Brookside Pink Magnum

©Corinne Elizabeth

The Welsh Pony is a breed that was developed in Wales, with its ancestors living there before the arrival of the Roman Empire. Harsh winters and a scarce food supply created a breed with strength, intelligence, and endurance. Introduced to America in the 1880's, today's Welsh Pony comes in four sections, with sections A & B being lighter, more refined ponies; and C & D being heavier, cob ponies. Welsh Ponies are renowned for their good nature, intelligence, and versatility as riding and driving ponies.

Brookside Pink Magnum, a striking red roan Section B stallion, exudes his breed's type standards with his dished face, bold eye, tiny ears, and beautiful movement. A testament to the wonderful temperament of the Welsh Pony, Magnum loves giving "kisses" to everyone he meets, and is a favorite with children, even competing in the horse camp's costume class!

Magnum's Breyer model

A multiple in-hand champion in both Welsh and Sport Pony classes, the USEF has ranked Magnum in Leading Pony Hunter Breeding Sires, Leading Welsh Sires, and Leading Pony Hunter Sires. Some may say his success is no surprise, since Magnum has a "royal" bloodline filled with champions. His sire, Eyarth Grenadier, was a Champion at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Foal Show in Wales prior to his importation, and also was the 1998 Champion Stallion at the Royal Winter Fair. His dam, Penucha Martina, was one of the last daughters of the British stallion Gorsty Firefly.

As a sire, his get have inherited not only his incredible looks and athletic ability, but Magnum's confidence and personality as well. With his offspring having success at breed shows as well as prestigious events such as the Devon Horse Show and the USEF Pony Finals, it is no wonder that Brookside Pink Magnum is quickly becoming an in-demand sire!

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