Stablemates 2021 International Shipment #1


The First Releases of the 2021 Stablemates International Club

2021 INT'L Stablemates Club Members: Make sure you are logged into your 2021 Club account to access the buy button.  Once you have completed your purchase you will not have access to the buy button.

Breyer is excited offer you the first three releases in the exclusive 2021 Stablemates International Collector Club: Atticus (either glossy or matte; it’s a random ship), Hendrik, and Tobias.  You’ll receive all three beautiful models with the first shipment of your International Club membership. All three models come in the new for 2021 mini hat box packaging.

Atticus (#712377) - For the first release in the 2021 Stablemates Club, we have a special treat! Glorious Clydesdale stallion Atticus features beautiful sabino markings and rich shading on a dapple bay coat. Half of this release will be matte, while the other half will be glossy! Originally sculpted by Chris Hess, the two versions of this miniature masterpiece will ship to Club members randomly in our new mini hat box packaging.

Hendrik(#712378) - Looking like a ray of sunshine is Hendrik, our second release in the 2021 Stablemates Club. A stunning example of the Georgian Grande, he has a shaded dapple palomino coat with a high gloss finish. A newer breed developed to replicate the original baroque-style Saddlebred, the Georgian Grand is a blend of Saddlebred, draft, and Friesian bloodlines.

Tobias (#712379) - Beautiful Appaloosa Tobias looks like the perfect friend and partner. With a calm, confident stride, he’s the kind of horse anyone would be proud to have in their barn. His richly-shaded dun coat with a blanket of spots is the icing on the cake!

Complete your order by 11:59pm EDT on 7/1/2021.

2021 Stablemates Collector’s Club Member Terms & Conditions:

Each model is only $20, and is shipped to your home in a our new mini hat box packaging.. To join, you must have a valid 2021 Collector Club membership and sign up by December 31, 2020 with a non-refundable deposit of $30. We'll deduct $5 from each model when it ships, so you pay $15 per model (plus S&H). This program is a continuity club which means you are obligated to purchase all six models. First Shipment for US members is in February 2021, with subsequent shipments every other month.

International members will receive two consolidated shipments of three (3) models ($45 per shipment plus $25 S&H) each following the first and sixth releases. You must purchase an International Membership in order to receive the consolidated international shipments.

Please note: Reeves International, Inc. reserves the right to terminate any membership at any time and refund the applicable pro-rated deposit or membership amount. If member elects to cancel their membership, deposit and membership fees are non-refundable.