The Artist’s Sketch – A JAH Flashback Friday!


What better way to celebrate a Flashback Friday than with a JAH Artist's Sketch feature by Michele Katz?! This article has been revived from the 2010 September/October JAH issue!

Katherine and Edwin Bogucki

Katherine Bogucki and Edwin Bogucki

Hometown: racing, Wisconsin
Expertise: Sculpting


Ask the horse. Whenever artist Katherine Bogucki hits a roadblock with her sculpting, her father, Edwin advises her to "ask the horse." That means it's time to go out to the barn to see for herself. Renowned equine artist, Edwin Bogucki believes it is critical to be familiar with his subject. "There are many things that still photographs can never teach," he says, and that is exactly what he has taught his daughter, an accomplished artist in her own right. "Putting your hands on the living animal or sitting quietly and just observing them is worth 1,000 anatomy lessons," she says.

Artistic talent and a love for horses runs in the Bogucki family. Edwin is self-taught artist, whose body of work mainly consists of commissioned portraits of both people and horses rendered in oils, pastel, and bronze. His bronze portraits of Secretariat and his groom, and *Bask++ can be seen at The Kentucky Horse Park, home of BreyerFest. Katherine chose to follow in her father's footsteps. "Because of my father's work, the life of an artist is pretty much all I have known since my earliest memories," she said. She began sculpting at 4 years old, and received honest critiques from her father at an early age, which she credits for pushing herself to do better and to look at her work with a critical eye.

Katherine collected model horses as a young girl, but the Boguckis did not learn about the model horse hobby until 1997, when, through a mutual friend, they met sculptor Donna Chaney of Animal Artistry, who had just come from BreyerFest. Intrigued, they tried creating sculptures specifically for the model horse hobby, and released some limited edition resins, beginning with those sold at their first BreyerFest in 1998. Some of their resin editions have since become bronzes, and some of Edwin's pieces were actually bronzes first.

The family has owned many horses over the years; mostly Arabians and Saddlebreds, so it is natural that these breeds be found in their art. But while the Boguckis have their personal preferences, Edwin says "It's important that an equine artist recognizes that all breeds have their own beauty. If you can't see something of value in a horse, you will never be able to do it justice in your work." Neither artist has a favorite sculpture. For Edwin, it would be like choosing a favorite child. For Katherine, she is usually most excited about her most recent piece, but says in the end, they are all equal. "Each sculpture plays a unique part in a particular time in my life and I learn something valuable from each one."

Edwin advises that budding sculptors do it for themselves first. "Play with it, enjoy it, have fun." Katherine cautions to look only for advice from people who will give an honest critique. While praise feels good, " If you are serious about learning and want to improve your work, you have to seek advice from people who will challenge you."

Take a Look at The Artist's Gallery!


Equus Maximus Bronze
Equus Maximus 1/9th scale draft.
by Kathi Bogucki
Bronze 1/9th scale by Kathi Bogucki
(in resin they're known as Persia and Bidjar)


Portrait of Isah Sayonarra
Detail of the portrait of Isah,
a purebred Arabian mare. 1/4 scale bronze by Ed Bogucki
This is Sayonarra, a bronze portrait
of an Arabian mare by Ed Bogucki 1/4 scale


Tutankhamen Tutankhamen
Pharoah of Egypt 1/4 scale by Ed Bogucki
This is a detail shot from Tutankhamen






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Flicka221CHO Says:
01/24/2018 at 4:42 pm


Sayonarra is outstanding! She looks like the real thing she is gorgeous! I thought she was a real horse at first. the shading is lovely! and the pose is soooo realistic! she is stunning outstanding fabulous gorgous amazing and well just..... I'm speechless I love her!

BreyerLover2222 Says:
12/13/2016 at 2:03 pm

Agreed!!!!! :)

11/27/2016 at 9:54 am


jesus that's awesome

BreyerLover2222 Says:
05/22/2016 at 4:34 pm


Those are such beautiful horses! They seriously do look real! I love Tammy's work!

BreyerLover2222 Says:
05/22/2016 at 4:29 pm


That is sooooo cool that they have been revived! Those are such B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L models!!!

poncho55 Says:
12/12/2015 at 10:50 am



#1breyer Says:
11/06/2015 at 6:19 am

Im speechless!

doodles101 Says:
10/18/2015 at 12:47 pm


ok, she is like, AMAZING at sculpting! how does she do it? Wow these are all so beautiful!

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