Traditional Series Retired Products


Apple Jack

As red as a crisp autumn apple and just as sweet, Apple Jack is a handsome Welsh-cross pony with a red sorrel coat and flaxen mane and tail. This flashy...

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Headley Britannia

A sturdy (15.3 hands) liver chestnut Thoroughbred/Irish Draught-cross ridden by Lucinda Fredericks, Headley Brittania's career has been one for...

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Hoss Cartwright's Chub

BONANZA® 50th Anniversary! Countless Americans grew up on this classic Western television series, which debuted in 1959 and ran until 1973...

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Rachel Alexandra

The 2009 Eclipse Award Winner - Three-Year-Old Horse of the Year! First filly to win Preakness in 85 years! Set track records with 20 1/4 length win in...

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Everyone loves s new baby - and these foals are no exception! Spring is traditionally foaling season and Breyer's new foal crop are adorable and packaged...

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Ben Cartwright's Buck

BONANZA® 50th Anniversary!Countless Americans grew up on this classic Western television series, which debuted in 1959 and ran until 1973...

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Let's Go Riding Western Collectible Set

This fully tacked American Quarter Horse and smartly attired Western equestrian doll comes with a colorful, double-sided hobby poster with detailed...

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America's love affair with wild horses is only part of what makes Isadora-Cruce so special. What makes her portrait model a "must-have" for model...

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S Justadream

10 Time National Champion Arabian MareHer name is S Justadream, but to everyone whose life she has touched, she is far more than a dream. This chestnut...

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2011's Treasure Hunt celebrated having fun with horses, whatever the weather, while collecting three unique editions of Breyer's new trotting Arabian...

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2011's Treasure Hunt celebrated having fun with horses, whatever the weather, while collecting three unique editions of Breyer's new trotting Arabian...

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Partly Cloudy

2011's Treasure Hunt celebrated having fun with horses, whatever the weather, while collecting three unique editions of Breyer's new trotting Arabian...

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Gathering Storm

The Collector's Choice Program is available ONLY from Breyer! Our first introduction in the Collector's Choice Program for 2011 is the Spring...

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The Elegance Collection - Western Horse & Rider

Take your love of horses to new realms with Breyer Animal Creations new Elegance Western Collection, an exciting new set designed with the discerning...

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Weather Girl 2011 Treasure Hunt (1 Piece only, ships randomly)

Introducing the Breyer Weather Girl series - a new Treasure Hunt for 2011! Meet the boldly trotting Sunny, a shimmery metallic palomino; Partly Cloudy is...

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Pink Ribbon Horse

Join the Search for the Cure! The horse, long a symbol of strength and beauty, is for many people, a healing force in their lives. Breyer has always ...

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Bet Yer Blue Boons

They are queens of the cutting world: a Cowgirl Hall of Famer and her red roan mare with the blue-blooded pedigree of cow horse royalty. In 1999, at the...

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Mystical Unicorn

Legend has it that the home of the unicorn is at the edge of the world, where for thousands of years such mystical one-horned horses have captured...

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Traditional Series Trailer

Ship models in the epitome of style! This authentically detailed trailer, in green with yellow trim to match the dually truck, is a perfect fit for Breyer...

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Pony Picnic Gift Set

Going to a picnic is twice as much fun with your pony! The guest of honor at this picnic is this cute palomino pony foal with a fun yellow halter...

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Show Grooming Kit

This set has everything needed for the best groomed horse on the show grounds! Includes a beautiful tack trunk, tub of treats, a colorful canvas...

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Kripton Seni II

Champion Andalusian Stallion and Finalist for the 2009 USEF Horse of the Year! With their lofty gaits and regal head carriage framed by a billowing...

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Foal Blanket - 3-piece Assortment

Foal Blanket - 3-piece Assortment with halter (model horses not included).

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Weatherbeeta Taka Freestyle Blanket

Using genuine Weatherbeeta blanket material, this cold weather blanket comes with two chest straps, two belly surcingles, a tail flap, a freedom...

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Her reputation is as lustrous as her name. Sapphire, the Belgian Warmblood owned by two-time Olympic Gold medalist McLain Ward and Blue Chip...

