Update on Past Shows

4/23/13 - Photos and updates from show holders

Here are some more photos and updates sent in by some of our Live Show Benefit Program show holders! To view the list of upcoming shows, please click here! If you'd like your model horse show to be considered for this great program, please click here to view more information and the application.

Carolina Gold Classic, March 9th in Monroe, NC

We had a great show with a total of 69 entrants!

1 ss
Julia Thompson, Mariah winner Zuni winner Lauren Cornwell
3 4
Thank you notes from the attendees Thank you notes from the attendees


Plastic Ponies on Parade, April 13th, Fenton, MI

Each child in the Kid's Divison was assigned to a "mentor" for the day.  The mentors had as much fun as the kids! 

Carol Queen won Black Beauty
Kastasha Steele, center, won Mariah
Zuni winner Rachel Butler


Spring Fling at the Mill, April 13th, Westminster, MD

The 2nd Annual Winters Mill FFA Benefit Show, run by Ellen Martin, had a big turn out with 37 showers and a lot of tough competition. The NAMHSA-approved show was held April 13 at the Winters Mill High School in Westminster, MD.  Emily Suhr was the lucky winner of Zuni!

A look at the competition


9 10
Emily Suhr with her Zuni Lots of great entries!


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BreyerLover2222 Says:
05/25/2016 at 2:08 pm

All of those shows looked like so much fun! Good job to everyone who won all the models! I really love Mariah! And Zuni! And....pretty much every single Breyer horse!!

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