Frequently Asked Questions

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Buying Breyer® Models

Q1: Why does pricing and availability vary in different retail establishments?

As a manufacturer, Breyer® cannot determine the quantity of products a particular retailer orders, nor does our organization have any input into the prices for which our product is sold. Once a retail outlet purchases the product from us, they may sell it for whatever price they choose. In addition, these same stores determine availability, in that they control how much product they buy from us, as well as how and when they place that product on their shelves for consumer sales.

Q2: Why can't I find the product I'm looking for at my local retail locations?

The Breyer range is very large and many retailers carry only a selection of that very large range. The item or items you are looking for may be very popular and, in some cases, may have already sold out at retail level. The Store Locator provides telephone numbers and you may wish to check a wider range of stores to find that product. It's always a good idea to call ahead to see if a particular item is in stock.

Q3: How can I get a catalog?

Breyer prints a retail catalog that is not available to consumers, however we do have a limited number of copies of our 2015 consumer catalog. To request a copy of the 2015 consumer catalog, click here. Any products that are in stock are available on our website.

Finding/Identifying/Resale Value of Old Breyer® Models

Q4: Can you help me identify a particular model and tell me how old it is?

We receive HUNDREDS of questions like this one every day and unfortunately, we cannot respond to each one. But we can tell you the best place to learn about your Breyer® models! There are excellent books on this exact subject that we recommend:

    Breyer Animal Collector's Guide, Fifth Edition
    Identification and Values
    By Kelly Weimer and Kelly Diller
    Publisher: Collector's Books
    Available through many Breyer® retailers or from the publishers at

Another good reference book for models made from 1950-1997 is:

    Breyer Molds & Models
    Revised & Updated 5th Edition (Revised 1999) – Includes values (1950-1997)
    By Nancy Atkinson Young
    Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
    This book is hard to find and is available only on the secondary market.

We also recommend:

Q5: Can you tell me what the secondary market/resale value is for my model?

Breyer® does not participate in secondary market evaluation of its products. On-line auctions are a great way to learn about a model's value. Check out eBay -- there are usually thousands of models at auction at any given time! The one thing we can tell you is that the condition of your model will be a factor in determining its worth.

You could also refer to the following for suggested secondary market values:

    Breyer Animal Collector's Guide, Fourth Edition
    Identification and Values
    By Felicia Browell
    Publisher: Collector's Books

Available through many Breyer® Dealers or from the publishers at

    Breyer Molds & Models
    Revised & Updated 5th Edition (Revised 1999) – Includes values (1950-1997)
    By Nancy Atkinson Young
    Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Q6: I am a new collector and wonder if I have missed horses that are a part of a Breyer® series such as "Hollywood Heroes" or "Horses in History." How would I find out what I have missed?

Please refer to the two excellent reference books listed previously in our FAQs. They are invaluable resources to Breyer® collectors!

Q7: How do you find older models? I am 13 years old and just started collecting. I'd like to add some of the older models to my collection, such as Sea Star and Misty's Twilight from the Marguerite Henry stories.

There are many fun ways to find old or retired Breyer® models. Websites like eBay are also very helpful – there are so many Breyer® models on eBay that there is a Breyer® section! Swap Meets are also good places to find old Breyer® models and it's always good to check out Flea Markets and garage sales.

Q8: We have been looking for a discontinued model. Would you have it at the Breyer® factory and/or can I buy it directly from you?

We keep only one sample of each model that we make that is discontinued or retired. There are many fun ways to find old or retired Breyer® models. Websites like eBay are also very helpful – there are so many Breyer® models on eBay that there is a Breyer® section! Swap Meets are also good places to find old Breyer® models and it's always good to check out Flea Markets and garage sales.

Q9: What does it mean when a model has been "retired?" Is a discontinued model the same thing as a retired model?

Because it's just not possible for us to carry a product line that includes all of the molds and models we've ever made, we "retire" certain models at the end of each year or every few years. This helps make room for a whole stable of new and exciting models! When we retire a model, we cease production on it. However, you can usually still find that model in retail stores, depending on the popularity of it. Sometimes, though, when it is announced that a model is being retired, it can sell out rather quickly. And yes, essentially a discontinued model and a retired model are the same thing.

