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August 6, 2012

Final Counts for Bit of British Models

Here are the final counts for the British-themed models that were in Bit of British store at BreyerFest:

Union Jack - 350
Little Jack - 500
Fox Chase - 200
Fox Hunt - 350
Black Beauty - 200


July 24, 2012

Final Counts for Stoneleigh Surprise

Hi everyone! We hope you enjoyed BreyerFest as much as we did! For those who were wondering about the final counts on the Stoneleigh Surprise models, here they are:

Total: 1,344 models

A) Bay Pinto: 364 matte, 56 glossy

B) Silver Dapple Bay: 336 matte, 56 glossy

C) Mouse Dun: 336 matte, 56 glossy

D) Black Leopard Appaloosa: 84 matte, 56 glossy


A Fun Photo to Play with from Stablemates Painting....

July 23, 2012

Our Final Raffle Winner is...

Our final winner will receive a model of Fox Hunt! This stunning bay field hunter is at the head of the field with a vintage fox hunting scene dashing across his mid-section and topline. Decoration is featured on both sides. Our Fox Hunt Horse is a traditional Classics® model in 1/12 scale, made of plastic and finished in a high gloss. BreyerFest attendees can find this great piece in the Bit of British Shop in the Piccadilly Circus Arena.

Fox Hunt

The winner is Susan L. from Tuscon, AZ!

July 22, 2012

Breyerfest Lionheart Winner

Congratulations to Andrew F. of Lexington, KY for winning the final daily raffle for the 2012 Limited Edition of Lionheart! Thank you to everyone for entering this year and for a fabulous BreyerFest!


Our Fourth Raffle Winner is...

Our fourth winner will receive a Clearware Union Jack Horse! One of the most popular new trends introduced by Breyer in recent years is the use of clearware (clear cellulose acetate) to introduce new decorative techniques. This beautiful rendition of the Union Jack is beautifully illustrative of one of our new techniques! Crafted of clear cellulose acetate plastic, the Union Jack Horse is 1/12 scale. BreyerFest attendees can find this great piece in the Bit of British Shop in the Piccadilly Circus Arena.

Clearware Union Jack

The winner is Kendra T. from Anacortes, WA!

July 21, 2012

Breyerfest Lionheart Winner

Congratulations to Jessica S. of Pratville, Al for winning the 2nd daily raffle for the 2012 Limited Edition of Lionheart! Look for more news about Lionheart this fall. If you are at BreyerFest this year, come stop buy the online tent for a free chance to win in Sunday's raffle!

July 20, 2012

Our Third Raffle Winner is...

Our third winner will receive a Fox Chase Resin! This dapple grey resin foxhunter horse features traditional fox hunting "pinks" and patent leather field master boots with brown tops, while our sly fox catches 40 winks on his back! Crafted of fine artist's resin, Fox Chase is approximately 1/12 scale. BreyerFest attendees can find this great piece in the Bit of British Shop in the Piccadilly Circus Arena.

Fox Chase

The winner is Tracy S. from Ridgewood, NJ!

Our Second Raffle Winner is...

Our second winner is receiving an adorable plush pony, Little Jack, featuring a Union Jack embroidered on both sides and includes the official patch of BreyerFest British Invasion. This soft and cuddly lad measures approximately 5.5" tall. Each one is individually numbered on its right front hoof. The entire run is limited to 500 pieces in all! BreyerFest attendees can find this great piece in the Bit of British Shop in the Piccadilly Circus Arena.

Little JAck

The winner is Jennifer S. from Waterloo, ON!

Breyerfest Lionheart Winner

Congratulations to Jane B of Ohio for winning the 1st daily raffle for the 2012 Limited Edition of Lionheart! Look for more news about Lionheart this fall. If you are at BreyerFest this year, come stop buy the online tent for a free chance to win in Saturday or Sunday's raffles!


Our First Raffle Winner is...

