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A Guide to Model Horse Hobby Terms & Acronyms



The model horse hobby could write its own encyclopedia – step into any hobby publication or online group, and you will immediately face a barrage of special terms and abbreviations that can be quite confusing for the “uninitiated.” Not sure what a LSQ OOAK BGB with COA is? Fear not – use this handy guide to translate the model horse lingo you encounter!

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AG = Artisan’s Gallery. A vendor area at BreyerFest’s host hotel, the Clarion, where model horse artisans sell wares.

Andy = Andalusian, a popular breed of Spanish horse. May also refer to Breyer’s Andalusian Stallion mold (#584).

AP = Artist Proof. A model hand-painted by its original designer or sculptor.

Appy = Appaloosa, a breed of stock horse with a spotted coat. Appaloosa is also the name for this family of spotted coat patterns, which can appear on many different breeds.

AR = Artist Resin, a resin cast of an artist’s original sculpture that is often sold unpainted.

ASB = American Saddlebred, a breed of horse known for its high-stepping gaits. May also refer to Breyer’s American Saddlebred Stallion mold (#571) or the Racking Saddlebred Stallion mold (#802), who is more colloquially known as the “Hamilton” mold.

ASH = Australian Stock Horse, a lightly built breed of stock horse hailing from Australia.

ASHF = Action Stock Horse Foal, a Breyer mold (#235) of a running stock horse colt.

BF = BreyerFest, Breyer’s annual weekend-long event traditionally held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.


BreyerFest at the Kentucky Horse Park.


BFL = BreyerFest Live, the legacy name for the BreyerFest Open model horse show.

BGB = Bluegrass Bandit, a Breyer mold (#585) of a Tennessee Walking Horse mare performing the running walk.

Blind Bag = A model sold in a sealed and opaque mylar bag. The buyer will not know what model is inside until the bag is opened.

Bloaty = A model that has become distorted due to heat. Most Breyers have a small hole in their mouth that allows air to circulate inside them, but if this hole is missing, hot air can expand inside the model and “bloat” the plastic.

Body = A model with severe damage that is suitable to be customized. These models often have large amount of rubs and scratches and/or breaks.

Brick and Mortar = A Breyer retailer with a physical storefront. Brick and Mortar retailers are able to sell exclusive Brick and Mortar special run models.

BRS = Blue Ribbon Sticker, a type of sticker placed on Breyer models from the mid-to-late 1960s. They are hard to find in-tact and sought after by vintage Breyer fans.

BW = BreyerWest, a medium-sized yearly model horse event hosted by Breyer which includes live shows, workshops, and Stablemates painting. Currently hosted in Denver, Colorado.

CAM/CAS/CAF = Classics Arabian Mare, Stallion and Foal. A set of three Classics (1:12) scale Breyer Arabian molds (#3055MA, #3055ST, and #3055FO respectively) intended to be a family.

CB = Cleveland Bay, a Breyer mold (#703) sculpted after the English carriage breed of the same name.

CC= Collector Club. For a yearly fee, Breyer fans can join the Collector Club to access exclusive benefits such as special run models, a monthly newsletter, and the Just About Horses magazine.

CE = Commemorative Edition. A series of regular run Breyer models from the 1990s, produced for one year only as a limited edition (usually of 10,000 pieces) and numbered by hand.

Ch = Short for “champion.”

Chalky = A model with a white basecoat underneath its paint. Most examples date from the 1970s, but 1950s and modern chalky models also exist.

Charcoal = A decorator color that is shaded black/brown with a bald face and four white socks. This color is usually accompanied by a glossy finish.

CHIN = The Clarion Lexington North, BreyerFest’s host hotel. A portmanteau of the hotel’s two most recent names (Clarion + Holiday Inn North).

CL = Classics, the legacy name for Breyer’s 1:12 scale models(1:12 scale models are also colloquially referred to in the hobby as “Classics scale.”)

Clyde = Clydesdale, a popular and heavily-feathered draft horse breed.

CM = Custom. A model that has been altered from the state it left the factory in. This can be as simple as adding a sock with white acrylic paint, or as extensive as a fully repositioned and resculpted model.

COA = Certificate of Authenticity. A piece of paper that comes with some special Breyer models to certify them as a genuine Breyer collectible.

Collectibility = A division of model horse showing that judges how rare, desirable, and/or collectible a model horse is. May have its own division or be judged concurrently (“double-judged”) with a Halter division.

Colorway = A particular paintjob on a model.

Connoisseur = The name of a series of expertly-decorated Breyer models released through Just About Horses magazine between 2001 and 2011. “Connoisseur-level” now refers to a Breyer model made with great care and detail.

