BreyerFest Youth & Children Model Horse Show Honorable Mentions!


From breed class to performance, this year's BreyerFest Youth and Children Model Horse saw some very impressive entries by some very talented and dedicated collectors! The Youth and Children's Model Horse Show ran on the second day of BreyerFest, Saturday July 18; our model horse showers were among the firsts to arrive at the Kentucky Horse Park that morning, eager to jump into the competition.

With nearly 150 entries, the judges had am extremely difficult job choosing between so many pristine models. We would like to congratulate all 85 class winners, reserve champions and additional placings! While we would love to individually credit each one of our class champions, there were far too many to name! However four particular entrants were noticed and admired by the judges for their inspiring enthusiasm throughout the competition and their admirable sportsmanship.

First we would like acknowledge and congratulate Karigan L. of the Children's division, who won Class 13 - Other Pony Breeds with her Breyer Fjord model, "Zebra". Being the first time Karigan had ever competed in a model horse show, she was overwhelmed with shock and excitement when the judges announced her as class Champion; Karigan also earned Breed Overall Grand Reserve.


Here is Karigan standing proudly with her winning model "Zebra" and her first place ribbon.


Our next honorable mention from the Children's division, Merris B.M., is also a first-time model horse shower. The daughter of two life-long Breyer collectors and BreyerFest experts, Merris has begun to follow in her parents' footsteps. Throughout the Children's show Merris won five different classes and earned Stock Breeds Champion, All Foals Champion and Breed Overall Champion!


Merris' expression was quite priceless when one of her wins was announced!


From the Youth division we would like to acknowledge the incredible costume design work of Miranda K., who spent an entire month creating a costume for her model "Norbu" the Breyer Highland Pony. Norbu's costume was made of aluminum cans sewn together to create a beautiful, unique armor. The judges were blown away by her creativity and detail, earning her first place in the Costume: Entrant Made class. Miranda also won two other classes and was named Performance Overall Grand Champion!


Miranda poses with her remarkable costume entry.


Lastly, we would like to mention another successful Youth division competitor, Hailey J., as well as credit her grandmother, who spent the entire day at the show with Hailey. Hailey took first place in three classes, earning TB/SB/Sport/Carriage Champion, All Foals Champion, and Breed Overall Grand Champion.


Here is Hailey and her grandmother, celebrating her victorious day.


And Finally, a big thank you to our entire BreyerFest Model Horse Show staff! Congratulations to everyone who participated!










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BreyerLover2222 Says:
05/27/2016 at 2:40 pm

BIG congrats to everyone! I should enter a show one of these days!!!

doodles101 Says:
08/06/2015 at 7:36 pm

cool! :)

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