Skill Level: Intermediate to Beginner
Bring your work with Tiffany Purdy to the next level! Customize your halter with embellishments! Participants must have taken Arabian Halter 101 or bring their own plain halter (with no embellishments).

Dream Horse Kit
Skill Level: Beginner
Students will work alongside Kristin Breen as she guides them through this fun kit for painting a model horse and adding a mohair mane and tail. Each student gets his or her own kit including a Breyer Classics scale model horse!

English Bridle
Skill Level: Beginner
Learn the ins and outs of tack making with LeeAnn Masters as she teaches you how to create your very own English bridle!

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Work along side Val Starcher to learn how to add detail and intrigue to your favorite model horse. Due to the use of sharp objects, this workshop is limited to intermediate to advanced students.

Suncatcher Stablemates
Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
Using glass paint and clear Stablemates models create unique British themed model with a translucent finish.

Horse Jewelry Making
Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
Join Christina Dils as she teaches you how to make the most fashionable horse jewelry around using Mini Whinnie models! From necklaces to bracelets, make it at BreyerFest and wear it home!

Introduction to Customizing
Skill Level: Beginner
Ever wanted to try your hand at customizing but didn't know where to start? Let us get you started! Using Stablemates® models, try your hand at customizing your first horse.



Judging 101
Skill Level: Intermediate
This hands on judging tutorial takes model horse collecting to a whole new level! Learn what makes models stand out from the crowd. Find out how to spot a winning model in your collection!

Just for Kids! Painting
Skill Level: Intermediate, 10 & Up
Pick your favorite color! This class is for kids ages 10 and up who want to learn advanced skills for painting their own model horses. Classics model included.


Manes & Tails
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
A new mane and tail can give any model a whole new look. Using epoxy, these experienced artists will show you how to give your model a new 'do!

Mini-Scale Fox Hunting
Skill Level: Beginner-Advanced
Join Kim Haymond-Baker and Kathi Haymond of Tabletop Studios and learn how create the perfect fox hunting scene in mini-scale! Each student will go home with a complete scene.

Model Horse Tote Bag
Skill Level: Beginner
Jane Tilton is back with fun tote bag workshop! Armed with tons of fun craft ideas and supplies, Jane will guide you though the process of customizing your very own tote bag.

Painting: & Detailing 101
Skill Level: Beginner
From prepping the body, to adding shading and markings, this is a great way to get started customizing model horses. Once you have mastered the basics, move on to Painting and Detailing 201for the next steps!

Painting: & Detailing 201
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Learn how to add shading, dappling and dun factors, to your models. Finish up with eyes and hooves that really shine.

Skill Level: Intermediate, 10 & Up
Pastels are a great way to layer soft, realistic colors on your model horse and add shading and detail. Learn the techniques for using these chalks including how to make them stay on when you're through.

Pinto and Appaloosas Painting 101
Skill Set: Beginner to Intermediate
Learn how to create perfect spots and dots on your custom models! You learn how to create the perfect mottling on an Appaloosa and difference between and Overo and Tobiano in this fun class!


Pinto and Appaloosas Painting 201
Skill Set: Intermediate to Advanced
Take your Pintos and Appys to new heights! Learn how to create different patterns based on genetic factors, how to create ermine spots and more!

Skill Set: Intermediate to Advanced
Learn how to take professional photos with basic at-home lighting! Build your own photo cube! Digital cameras are required for this class.

Repairing Model Horses
Skill Level: Beginner
Think of it as plastic surgery for your models! This hands-on class will walk you through the methods of repairing a broken leg, ear or tail. Class requires use of sculpting epoxy and motor tools.

Scene-Making for Beginners
Skill Level: Beginner
Ever wondered how to create a life-like scene to use in photo shows and performance classes? Now is your chance to make anything from an English countryside to a Western town, complete with props!

Sculpting 101
Skill Level: Beginner
Learn to sculpt with a pro. Students will work outside with a real horse model and learn the basics from armature to final figurine.

Skill Level: Advanced
The British are Coming! CinnamonMewMew (also known as Amy Davies) travels across The Pond for BreyerFest! CinnamonMewMew's YouTube videos are the hottest new trend in the Model Horse Hobby! You can't miss this class!
Due to overwhelming demand, Videography will now be held Friday and Saturday afternoons in the South Theater of the Visitor's Information Center from 3:30 - 5:00 pm.

Western Halter
Skill Level: Beginner
Making a western style halter is easy once you know the ropes. Bring along your favorite horse to "custom fit" your halter.


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