Copenhagen = One of the four “classic” decorator colors – glossy dappled blue with a bald face and four white socks.

Conga = A collection of Breyer models on the same mold. When displayed together, they may look as if they are “dancing” together or in a “conga line.”

Croi = Croi Damsha, a Breyer mold (#732) of a playful pony mare. Sometimes referred to as the “Connemara Mare” mold.

CWP = Cantering Welsh Pony, a Breyer mold (#104) of a Welsh pony mare cantering on the bit.

Deco = Usually used as shorthand for “decorator” (see below), but can also be used as a synonym for colorway/paintjob.

Decorator = A model with an unrealistic color or pattern that wouldn’t be possible on a real horse.

With her unrealistic rainbow coat, Crystalline is considered a "decorator" model.


FAM/FAS/FAF = Family Arabian Mare, Stallion, and Foal. A set of three Traditional scale Breyer Arabian molds (#8, #7, and #9 respectively) intended to be a family.

FCM = Factory Custom. A model that has had part of its body changed at the factory, such as swapping tails with another mold. A majority of factory customs are one-of-a kind BreyerFest auction models.

Flagship Dealer = A Breyer retailer that carries a large variety of Breyer products, and is eligible to sell exclusive Flagship Dealer special run models.

Flockie = A model that is covered with flocking to make it fuzzy. Most official Breyer flockies also have mohair manes and tails – some custom flockies with flocking applied over the original sculpted manes and tails also exist. These models were predominantly produced in the 1980s.

Florentine = One of the four “classic” decorator colors – glossy dappled gold with a bald face and four white socks.

FS = Fighting Stallion, a Breyer mold (#31) of a Mustang stallion rearing up on his hind legs. May also refer to “Freedom Series,” the current name for Breyer’s 1:12 scale models and other play-oriented products, or “for sale.”

Fun Day = A Breyer-sponsored eventthat features Stablemates painting, activities, and more. Fun Days are usually held at retail locations where Breyer models are available for purchase.

Glossy = A model with a smooth and very shiny finish – a thick coat of gloss.

Gold Charm = One of the four “classic” decorator colors – glossy solid gold with a bald face and four white socks.

Halter Showing = A division of model horse showing where a model is judged on adherence to the standards of the horse breed assigned to it.

Hano= Hanoverian, a popular breed of German Warmblood. May also refer to the Breyer Hanoverian mold (#58).

HOTY= Horse of the Year, a limited edition Freedom Series (formerly Classics) model that debuts a new 1:12 scale sculpture in a striking coat color. Horse of the Year models are only available the year they are produced.

HSO = Horse Shaped Object, a tongue-in-cheek colloquial term used to describe horse figurines as a general concept.

HTF = Hard to Find.

Huck = Huckleberry Bey, a Breyer mold (#472) of a trotting Arabian stallion.

IBM = In-Between Mare. A vintage Breyer mold created in the late 1950s, but never officially released until 2020 as part of the Vintage Club.

IP = Indian Pony, a Breyer mold (#175) of a windswept wild-type mare.

ISO = In Search Of. Often prefaces a wanted ad for a model.

JAH = Just About Horses, Breyer’s model horse magazine that has been in print since 1975. It is now printed as an annual issue for Breyer Collector Club members.

JCP = JC Penney, a department store that sold many special run Breyer models through its holiday catalogs from the 1980s through the late 2000s.

KHP = Kentucky Horse Park. An educational equine park located in Lexington, Kentucky that traditionally hosts BreyerFest each July.

KWPN = Dutch Warmblood, a breed of sporthorse registered with the Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland.

LB = Little Bits, the legacy name for Breyer’s 1:24 scale models (Also known as “Paddock Pals;” not currently in production).

LE = Limited Edition. A model whose production numbers are limited in some way.

LG = Lonesome Glory, a Breyer mold (#572) of a jogging Thoroughbred.

Lippy = Lipizzaner, an Iberian breed known for its use in classical dressage. 

LP = Lady Phase, a Breyer mold (#40) of a stock horse mare standing square.

LR = Limited Run. Often refers to Breyer models of which about 150 pieces or less were made.

LSP = Live Show Placed/Proven. A model that is consistently “in the ribbons” at model horse shows.

LSQ = Live Show Quality. A model that is in factory mint or near mint condition, with no rubs, scratches, or breaks. Horses shown at live model horse shows need to be in good condition to be competitive.

MAW = Make a Wish, a Breyer mold (#706) of an Arabian mare that comes in two head and three tail configurations. Sometimes referred to as simply the “Arabian Mare” mold.