About Breyer Models

Q10: What's the difference between a mold and a model?

A mold is simply the body of a Breyer® horse or animal and a model is the finished piece, distinguished by the color, name, item number, etc. that is assigned to the particular horse or animal produced. For example, Big Ben, Stormchaser (the 2001 Breyer® Tour Model) and Appropos (2001 Connoisseur Model) are all models made from the Big Ben mold; they all look like the same in silhouette but the names, colors and other information varies.

Q11: How are Breyer® models named?

Suggestions for names come from many places: the artists themselves, our research, collectors like you, and our staff – many of whom are collectors and/or riders themselves. Sometimes models seem to name themselves!

Q12: I noticed that my model has a hole in its nose – is that a defect?

Do not worry – this is not a defect at all but a "breathing" hole. Even though our models are made of plastic, they still need to breathe! If the hole wasn't there, air would be trapped inside the model and it could expand and distort itself over time. Collectors call these models "bloaties."

Q13: What sizes do Breyer® models come in?

Here is a easy guide to our most common sizes:

  • Traditional® Series models are approximately 1:9 scale and stand about 6-7" at the shoulder.
  • Classics® are approximately 1:12 scale
  • Paddock Pals® (also known as Little Bits®) are approximately 1:24 scale
  • Stablemates® are approximately 1:32 scale.
  • Mini Whinnies® are approximately 1:64 scale.

Q14: What's a Regular Run model?

Regular runs (RR) are simply those models that are available for purchase wherever Breyer® models are sold. They are those models that are featured in our retail catalogs.

Q15: What's a Special Run model?

All models not shown in catalogues, those which are made for special events or for specific retailers only, are called Special Runs (SR). Both regular run models and special run models can also be a "limited edition" model, meaning only a specific number of models were produced and once they sell out, that model is no longer available.

Q16: How do I purchase a Connoisseur model?

The Connoisseur Line has been closed. You will have to look for Connoisseur models on the secondary market.

Q17: I bought a Connoisseur model on eBay® and it is scratched or otherwise defective. Will you fix it?

Unfortunately, because this is a second-hand purchase, Breyer® will not replace or repair the model.

Q18: I bought a limited edition model on eBay and it is missing its Certificate of Authenticity. Will you replace it?

Unfortunately, because this is a second-hand purchase, Breyer® will not replace the original Certificate of Authenticity. Please understand that this is so that we can protect the limited number of Certificates available and prevent counterfeits from occurring.

Q19: My friend has a Trakehner model that has a brand on it and I have the exact same one (different color though) that doesn't have a brand on it. Which one is correct?

Actually, they both are! Mold variations are not uncommon with our models. Some come from intentional adjustments (such as removing the brand on the Trakehner mold), adding or modifying parts (adding a different mane or tail or a horn), and correcting mold problems such as instability or seam cracks. Height variations can also occur because the models themselves may shrink over time and different batches of plastic can produce different looking models.

Q20: Can Breyer make me a custom model of my horse?

Breyer does not usually offer a service to make "custom models" for individuals. Occasionally, however, we do have special offers! Currently, we are offering the Ultimate Breyer Experience! Please click here for more information.

Customizing models are very popular in the model horse hobby. Check out our customizing articles section to learn more about it! Breyer also sells several different kits that come with instructions for customizing the included model(s), so you can create your dream horse!

Ideas for Breyer Models

Q21: I have a great idea for a new model and/or accessories. Can I submit my idea(s) to Breyer so that you can create it?

Breyer® Animal Creations® (Breyer®), a division of Reeves International, Inc., always welcomes ideas for new portrait models from our collectors and enthusiasts as well as for Collector's Choice models, but we do have a strict Product Submission Policy in place for all other ideas. Please understand that Breyer has been in the business of designing and selling models and related accessories for more than 50 years. We maintain a highly motivated and skillful staff for exactly this purpose. Your "new idea" may actually be an idea that Breyer has been developing for some time. Accordingly, any unsolicited idea, model, sketch or the like you send to Breyer shall become the property of Breyer.

