Get to Know the 2015 Premier Gals!


The New Year is quickly approaching and we're very excited for all the new models that are coming! Among the 2016 models are some brand new sculpts for the Premier Club! In the meantime though, we're still admiring our artists' beautiful 2015 models, Bobby Jo and Forever Saige!


We thought you might enjoy learning a little bit more about these two gals from this year's club, so here are their exclusive insider stories!

Bobby Jo

Bobby Jo Sketch


The Bobby Jo sculpt was envisioned and brought to life by artist Morgen Kilbourn, who sculpted the mold just this year. The goal was to work towards a pose that had both a reining and cutting horse feel. Morgen knew from the start that she would enjoy working on Bobby Jo. "She has a very different body type than I have sculpted before. I'm used to doing more Warm blood molds. I was very excited about sculpting that sort of stock mold," said Morgen.

Before jumping into a sketch, Morgen spent a lot of time preparing. "I did a lot of research. There are a few things that cutting and reining horses have in common although they are very different disciplines," said Morgen. "It was interesting and fun." After watching many videos online, and comparing the reining and cutting poses, she carefully developed a head and neck set that fit between both. Morgen says her biggest challenge was getting the front legs right, "I kind of went round and round about them. I wanted to make sure I was doing something that was accurate."


Bobby Jo Sculpt

Next came Carol Williams' role: the paint design. When asked to develop an overo paint design, Carol knew right away Bobby Jo would be a Dun. "I love duns myself, and thought that a red dun would go nicely on this mold," she said. The inspiration for Bobby Jo's overo markings actually came from one of Carol's very own colts, which was born only a year ago. "He's a beautiful palomino overo with a spectacular pattern, so some aspects of his markings ended up on the Bobby Jo model," Carol said smiling.

Carol says she enjoys working with models with a lot of detail and good surface qualities that show off the hard work that's put into them. "This mold has a pose that's quite dynamic and it's a breed type with a wide array of color possibilities, so I knew it would be a fun piece to do," said Carol. Her particular favorite parts about her work with Bobby Jo are the "spiky little details" in the pattern, the "subtle leg bars," and the "beauty spot" on the corner of the model's mouth. "I like those little spots that add character," she said. Grateful for the opportunity design this model for the Premier members, Carol says she hopes all of Bobby Jo's new owners enjoy her and are pleased to add her to their collections.

Stephanie Macejko, Breyer's Vice President of Marketing, is delighted with the Bobby Jo Premier model. "It's great to see the work of these two talented artists come together to create such a beautiful piece!" said Stephanie. "Morgen brought to life a very versatile and dynamic mare, and Carol's masterful deco makes for the ultimate western horse! We really appreciate all the hard work that went into creating Bobby Jo!"

We hope you enjoyed this inside scoop about the plans and inspirations behind the Bobby Jo Premier Release. You can look forward to another exclusive premier newsletter with the release of our next Premier Model, coming this November.


Final Bobby Jo Model



Forever Saige


Forever Saige Sketch


The journey of Forever Saige, an unbridled and dominant mustang mare, all began with one simple term, "lead mare." This is the direction that Breyer's Stephanie Macejko gave Kristina, and she ran with it. "I thought about the past Breyer Traditional mare molds, many with tucked heads and submissive postures, and felt that very few approached the body language of a lead mare," said Kristina, and so her sketches began.

Kristina created quite a few sketches for review, all depicting different poses while still capturing the poise and sense of responsibility that any great lead mare would have. "I thought about how ‘girl power' would be represented in a model horse," Kristina said with a smile. After beginning the sculpting process, Kristina made several changes along the way; the process from armature to molding approval lasted about 21 days. "Her head is my favorite part of the sculpture because she has an engaging and powerful face. She takes her job seriously, nostrils sniffing for danger, ears listening, and eyes on her band, her dominant posture and action keep everyone moving. She doesn't have to snake her head to motivate, she leads by example," Kristina explained with pride. It's clear that she enjoyed bringing Forever Saige to life. "I like what the model conveys about leadership and vigilance," she said. Kristina is often asked to create sculpts of very generic horses, so this project was particularly engaging for the artist.


Forever Saige Sculpt - Off Side Forever Saige Sculpt


Such a worthy sculpture would not be complete without a beautiful, unique paint design. "Appaloosas and paint patterns are my favorites," said Tammy Myrold, the painter who created Forever Saige's eye-catching coat. When Breyer offered the suggestion of a Grullo blanketed Appaloosa, Tammy couldn't have been more thrilled. "It was a huge deal for me to work on this model. I grew up with Breyer horses and they've always played a positive role in my life," said Tammy, with enthusiasm.

Throughout the process Tammy paid particular attention to the color shading on the model. "With such a loud blanket pattern, I was worried about her base color looking too flat," said Tammy. Too avoid this, after finishing the blanket, Tammy added more shading to "balance out the drama" of Forever Saige's coat pattern. Tammy enjoyed adding her personal touch to the model's face, creating a blaze and pink nose to show off the mare's expression. When the model was finished Tammy couldn't help but admire her work. "I just love her face! To me she looks like a mustang that every rancher is trying to catch but never will, and she knows it," Tammy said smiling.


Forever Saige Final

Both artists are excited to see what the future holds for Saige. They agree that the mold is perfect for many spectacular colors. Kristina says she's also excited to see what customizers do with the mold, whether it be used for a foundation of their own lead mare or converted into a more performance-oriented model. "It is engineered for playing in the living room, but also for inspiring girls to see themselves as potential leaders in life," said Kristina.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about the creation journey of this year's final Premier Collection model! Forever Saige is now in stock and shipping! You can also look forward to the release of the 2015 Premier Collection Stablemates® models, Hermoso and Corazon, which will ship in December!


Forever Saige - Completed!



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BreyerLover2222 Says:
06/09/2016 at 1:18 pm

I totally just love them all!!! Don't you?!

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12/29/2015 at 11:13 am

Anonymous Says:
12/25/2015 at 4:29 pm

Forever Sagie

He/she is soooooo cute :)

doodles101 Says:
12/23/2015 at 6:43 pm

LOVE it!!!

breyerbui Says:
12/20/2015 at 8:03 am

I really appreciate the model even more with the artist's story to go along with the process

poncho55 Says:
12/12/2015 at 10:44 am


Both of them are so pretty! I got a collector guide at BreyerFest 2015 and it had Bobby Joe on the back of it and I am like I LOVE this horse! I love its coat color and its mold. At first I am like wow that is like a mustang then I am like wait it is a cutting horse! Forever Saige... I have a couple of words for her beautiful, free, wild spirit and pure mustang. I think every collector loves her!

sweeties Says:
12/11/2015 at 1:52 pm

breyer horses 2016

when are they going to be available for purchase and do you have pictures of them and so I know they look like and what their names

horsewoman60 Says:
12/11/2015 at 1:12 pm

New Regular Runs

Very exciting news! The new models are just getting better and better.

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