Great New Stablemates Items Now Available!


Several new and exciting playsets from Stablemates are now available on! Whether your Stablemates farm needs more animals, mares and foals, or farm equiptment, we have you covered!


Breyer Acres

There's much work to be done to keep a farm running, and the right tools make the job fun! Help the farmer deliver feed to the animals, keep the farm neat and tidy, and make repairs. Includes: tractor, articulated farmer, wheelbarrow, fencing, water trough, hay bale, feedbag, bucket, shovel, pitchfork, and dirt pan.

CollectiBulls Rodeo


Take a trip to the rodeo with this fun set! Which cowboy will bring home the trophy? Includes: two cowboys, horse with saddle and bridle, bull, and fencing.


Farmyard Friends

A farm isn't complete until it has some animals! Includes: fencing, cow, goat, sheep, pig, chicken and hay manger.

Ranch Friends

C'mon down to the Stablemates Ranch! Includes: bull and calf, donkey, rooster, fencing, water trough and feedbag

This mare and her foal need a little TLC at the Stablemates Horspital! Includes: mare and foal, foal blanket, fencing, water trough, hay bale, bucket and bandage box.

New Arrival


What could be more precious than a mare and her new foal! Includes: mare and foal, fencing, tack trunk, hay manger, feed bag, and bucket.

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BreyerLover2222 Says:
12/14/2016 at 1:48 pm

Those all look great!!!! :D

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