Spooky Surprise | Series 3

2021 Halloween Blind Bags

All the spookiness at a fraction of the size! Perfectly collectable, these haunting minis feature three Traditional and Freedom Series Halloween Horse designs that we’ve translated down to Stablemates® scale.

You will randomly receive one of the following:

  • Mini Bogeyman – Colorful drips of slime ooze down a black coat
  • Mini Spirit of Hallowed Eve – Lavender ghosts haunt this stallion’s pearly/iridescent blue-grey coat
  • Mini Jack – Jack-o-lanterns grin out from a pearly dark blue coat. White markings glow in the dark!

These models ship in a blind foil bag, making them the perfect Halloween surprise!

Limit two per purchase.

Opened bags may not be returned.

This item is currently excluded from discounts