MFT = Missouri Fox Trotter, an American breed of gaited horse known for its unique “foxtrot” gait. May also refer to Breyer’s Missouri Fox Trotter mold (#486), which is sometimes referred to as the “Iron Metal Chief” mold.

MIB = Mint in Box. A Breyer model still sealed in its original packaging.


Still sealed in its original packaging, this Ideal Series - American Quarter Horse model is "mint in box."


Micro Mini = A hobby term for 1:64 scale model horses, such as Breyer’s Mini Whinnies models. (Sometimes abbreviated as “micro” or “MM.”)

Micro-Run = A very limited edition model, of which about 50 or less pieces were made. Officially designated “Micro-Run” Web Specials are often produced on Breyer animal molds, and sold via lottery to Collector Club members.

Mid-States = A group of farm and feed store chains in the American Midwest that occasionally sell exclusive special run Breyer models.

Mold = The particular sculpture that a Breyer model is produced on. “Mold” refers to the sculpture itself whereas “model” refers to a specific release on a mold. (For example, Big Chex to Cash is a model produced on the Smart Chic Olena mold. Identify Your Breyer is an excellent resource for learning more about Breyer molds and models!)

MOW = Man O’ War. May refer to Breyer’s Traditional Man O’ War mold (#47), Classics (1:12 scale) Man O’War mold (#602), or the famous real-life racehorse himself.

M/T = Mane and tail.

MW = Mini Whinnies, Breyer’s line of 1:64 scale model horses.

NAMHSA = North American Model Horse Shows Association, the governing body behind NAN that consists of a large group of model horse show hosts, participants, and hobbyists.

NAN = North American Nationals, the model horse hobby’s national championship event for model horse showers in the USA, Canada and Mexico. A model is able to enter NAN after winning a 1st or 2nd place in its class at a local NAN-qualified show.

NANed = A model that placed 1st or 2nd in its class at a local NAN-qualifying show and has therefore won a NAN card, which enables the model to be shown at NAN within four years.

NIB = New in Box. A Breyer model still sealed in its original packaging.

NIP = New in Package. A Breyer model still sealed in its original packaging. Usually used for Breyer models that do not come in a box, such as Stablemates Singles attached to a card with a plastic bubble.

Novice = A person who is inexperienced. Usually used in the context of model horse shows – some shows hold a special novice division for people who are new to model horse showing.

NSH = National Show Horse, a breed of horse that results from crossing Arabians with American Saddlebreds. May also refer to Breyer’s National Show Horse mold (#479), who is more colloquially known as the “Rejoice” mold.

OF = Original Finish. A model that has not been altered from the state it left the factory in.

OOAK = One of a Kind. A model of which only a single example was made.

PAM/PAS/PAF = Proud Arabian Mare, Stallion, and Foal. A set of three Traditional scale Breyer Arabian molds (#215, #211, and #218 respectively) intended to be a family.

PC = Premier Club, a yearly continuity club for Breyer Collector Club members that introduces three new Traditional scale sculptures in exclusive colorways.

Pearly = A handful of Breyer models in the 1970s were molded out of a type of plastic that has a distinct pearly finish. These models are known to hobbyists as “Pearlies.” Vintage pearly plastic was generally only used for Classics models and a couple of Traditional scale foals. (May also refer to pearly paint that is used on some modern Breyer models, often in manes/tails or as a basecoat.)

Performance Showing = A division of model horse showing where models are shown with tack and/or riders to recreate a scene from the real horse world in miniature.

PIF = Paid In Full. The full dollar amount owed to a seller for a model is paid at once. (Some sellers may offer a discount and/or prioritize paid in full payment over time payments.)

Pinpoint = A flaw so miniscule, it looks like it was made with the point of a pin or needle.

POA = Pony of the Americas., a breed of pony known for its appaloosa spots. May also refer to Breyer’s Pony of the Americas mold (#155).

Portrait Model = A model that is created in the likeness of a real-life horse.


Champion racehorse Justify meets his Breyer portrait model.


PP = Paddock Pals, the current name for Breyer’s line of 1:24 scale models. Not currently in production, aside from a few unpainted craft kits.

PPD = Postage Paid. If the price of a model is “PPD,” it includes shipping from the seller to you.

PRE = Pura Raza Española, another name for the Andalusian breed.

Proxy or Proxy Shower = Someone who shows another person’s models at a live show when they are unable to attend themselves. (Can also be used as a verb – i.e. “Becky offered to proxy a few of my models at the championship show.”)

PSQ = Photo Show Quality. A model that has some small flaws that would render it unable to be competitive at a live model horse show, but the flaws are able to be hidden in a single photograph for a photo show. (Example: a rub on the model’s “off side” that would not be shown in a photograph of its “show side.”)