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Thoroughbreds are a breed best known for their speed and athletic prowess, with coats that are most often the color of chestnut or bay. Sato, however, is...

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Renaissance Horse & Rider

The modern sidesaddle was created during the European Renaissance when Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henry II of France, asked to have a...

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Show Blanket 6-Piece Collection

Show Blanket Collection - 6 pieces USDF (United States Dressage Federation) AQHA World Show BreyerFest Devon Horse Show American Royal NRHA...

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Traditional Series Truck

This well-detailed truck replicates the most popular shipping vehicle on the road, a dually (for dual wheeled). Sharp and stylish in yellow with...

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U.S. Equestrian Team show jumping rider Laura Kraut could have never predicted how a casual glance over her shoulder at a show in 2005 would lead to...

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Two-Stall Wood Barn

Upgrade your farm with the new two-stall barn. Your horses will love the spacious stalls. Hay feeders make wasted hay and extra messy stalls a thing...

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O'Leary's Irish Diamond

Some horses are born to greatness. O'Leary's Irish Diamond scored the highest confirmation marks in Ireland, and following his sale to Jim and Karen...

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Abraham Lincoln's Horse "Old Bob"

From 2011 to 2015, Americans mark the 150th anniversary, or "sesquicentennial" of the Civil War. Breyer Animal Creations commemorates the occasion with a model of Lincoln's...

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Pinto Prancer

Flash from the past! Originally designed in the 50ís, this vintage style western horse sports a beautiful honey bay pinto coloration and has a high gloss finish. A breast collar...

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Adam Cartwright's Sport

BONANZA®! One of the longest-running Western series (1959-1973) on TV followed the Cartwright™ family: father Ben, (portrayed by actor Lorne Greene), and sons Adam, (Pernell Roberts), Hoss (Dan Blocker), and Little Joe (Michael Landon) on their 1860s ...

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Prince Jester

The role of the jester has always been to entertain, and in show rings one Missouri Fox Trotter stallion has continued that legacy: three-time World Grand...

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Elvis®' Rising Sun

Neither fame nor fortune matched the joy that Rising Sun brought Elvis Presley®, his world-famous rider. Finding just the right horse...

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Teddy Roosevelt's Little Texas

Great war horses are measured not in hands but in heroism. Described as a “pony” by historians, the chestnut gelding named Little Texas by his rider...

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2012 Pink Ribbon Horse

Breyer has chosen to create this beautiful decorative model horse to symbolize hope and to raise funds for a cure against a disease...

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Priefert Hitch's Kong

The six-horse Priefert Percheron Hitch is known as 'Texas Thunder,' because when they enter the arena, the ground shakes! Kong, the all-important wheel...

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Elvis' Bear

A horse-buying trip to Walls, Mississippi, led the gospel singer and King of Rock and Roll to a 65-foot tall, bright white cross on a cattle ranch...

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Run-In Barn - SALE

This newly designed barn replicates a run-in shed. Similar in detail to the large, deluxe barn, it's open in the front and has rear swinging doors for entry...

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Year of the Dragon Horse

Celebrate the "Year of the Dragon" with this commemorative edition fine bisque porcelain model! Finished in metallic gold, this exquisitely decorated horse features an ornate...

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Animal Rescue

This happy trio of four-legged friends embodies the mission of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): to protect animals...

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Just like #472, this beautiful Arabian stallion is full of spirit!...

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TS Black Tie Affair

AHA Ambassador Award Winner! Great style never goes out of fashion, nor do great horses. From the moment Jan Sharp saw the 7/8 Arabian pinto colt...

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Pinto Sporthorse

Sport Horses are bred to perform in the Olympic disciplines: eventing, dressage and show jumping. Their size, talent and athletic ability make them a natural fit in these...

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English Riding Set - Hot Colored

Fun new colors make this set extra sharp! Saddle, bridle, saddle pad, crop, polo wraps, bell boots and splint boots come in the eye-opening combination...

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Western Riding Set - Hot Colored

Sharp new colors give this fun set even more pizzazz! The saddle, bridle, splint boots, bell boots and saddle pad come in watermelon pink and bright...

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Mistral Hojris

Warmblood gelding affectionately called "Alf," has made the dressage world take notice! In the 2012 Olympic Games in London...