Due to the large number of such submissions, we cannot return your submission to you. By making an unsolicited submission to Breyer, you waive any and all claims you may have against Breyer relating to the submission and Breyer's use of the submission.

Also, your submission to Breyer, or Breyer's use of the submission, does not constitute an explicit or implied agreement between Breyer and you, nor does it obligate Breyer to you in any way. Unfortunately, these conditions are necessary to protect Breyer and if these conditions are not acceptable to you, please do not submit unsolicited ideas to us.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Becoming a Breyer Dealer

Q22: How can I become a Breyer® dealer?

If you are interested in becoming a Breyer® dealer, please send correspondence to our Sales Department at 14 Industrial Road, Pequannock, NJ 07440. Please make sure to include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and any other pertinent information. A Breyer® sales representative for your area will then get in touch with you. Please be aware that you must have an actual building address to sell Breyer® models; selling models out of your home is not permissible.


Q23: Does Breyer® donate to charitable causes?

Each year, Breyer Animal Creations (and its other Reeves International divisions) makes donations worth approximately $100,000 to charitable causes. This includes our BreyerFest donations, as well as our Breyer Benefit Horse Program. Each year, Breyer also receives hundreds of requests for donations from real and model horse shows, schools, libraries, non-profit organizations, equestrian organizations, private individuals and more. While we would like to donate to every worthy organization, it is not possible for us to accommodate all the requests we receive.

When we are able to provide donations, we generally use non-saleable, discontinued or other merchandise agreed upon in advance. We do not generally sponsor riders or horse shows, and do not offer cash donations. We generally do not donate to an organization or event more than once within a 2-3 year period. We give extra consideration to requests from organizations that benefit children who are involved with horses, therapeutic riding, equine health research and equine rescue.

If you would like to send a donation request, please note that that in order to be considered, the following guidelines must be adhered to: Requests must be written on official company letterhead describing the event. We appreciate a short request that includes:

  1. The quantity or type of models that you would like and how you will use the donation
  2. Who will benefit from the donation?
  3. How our donation will be recognized?
  4. A donation request must be received three (3) months before the scheduled date in order to be considered.
  5. Donation requests must be sent via U.S. mail. Fax, e-mail and phone donation requests will not be accepted.
  6. Donation requests can be mailed to Breyer Animal Creations, Attn: Donations, 14 Industrial Road, Pequannock, NJ 07440.

Taking Care of my Breyer Model

Q24: I dropped my model, and its leg/ear/tail broke. Can I send it to Breyer for repair?

Sorry, we do not have a model repair facility. In many cases, you can repair your own models with some instructions from us. You can find these instructions in the Repair Articles section of Model Horse Hobby. However, if you feel that you aren’t ready to take on such a challenge, there are many skilled model hobbyists who repair models. Search “repairing model horses” on Google.


Collector Club

Q25: I heard about some web specials being offered again to members of the Collector Club. What is a “Second Chance” offer?

Recently, we offered our Collector Club members a second chance at purchasing select web special models. We’ve noticed a few questions come up regarding this, and would like to take the opportunity to clear a few things up

Breyer only makes the stated number of special run models. In the event that an individual drawn to purchase a special run isn’t able to purchase, we then select someone from the wait list. However, we do not keep our wait lists indefinitely, and in some cases the individuals chosen do not complete their order. This leaves us with extra web special models (which are not rejects or damaged returns), which we may choose to offer to our Collector Club members; giving them a “second chance” at getting their hands on these great models!

Our recent “second chance” offers (offered at the end of April 2012) were announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and were also listed in the Member’s Only Members Only section of the website, which can be viewed once you’re logged in as a Collector Club member on “Second chance” models were offered exclusively to Collector Club members, and limited to one “second chance” model per purchase, while supplies lasted.

So keep your eye on the Member’s Only section of the website and Breyer’s Twitter and Facebook pages, as we may periodically offer specials and surprises like these offers to our members!

Please note – offers and promotions may or may not be advertised in advance.