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For July, 2017

7 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


Looking for a chance to own your very own Desi model?...

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6 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


Calling all Trakehner fans! This model is for you!

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5 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


Saturdays are for Smartys!...

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4 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


Sundays are for surprises!...

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3 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


We have another lot for our glossy fans!...

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Toronto Live Show Results!


The Toronto Live Model Horse show was a huge success this year. As it is Canada's 150th Birthday this year, special large rosettes were made up for the event...

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Only 2 Days Left Till BreyerFest!


Are you already worried about missing out on Sunday's Raffle Model?

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Less than 48 Hours Till BreyerFest!


We're almost there!

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BreyerFest 2017 Starts Tomorrow!


With BreyerFest Gateway to India starting tomorrow we had to end our countdown on a strong note!...

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2016 - 2017 Coloring Contest Winners Announced!


This year's contest was judged on realism and coloring skills. There are three age categories; 10 and under, 11-16, and 17 and up. Winners will receive...

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$1000 Breyer Shopping Spree Winner Announced!


Courtney W. is this year's lucky winner of the Breyer $1000 Shopping Spree! She hails from a small town in Pennsylvania, about an hour's drive north of Philadelphia...

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