Our first winner will receive one of the world's most iconic horses, Black Beauty! Newly recreated by Breyer in fine artist's resin on a decorated base with name plate, Black Beauty is a timeless classic! BreyerFest attendees can find this great piece in the Bit of British Shop in the Piccadilly Circus Arena.

The winner is...

Black Beauty Resin

Eileen from Bluemont, VA!

July 12, 2012

Did you recently purchase, or will be purchasing a 3-day ticket? Please read this update.

If you are still planning to purchase a Three-Day ticket to BreyerFest, we're thrilled and can't wait to see you!

Please note that due to high demand and strong advanced ticket sales, a quantity of Mariah's Boon Celebration models will not be boxed. Rest assured that we have a good supply of Mariah's Boon models, and if you purchased your three-day ticked on or after July 11th, you will receive your model packaged in a velvet bag with a certificate of authenticity. If you purchased your three-day ticket prior to this date and would prefer to have Mariah's Book packaged in a velvet bag with a certificate of authenticity (instead of in a box) please express your preference to the friendly staff at Model Hand Out and they will make the change for you.


British Themed Models are Here!

Here's a look at the great British theme models you can purchase at BreyerFest! These pieces will be available exclusively at the "Bit of British Shop" in the Piccadilly Circus Arena!

Black Beauty Resin Clearware
No. 711152 - Black Beauty Resin No. 711153 -Clearware Union Jack Horse
Fox Chase

Fox Hunt

No. 711155 - Fox Chase Resin No. 711156 - Fox Hunt
Little Jack


No. 711154 - Little Jack No. 711154 - Little Jack hoof number


Meet Kentucky Shakespeare!

Join us daily in the Piccadilly Circus Arena for performances by Kentucky Shakespeare! They'll be bringing Shakespeare's most famous characters to life in kid-friendly, interactive performances. Viewers will have the opportunity to participate in each fun performance!

Be sure to catch a performance of one of Shakespeare's classic tales:

  • Friday, July 20 at 10:30am: Romeo & Juliet
  • Saturday, July 21 at 10:30am: A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Sunday, July 22 at 10:30am: The Taming of the Shrew

July 9, 2012

What is Cricket?

BreyerFest British Invasion is almost here! Keeping with the theme, we'll be having a cricket demonstration at BreyerFest on Saturday, July 21st starting at 1 PM at "Hyde Park" (AKA: the grassy area across from the Covered Arena). But what exactly is cricket, you ask?

England's national sport, cricket originated in the 16th century. As the British empire expanded, so did the sport! Today, cricket is popular not only in England but also in India, Australia, South Africa and the West Indies.

Here's a quick overview of the game. Cricket is played with two teams of 11 players each; one team bats while the other team fields. The field is oval with a rectangular pitch in the center. At the end of each pitch, there are three poles, called wickets, which the batter defends. One batter stands on one end of the pitch and faces the bowler (who throws the ball trying to knock down the wickets behind the bowler) while the other batter is is ready to run at the opposite end of the pitch.

The object of the game is for the batters to score points by hitting the ball and running to the opposite wickets, or by hitting the ball outside of the field's boundary. The fielding team aims to stop their opponent from scoring runs by the bowler knocking over the wickets behind the batter, the fielders catching the ball, or the fielders touching the ball to the wickets before the bowlers reach them.

The cricket demonstration at BreyerFest will be presented by the Kentucky United Cricket Club.

June 25, 2012

Workshops are still OPEN!  Register online by July 13th!

Workshops are filling up fast, but there are still some great classes available for all skill levels!   Workshops like Model Horse Tote Bag, Horse Jewelry Making, and Just for Kids Painting are perfect for younger or budding hobbyists and collectors.  Arabian Halter 201, Western Halter and Pintos & Appys 201 give you a chance to practice more intermediate skills like tack making and repainting!  More advanced hobbyists will LOVE Scene Making and Manes and Tails!  Learn to build out manes and tail on Classics scale models or build a Stablemates-scale scene for your next Performance Class entry!  Don't forget Advanced Sculpting with Morgen Kilbourn!  Now located in the (Air-Conditoned!) Visitor's Center Conference Room - Advanced Sculpting show you how to will bring your sculpts to life!

