A Foal's Life

We thought it would be great fun to follow the life of a foal to see all of the planning and work that goes into raising and training a little one! In this section, we'll be following an Arabian foal sired by Breyer portrait model Sshameless++!

Sseduction and Sshampagne Kissess Arrive at SKY Ranch

3/27/14 - Meet Your New Home!

As I told you at my last writing, we are a very lucky family. We spend the winters in Arizona's Valley of the Sun and summers at 7,000 feet, surrounded by the world's

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On the Road Again…our annual migration to Northern Arizona!


Sseduction and Sshampagne Kissess take their first trailer ride...

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It's ANOTHER Girl! Meet Sshampagne Kissess, born at 5 am!

We have ANOTHER Sshameless baby girl, and she's grey just like me. Actually before I get carried away with all the proud Papa details...

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It’s a Girl! Meet Sseduction, born at 11:35 pm!


Hay it's me Sshameless++ and it's been an exciting weekend here! It actually all started on Friday afternoon when Hey Miste America began the official countdown. She waxed up...

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Meet the New Moms and Foal Preparations!


Hay friends, Sshameless++ here again with another update from the farm. I wanted to let you know how things are going, as foal watch has now shifted into high gear!

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Hay Friends, it's me Sshameless! This past January the great people at Breyer introduced a model that looks just like me...

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