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KYB Dressage


Yvonne Barteau, of KYB Dressage, returns to produce our 4th Annual Celebration of Horses evening spectacular. Yvonne and the KYB Dressage riders will be performing along with LOTS of other magnificent acts on both Friday and Saturday nights.

KYB Dressage is first and foremost, a family of people who love horses. Born out of the marriage of two lifelong horse trainers, Kim and Yvonne Barteau, the KYB family now includes their children, Jamie, Jessica, Kassie, and Kayla, all of whom have made their careers and centered their lives around their devotion to these magnificent animals.


The KYB family is passionate about training horses for dressage, for exhibitions, on the ground, and in order to improve their relationships with their owners and riders. KYB's long list of accolades and accomplishments includes training the highest winning horse in USDF history and the highest winning Young Rider in USDF history, dozens of championships at the international, national, and breed level, equine performances across the country and on network television, as well as award winning books and now movies.

All Three-Day ticket holders receive FREE Admission to the evening show. Single Day ticket holders can upgrade their ticket to join the fun. Doors open at 5:00 pm, Show begins at 6:30pm on Friday and Saturday evening. Buy your tickets early! Seating is limited.

Guy McLean


Guy McLean grew up in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia on the 1600-acre "Susan River Homestead" Holiday Ranch resort, owned by his family. Guy can never recall a day that horses weren't a huge part of his life and Guy's performances, as well as his horsemanship methods, have all been self-taught. It was through the encouragement and support of his parents that Guy believes he was allowed to evolve into the horseman and entertainer he is today.

Guy truly believes that the best tools in horsemanship are knowledge, compassion, patience, and imagination and in using these tools, many fine partnerships have been formed. Since 1999, Guy and his equine team (led by his trusty horse Nugget for 12 years) have performed all over Australia, as well as at events around the world.

Dally and Spanky

Dally and Spanky

Spanky, the miniature horse, was rescued by Francesca and Steve of Rother Horsemanship, when he was just two years old. Aggressive to people and horses, Spanky wreaked havoc on everyone he met! But, after a year with his new family on their ranch in Washington State, he was a changed horse ... although his naughty personality stayed intact! To give Spanky a purpose, Francesca started teaching him some tricks.

Not too long after that, Francesca and Steve brought home a new Jack Russell Terrier puppy. Dally was only six months old but every day, she would sit and watch Francesca work with Spanky on his tricks. One day, to get a better look, she hopped up onto Spanky's back and stayed on him while he walked around the arena! From that day forward, they became best friends. Soon, Francesca was teaching them both tricks together! Dally and Spanky love to go over jumps, lie down and sit up together.

Loyal Vaulting


Timi Loyal leads Loyal Vaulting & Equestrian Arts who are world renowned for their circus bareback riding. Timi is an 8th generation equestrian performer who has showcased his talents in major circuses and horse musicals around the world. He performs with his wife Liz and children Aurora and Suri, who are the 9th generation of this amazing family tradition!

Don't miss the chance to see this world-class act at BreyerFest 2017!




Splash Dogs Eastern Regional Championships!

Get ready for high flying canines with super-sized splashes! BreyerFest is proud to host the Splash Dogs Eastern Regional Championships! Splash Dog competitions attract the best and farthest flying dock docking dogs from across the country! Dog dock diving is one of the most exciting new sports for handlers and their dogs! Pets compete for distance, diving from a dock into a 40 ft pool surrounded by cheering fans. Check out the trials on Friday and Saturday or see the best of the best during Sunday's Finals!


Registration with Splash Dogs is required for participation. Registration will open approximately 60 days prior to BreyerFest. Competitors can pre-register at SplashDogs.com or at the event. All competitors and guests must be BreyerFest ticket holders to enter the Park.

New to dock-diving? Think your pooch might want to give it a try? Find more information for Newcomer's here.