CinnamonMewMew's Videography workshops are ideal for any young collector!  CinnamonMewMew's (aka Amy Davies) YouTube channel features more than 220 videos created by Davies over the last four years.  These videos have garnered Davies nearly 5 million views!  This workshop is not to be missed!!

June 12, 2012

Details on Hair Fascinator Contest Announced!

Think only British royalty can pull off elaborate head pieces? Think again!  BreyerFest guests will show off the best and BIGGEST hair fascinators yet!  Join us on Friday, July 20 at 1 pm for a showing of Breyer inspired hair fascinators you won't see anywhere else! 

Participants must adorn their creations with at least one Breyer model of any scale. Our fabulously decorated guests will parade around the Covered Arena for judging.  The most impressive fascinators will recieve one of ten glossy Brookside Pink Magnum models!

Plan your fascinator now for a chance to win!


June 4, 2012


Acclaimed YouTUBE Filmmaker CinnamonMewMew to Attend BreyerFest

 Teen Sensation Amy Davies will Teach Workshops on Videotaping and Making Films Using Breyer Model Horses


Pequannock, NJ - BreyerFest® British Invasion, the horse fair and model horse extravaganza hosted by Breyer®, will feature film-making workshops by British teen sensation Amy Davies, 19, who is better known by her YouTube handle CinnamonMewMew.  CinnamonMewMew's YouTube channel features more than 220 videos created by Davies over the last four years.  These videos have garnered Davies nearly 5 million views.
                Davies, who hails from Swansea, Wales, has been collecting Breyer models since she was ten.  The gift of a video camera and a love of story-telling lead her to combine these interests and in 2008, she started posting her first videos featuring Breyer model horses on YouTube.  As news of her videos spread to other Breyer fans, she gained a huge following of young girls who love horses, Breyer model horses and creating videos with them for YouTube. Davies' videos have grown more sophisticated with time and she now scripts and creates artwork for her videos. Her most ambitious undertaking to date is the series Conquering Tide, which tells the tale of three herds of horses that must learn to work together to prevent the evil tyrant Erebus from rising to power yet again. In the film, Loki, Gaia, Neptune, Ariston, Venus, Thor, Pandora and Legion are on a journey of a lifetime, to free their herd mates and themselves. Conquering Tide explores the depth of friendship and conflict. All the characters have flaws, and strengths which the audience can relate to. They certainly aren't perfect, and working together is one of the greatest challenges they've ever faced ... it is a story of companionship, love and hardship.
                Davies will be teaching workshops at BreyerFest designed to help beginners get started and to inspire more advanced work among regular video creators. To register for workshops, please visit Guests must be three-day ticket holders in order to purchase workshops.
                BreyerFest draws more than 7,000 horse lovers each year to Lexington for the three-day model horse festival and horse fair to be held July 20-22 at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Advance ticket sales for Three-day and Single Day tickets are on sale now through July 2nd at offering significant savings on adult and children's three-day tickets. Tickets are also available at the BreyerFest Ticket Booth on site.


Three-Day Ticket Holder Raffle to be held at BritBeat!



Missed out on the Early Bird raffle? Fret not! Three-Day ticket holders who purchased after April 16, 2012 are automatically entered to win a complete set of the Special Run Stoneleigh Surprise! Stoneleigh Surprise features four horses ready to take on the English countryside. Which one will be your mount for the day?

Join us at the BritBeat concert on Saturday, July 21 at 7:00 pm (doors at 6:30) for your chance to win! All you need for the Stoneleigh Surprise raffle is your ticket or ticket stub from your Celebration Model ticket. Numbers will be drawn from all tickets purchased after 4/16. Winners must be present, so don't miss out! Three-Day ticket holders will also receive a $5 food voucher as they enter the Arena valid at any concession within the Alltech Arena.