QH = Quarter Horse, a popular breed of stock horse with a solid coat and minimal white markings.

QHG = Quarter Horse Gelding, a Breyer mold (#97) of a walking stock horse with a molded-on halter.

QHY = Quarter Horse Yearling, a Breyer mold (#101) of a standing stock horse yearling.

QVC = A home shopping network that sold a handful of exclusive Breyer models in the early 2000s.

Res Ch = Short for “reserve champion” (runner up/second place to the champion model).

Retired = A discontinued Breyer model that is no longer in production.

RMH = Rocky Mountain Horse, an American Breed of gaited horse known for its signature “chocolate” coat color and flaxen mane and tail.

RR = Regular Run. A model that is part of Breyer’s regular line and is available anywhere Breyer models are sold.

Rub = An area of missing paint on a model.

SBW = Saddlebred Weanling, a Breyer mold (#62) of a parked out Saddlebred filly.

SCO = Smart Chic Olena, a Breyer mold (#595) of a windblown stock horse stallion.

Shelf = Condition that is sometimes interchangeable with “body,” but is generally somewhere between PSQ and body. The model may have some small rubs or shiny marks that would render it uncompetitive at a show, but still has a nice presence overall (i.e. when viewed from a distance on a shelf, the model’s flaws are not obvious.)

Shermie = Sherman Morgan, a Breyer mold (#430) of a prancing Morgan stallion.

SHM = Stock Horse Mare, a Breyer mold (#227) of a walking stock horse mare.

Show String = A group of model horses brought to a live show to compete.


An entrant's show string at a live model horse show.


Shrinky = A model that has gotten smaller over time due to chemical reactions within the plastic. “Shrinkies” appear to have been made from a few batches of flawed plastic in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

SHS = Stock Horse Stallion, a Breyer mold (#226) of a walking stock horse stallion.

SJW = Show Jumping Warmblood, a Breyer mold (#579) of a cantering Warmblood gelding.

SM = Stablemates, Breyer’s line of 1:32 scale models. (1:32 scale models are also colloquially referred to in the hobby as “Stablemates scale.”)

Smartyor SJ = Smarty Jones, a Breyer mold (#586) of a racehorse in full gallop. Sometimes referred to as the “Running Thoroughbred” mold.

SR = Special Run. A Breyer model that is only available for purchase from a specific source, such as, BreyerFest, or Tractor Supply Company.

SSHF = Standing Stock Horse Foal, a Breyer mold (#228) of a stock horse colt standing square.

STB = Standardbred, a breed of horse primarily used in harness racing.

TB = Thoroughbred, a popular breed of horse known for its use in horse racing.

Test or Test Run = A model painted by Breyer’s paint department in New Jersey (or Chicago, pre-1984) to “test” how a particular paint job looks on a sculpture. Some test models will go on to become produced as a run by Breyer, while others will remain one-of-a-kind or one of very few if they do not go into production.

Time Payments = When a model is paid for by its buyer in multiple installments. The buyer and seller will agree to their own set of terms, which usually involve the dollar amount of each payment and how often they are sent.

TOC = Touch of Class, a Breyer mold (#420) of a walking Thoroughbred mare.

TRor Trad = Traditional. Breyer’s longest-running line of model horses, which are produced in 1:9 scale.

TSC = Tractor Supply Company. A farm and feed store that carries Breyer models, including exclusive special runs.

TWH = Tennessee Walking Horse, a popular American breed of gaited horse.

Uni = Unicorn.

VC = Vintage Club, a yearly continuity club for Breyer Collector Club members that releases models inspired by vintage Breyer history, colorways, and molds.

WB = Warmblood, a group of middle-weight  horse breeds primarily used in equestrian sports.

Web Exclusive = A limited edition model sold on a first-come, first-served basis that is only available at However, one does not need any special enrollment/memberships (for example, a Collector Club membership) in order to purchase these models.

Web Special = A limited edition model sold to Collector Club members by lottery, often produced in a run of about 350 pieces.

Wedgewood = One of the four “classic” decorator colors – matte blue with a bald face and four white socks.

WEG = FEI World Equestrian Games, an international equine competition held every 4 years. Breyer has produced special run models for the event on occasion.

WEIOTT = “What Else is on the Table.” A reminder to hobbyists that there are no guarantees as to how a model horse will place at a show – it depends on what other models it is being judged against.

Whiteware = A factory unpainted Breyer model.

Woodgrain = A decorator color that mimics the look of carved wood.

WTB = Want to Buy. Often prefaces a want ad for a model.

Zippo = Zippo Pine Bar, a Breyer mold (#466) of a jogging stock horse stallion.