New Museum Exhibit “Losing Ground: The Greatest Threat” to Open at the International Museum of the Horse


The exhibit Losing Ground: The Greatest Threat sponsored by EQUUS Magazine and Equine Land Conservation Resource will open at the International Museum of the Horse in Lexington, KY on October 29, 2012. The exhibit will increase awareness and educate the public about the loss of horse lands, facilities and trails access in the United States. It demonstrates the value of horses, including their economic impact, to our communities and culture, and what can be done to protect these assets, not only for horse land owners, equestrians and equine enthusiasts, but for communities and the nation as a whole. Furthermore, it describes how 6,000 acres of open lands are lost to development every day. These are the lands we need to raise, ride and care for our horses. These are the hayfields, the competition grounds, the trails and the pastures that support our rich American equine culture.

"It has always been the museum's mission to look at pressing problems within the equine community, and the alarming disappearance of land for horses has to be near the top of the list," says International Museum of the Horse Director, Bill Cooke.

The exhibit consists of an extensive mural that dramatically shows the threat of unplanned development on existing horse lands. A video film, produced by Post Time Productions and developed by ELCR, is the visitor's first view of the exhibit which quickly draws the visitor into the story of American's love for the horse and the threat to the very land needed to support our equine population. Three interactive kiosk stations allow the visitor to explore the following topic areas: why horses make ‘good neighbors'; loss of land and trails access; and a "call to action" that describes what individuals can do to get informed, organize and advocate locally and nationally for protection of horse lands, facilities and trail access with the help and resources of ELCR.

As part of the exhibition, visitors receive a complimentary copy of a Lousing Ground: The Greatest Threat an EQUUS special report on conserving land and trails for horses, sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health. "At EQUUS we've seen firsthand how important it is to preserve open space and trail access," says EQUUS editor Laurie Prinz. "And we know that the first step in effective advocacy is informing Equestrians and the public at large about what's at stake. We appreciate that Pfizer has made possible a special publication highlighting land use issues."

"As the only national organization working to conserve land for equine related use, ELCR is proud to partner with EQUUS magazine on this important project that will raise awareness of the need to protect our horse lands now, before it is too late," says ELCR CEO, Anna Gibson. "The land we save in the next fifteen years will determine the future of our equine culture, lifestyle and landscape for future generations."

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BreyerLover2222 Says:
12/14/2016 at 2:08 pm

I just got to go to The Kentucky Horse Park, and this museum, and it was soooooo great!!!!! :D

Jmmiller Says:
11/03/2012 at 11:32 am

sounds cool

Lady K Says:
10/29/2012 at 1:12 pm

Loosing Riding Land

Yes, it is so important to protect the riding trails and land to own horses. I live in NYC's last (overdeveloped) borough. As a child I watched the land of horse trails and stables, transform gradually into strip malls,and mansions. A good portion of the west shore had stables and horses in the backyards of many homes here. Now only a handful of horses exist. The "new" people move into the areas with horses, then complain of the smell etc! They expect the horse people to move when they have been there before the complainers ever moved in! Soon it turned into a borough of non- horse people, asking for bicycle trails and soccer fields on what was horse property!
So watch out everyone! Start protecting and preserving your land and trails now! Stick together as a strong group and preserve your horse-space.

Cait Says:
10/28/2012 at 2:39 pm

sounds really cool

thanks breyer its really good your taking a step toward important things like this

ps: first comment :D

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