Don't forget about the Poppycock Parade! Always a fun show, BreyerFest guests will don their best British villain or hero costumes for a chance to win a glossy Mariah's Boon model - limited to 25 pieces. The BritBeat band will help Breyer staff in judging the costumes during the show!


Great costume, free food and prize models galore are just a few of the exciting things BreyerFest guests can expect during the show! With more in store, you don't want to miss this show! See you there!

The BritBeat concert is included with all Three-Day tickets. Single day tickets can be upgraded to include the concert for $15. Onsite ticket sales will be $25 each. For more information, contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-413-3348.



Mini-Scale Fox Hunting Workshop - Sneak Preview!


Here is a sneak peek of what students will take home from the Mini-Scale Fox Hunting workshop! Held on Saturday from 12:30 - 2:30 pm, the workshop will walk participants through creating your very own Stablemates scale British countryside - complete with fox and foxhound models direct from England! Each student will go home with a grass board (1 ft square) personally decorated with bushes, trees, grass and flowers. Students will custom paint two sections of stone wall and their own little fox and hound - completing a true British landscape!

Image 1

Instructors Kim and Kathy Haymond searched long and hard for the perfect fox and hound to include in their stone wall scene. After not having any luck with suppliers locally, Kim reached out to S&D Models in Surrey, England for the final piece of the puzzle! We think S&D's models added the perfect touch to an already stunning scene. 

Only 7 spots remain in this workshop! Login to your account and register for Mini-Scale Fox Hunting today!

Number 2 Test 2



USHJA Unveils New Wheeler Museum Exhibit: Ponies Through the Decades

May 16, 2012



Calling all pony lovers, don’t miss the newest exhibit at the Wheeler Museum, located in the U.S. Hunter Jumper Association Headquarters at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. This summer, their new exhibit, Ponies Through the Decades, pays homage to the great hunter ponies of the show ring and their people!

Ponies Through the Decades presents the pictures, ribbons, coolers, and trophies that these special ponies have been awarded. Visitors will learn about Gremlin’s Delight, the little mare that Marguerite Taylor-Jones purchased from Farnley Farm for her three-year-old daughter Marianne. Gremlin would become a champion at events nationwide and in 1961, partnered with Sally Todd, produce a perfect score over fences to take the win at the International Pony Team competition held on the grounds of Windsor Castle in England.  Gremlin went on to become the foundation broodmare for the highly respected Taylor Made Ponies breeding program, whose progeny included show ring legends Dresden and Swan Song, among others.

Another featured pony is the great Midget, a 12.3 hand grey mare owned by Nancy Baroody. This pair was one of the most successful teams on record, having won the American Horse Show Association’s (now USEF) coveted Horse of the Year Award four consecutive years: 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969.  Midget and Baroody were the highest scoring junior pair in the history of the AHSA awards. Baroody loaned much of Midget’s memorabilia to the exhibit. “I’m so happy that I can share her legacy with everyone, because from an educational and a historical standpoint, this era really was the beginning of the sport with the ponies and it [the exhibit] really shows people how the sport began with these ponies,” said Baroody. “The attire and the kind of appointments we used. I’m hoping people can see the perspective of it all - where we’ve come from and where we are today.”

“Working with the Wheeler Museum Committee to put together the Ponies Through the Decades exhibit really made me understand the importance of our museum in preserving and keeping alive the history of our sport,” said Shelby French, CEO, USHJA.

Spectacular sterling silver goblets, gorgeous ribbon displays, specially created Breyer® horses, wardrobe items, and exquisite retired trophies from such prestigious shows as Devon, will be just a few of the items on display. The exhibit opened May 15th at the Wheeler Museum at the USHJA and will continue through September 23rd.

For more information on the Ponies Through the Decades exhibit please contact Shelby French at [email protected] or 859.225.6701.

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