BreyerFest 2012

British Invasion!

What is BreyerFest?

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Hallo, hallo, hallo! London Calling!

Each year, BreyerFest features a unique theme and this year, to celebrate the London Olympics, we're bringing a bit of Britain to Lexington, Kentucky! Join us in a celebration of all things British for BreyerFest British Invasion this July 20-22!

BreyerFest British Invasion will feature something new and unique each day!

We'll be featuring your favorite British breeds - Dales Ponies, Hackneys, Cleveland Bays, Shires, Gypsy Vanners and even a Drum Horse!

And, special equine guests include the real horses that inspired the models! Meet Drum Horse Mariah's Boon and Gypsy Vanner Taskin!

So mark your calendar, talk to your parents about their vacations and make your plans NOW to be in Kentucky for BreyerFest British Invasion this July 20-22!!

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Meet Our Celebration Horse Mariah's Boon!

Model Included in each Three-Day Ticket!



Mariah's Boon



Witness the pomp and pageantry of the Queen's Household Cavalry procession! Carrying on the grace and strength of the Queen's statuesque Drum Horses here in the United States, the breed is being redefined for driving and under saddle disciplines. Moonlit Acres' Drum Horse stallion, Mariah's Boon embodies the dignified qualities of the breed trusted as a member of the Queen's Life Guards.




A gentle giant, standing at 17.1 h and just 6 years old, Boon has the size and temperament required of his prestigious job-balancing two heavy metal kettle drums through crowds-while being guided by reins controlled by his rider's feet.




BreyerFest Store Special - Taskin

Taskin's model is available exclusively in the BreyerFest Store! Limited quantities are available so shop early!




With their flowing manes and tails, feathered legs, and beautiful coloring, the Gypsy Vanner is beautiful sight to behold! This striking breed began with the Gypsies of Great Britain after World War II. They wished to produce the perfect caravan horse, and through selective breeding, created a horse resembling a small refined draft with more color and feathering. For the Gypsies, their horses were a great source of pride. On top of their beauty, these horses needed to be strong and have a gentle disposition.

© Bob Langrish


Owned by June Villa of Villa Vanners, Taskin is a stunning rare buckskin blagdon stallion. Blagdon refers to a solid coat color with white splashed up from underneath. He also sports "frosting" in his mane and tail, which is common on horses with his coloring. Described by Villa as "the class clown," Taskin has been passing on his friendly and outgoing personality and the cream gene to his offspring.

Born in 2003, Taskin can drive as well as be ridden both English and western! At the 2011 Feathered Horse Classic he was named the Grand Champion Gypsy Stallion, and with his skills, we're sure he'll continue to dazzle the judges in the show ring!


Also on Tap

Special Runs to drool over!

Our artists have designed a set of Special Runs for BreyerFest British Invasion that you won't want to miss! Powerhouse British breeds - both large and small - have provided inspiration for a sterling collection! Remember that Special Run models are available only to three-day ticket holders. Plan now to spend all three days of BreyerFest with us! Stay tuned to, darling!

We have lots of fun contests planned for you to join in on the fun even before BreyerFest British Invasion and we'll be announcing some soon! So, put your hair fascinators on and start thinking about how you can best express your love of Merrie Old England!