Behind The Mask Friesians Stun and Captivate at BreyerFest 2014!



Behind the Mask Friesians Theatrical Troupe brings their stunning show to Lexington, Kentucky for BreyerFest's Silver Jubilee! Masked riders, whose faces are known to few, perform precision dance moves to mysterious music in a captivating performance.

Inspired by the Horses of St. Mark in Venice, as well as the Carnival of Venice, Behind the Mask Friesians are the most innovatively costumed equestrians performers of our day! Four jet black Friesians accompanied by ornately-dressed riders wearing Venetians costumes that would do Carnival proud, prance into the arena creating pageantry and mystery! These extravagant costumes are based on Carnival of Venice that traditionally ends on Shrove Tuesday - a celebration marked by exquisitely hand-crafted masks and costumes that promoted both mystery and mischief!


Behind the Mask Friesian Theatrical Troupe is so enchanting, that best-selling author Dan Brown worked the group into a story line in his newest book, Inferno. The book's success launched Behind the Mask Friesians to international status.

Thrill to the mystery and elegance of the Behind the Mask Friesians at BreyerFest this year! They will perform twice daily in the Equine Extravaganza held in the Covered Arena. See our other stunning entertainers as well by reserving your spot at BreyerFest 2014!

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BreyerLover2222 Says:
06/15/2016 at 1:08 pm

Oh. My. Goodness!!! these horses are so gorgeous!! I just love Friesians!!!!

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