Breyer Photo Show July 2016 - Results!

July’s Jumpers!

By Michelle Masters

The Jumper class captures the thrill of talented horses and riders sailing over colorful, challenging obstacles! While this is a scored event, there is a lot of finesse involved, and model horse judges look at the overall presentation of a properly outfitted, capable-looking horse and rider team navigating an imposing jump. When setting up a model horse jumper entry, it is best to choose a model that looks athletic and eager to navigate large jumps with ease. Models can be shown approaching a jump, cantering away from it, entering the arena or, of course, actually jumping! Hunt seat tack is used, but real jumpers often wear protective boots and other equipment that you can find for models and give your entry that extra effort towards realism. Jumper riders wear the same attire as hunter riders (breeches, boots, ratcatcher shirt and jacket), though you are more likely to see spurs and/or crops, and any current or former Olympic rider will wear the USA red jacket. Proper helmets with chinstraps are a must!

One of the most important things that a model horse judge will look for is that the obstacle is appropriate for the model - it must be the correctly scaled height and jumper jumps should be "flagged" and numbered for the riders (red flag on the right, white on the left). Obstacles should also be "framed" with proper standards, and shrubs, flowers or decoration - in the real horse world, course designers want the jump to look inviting. This is the jumper class though, so bright colors, logos & designs, liverpools and other challenging elements are allowed. When using a rider, they should show basic hunt seat equitation with rein contact on the flat, and a crest release (hands forward) over a jump. When placing your horse approaching a jump, take into consideration the "spot" where they will take off - you don't want to show them cantering right up to the base of a jump, where they wouldn't have room to take off. Remember that you are capturing a moment in time; think about where the horse would be before and after that moment if it were a real horse and your photo came to life!

1st Place


Hope K., California

Yes! There are Pony Jumper classes! This photo is framed exactly like a photo of a real jumper would be and nicely captures the moment of clearing the jump. The rider is perfectly appointed with hands forward to give the pony his head over the jump. The tack is well-fitted, but since this is presented as a proper show ring entry, brown or black leather tack would make this picture more realistic. The jump could be a little higher (the pony is over-jumping a bit), and the flag on the right side of the jump should be red - "red on right". Overall, an excellent entry!

2nd Place


AshlynT., California

I like the clever angle of this photo that shows the horse's approach to the jump, though I might have shifted it just a bit to show the horse more in the center. I can see that the horse is wearing front boots and an ear bonnet (used to keep out flies and minimize noise), both great details. I would like to see the rider sitting a little closer to the saddle and the angle of the picture makes it hard to be sure the bridle is properly fitted. The jump is fine but needs flags and a number, and some brush or flower pots on the sides would make it even better. I do love the way it looks like the "ring" has recently been "dragged" for a new competitor!

3rd Place


Dayna B., Ohio

This is an impressive entry that just needs a little adjustment to be a winner! This horse is really jumping big, so he needs a bigger jump - wider and taller - but it is an excellent example of a "themed" obstacle - sharks on the standards and a water liverpool! The rider's lower leg has swung back a bit, but remember that this is not a judged competition - it's okay for riders to have a less-than-perfect position. The tack is appropriate and the boots are a nice touch!

4th Place


Willow C., Washington

Another good effort that could easily be even better. This is a great model for the jumper class, and it looks like he's being shown taking off over the jump. We have to remember that model show pictures must represent the real thing, so this horse would not be so close to the wall behind him. The jump is nicely decorated, but don't forget those flags! The rider needs to be looking up over the jump, but I like the use of a running martingale, boots and ear bonnet! The addition of a horse and rider watching is great, as well as the banners on the wall of the arena. Serious effort towards realism!

5th Place


Madeline B., Missouri

Here's proof that Stablemates can be competitive too! I love this guy for the jumper class - he looks like that obstacle will be no problem for him! Technically, he should be on the right lead with the rail on his left - that sort of thing would not be a problem in the real horse arena, but with models, we don't want the judge to see anything worthy of criticism. This jump needs flags too, and maybe a bit of decoration to frame it. The barn in the background is a nice addition, but I might have moved it back a bit so it doesn't distract from this super picture!

6th Place


Mary T., Virginia

While this close-up shot is eye-catching, it is hard to judge without being able to see the whole obstacle. I can tell that the pony needs to be clearing the jump with more space - he is so close that if he were real, he would likely knock down the top plank with his hind legs. This bridle needs a proper bit too, and the rider should be looking up and reaching forward just a bit for more of a crest release. I do admire the effort to present a unique photo!


One (1) Cortes C (Item 1759; ERV $46.99) will be awarded to one (1) first place winner.

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