This September, the USDA needs our support and input. The USDA has introduced new rules that will effectively put the teeth back into their rules and help end soring.  USDA's proposed changes would bring the Horse Protection Act regulations into alignment with existing standards established by the U.S. Equestrian Federation - the governing body for equestrian sports in America.

Specifically, these rule changes address two main areas:

  1. Under the proposed rule, inspectors would be independent veterinarians or animal health technicians who are licensed by USDA and have no affiliation with any horse industry organizations. USDA would oversee this new group of independent inspectors.
  2. USDA would prohibit the use of all action devices, pads and foreign substances that may be used to sore horses.

Tell the USDA that you want to end soring and that you support their rule changes.  It's easy and it will make a difference! Click here to add your voice to those that support the USDA and let's take this positive step toward to help end soring forever.

Act Now!  The public comment period runs from July 26 - September 26, 2016.

 View the entire regulatory docket and submit your comments.

Here is the link to send your comments to the USDA - please do it today!

To learn more:

The links below cover the Horse Protection Act and its administration by the USDA:


Join the AAEP and FOSH in their Support of the USDA

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