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RE: I would like to start showing but I don't know how!

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RE: I would like to start showing but I don't know how!

Aug 01,2016 2:09 pm by BreyerLover2222

Same with me---I don't know how to get started or what I should or shouldn't buy!!!!

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I would like to start showing but I don't know how!

Aug 02,2015 9:04 pm by Riley

Now, sorry for my complete newbness (is that a word) but i had a random idea today to make some sceneries since I'm doing my room up to make it more breyer related. I saw LOADS of pictures of little jumps and perfect tack and models and, to be honest, i was pretty jealous. I live in a country where you can only buy breyers online but i was fortunate enough to attend breyerfest so my collection is really starting to take off. My Breyers aren't in the best condition but i have one that i keep separate from the rest in case of my Sam decides to try some tumbles again. Hes in PERFECT condition and i only handle him with a towel or blanket. I saw some people getting stuff called NAN cards and then that enters them into a different show in Lexington? Gah its just so confusing! Please help!!!!!!!

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