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RE: Liver chestnut El Pastor, from 2000-2003

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RE: Liver chestnut El Pastor, from 2000-2003

Dec 12,2016 1:56 pm by BreyerLover2222

Mine was Rocky, the Appaloosa foal. :D

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Liver chestnut El Pastor, from 2000-2003

Mar 02,2012 9:37 pm by bedfordbIack

I remember seeing a friend who had a Breyer model, the beauty, grace, and elegance of the body, and the goregous paint job. I then wanted one to call my own. His name is El Pastor, and later he became known as Aspen, because my real horse looks nearly identical to him.

He is my first and most prized model, and he will always stay in my collection, of 325 and growing.

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