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Rocky Mountain Horse

The Rocky Mountain Horse is an American breed that traces its roots back to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky, and today is a...

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Cimarron-Western Pleasure Saddle

This Western Pleasure saddle is beautifully adorned with embossed skirts and comes with a red Navajo-patterned saddle...

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Western Accessory Set

Get ready for the three R's: riding, roping and reining, with Breyer's Western Riding Accessory Set, sized for Traditional models. The set contains...

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The bay Dutch Warmblood gelding Ravel made his indelible impression on the dressage world after winning 10 out of the 11 FEI classes he entered in...

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Introducing Flurry, the Breyer Classics Drafter! This smart-looking draft horse stallion will be an exciting addition to your Classics stable...

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Shetland Pony

Perhaps the ultimate youngster's mount, the Shetland pony is one of Britain's oldest breeds. It may be hard to believe, but the Shetland is the strongest of all horse breeds...

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Vintage Western Pony

First introduced in 1950's, this vintage style western pony stands tall and proud, awaiting his next adventure!

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CH Sprinkles

Taking the American Saddlebred world by storm is a skewbald pinto mare called CH Sprinkles, and her 13-year old rider, Eleanor Rainbolt-Forbes. Trained by Todd Miles, the two...

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Highland Pony

The Highland Pony is native to the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Standing between 13 and 14.2 hands high, its array of coat colors includes the classic bay, black, grey, and...

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Spirit of the West

On the range or at the ranch, a cowboy's best friends were his four-legged partners, and today, Western history continues to be written by hand, hoof print, and yes, paw. For...

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Clydesdale Mare & Foal

Known as “gentle giants” for their large size and easy-going temperaments, the Clydesdale is used for pulling, riding, and driving. While their coloring is...

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Heartland High Tech

Hackney Ponies don't get much more impressive than Heartland High Tech! The 2001 bay stallion was the 2011 World Champion Hackney Pony Stallion/Gelding, and was the...

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Arabian Mare and Foal

This sweet mare and foal set is similar to previous item #1175. Be sure to pick this set up soon...

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Jumper Jump

Let your horse take flight over Breyer's Traditional Series jumper fence. This authentic wood jump, created for you by the horse experts at Breyer...

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Quilted Blanket & Hood Set

When the weather outside is frightful, model horses can cozy up to this toasty set, an exacting replica of what real horses wear in the cold. Now in...

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Summer Turnout Accessory Set

With flysheet, spray and flymask, and toy fly, your horse will not be bothered by pesky insects! Horse not included.

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Clydesdale Mare

This bay mare got separated from her foal in item #1487...

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Winner's Circle Accessory Set

Everyone is a winner with Breyer's Winner's Circle Accessory Set. Includes a rose blanket for the racehorse, a rose sash for the jumper or a trophy...

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National Show Horse - buckskin

The National Show Horse is a cross between a Saddlebred and an Arabian. This flashy buckskin is ready to strut her stuff for you in the show ring...

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Born wild in Nevada, the beautiful dun Mustang stallion named Padré was gathered and adopted through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). He bears a unique BLM freeze ...

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The Lusitano is one of the world's oldest breeds. Closely related to the Andalusian of Spain, these breeds originated...

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Metal Livestock Corral

To make a stall or square pen, these four connecting panels break down for travel. Locked together, they are sturdy enough to hold horses or cattle...

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Cavaletti Set

Cavaletti are very useful training tools to develop rhythm and cadence in the equine athlete.

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Zenyatta's First Colt

In 2009, Zenyatta grabbed the racing world's attention by becoming the first filly to win the Breeders' Cup Classic. She went on to...

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Chinese Year of the Horse

Every day at Breyer, we celebrate the horse! Now in 2014, it is officially the Year of the Horse for the Chinese

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Cloud's Legacy 4-Horse Set

Cloud's Legacy: Wild Stallion Returns! Follow the saga of the wild, nearly white stallion and his two young colts as they face new dangers...

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Shire Mare

This vintage favorite Shire mare, formerly #739, is a beautifully shaded solid bay...

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Mù Wén Ma

In addition to 2014 being the Chinese Year of the Horse, it is also the year of the Wood Horse. Wood traditionally

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"Nothing is more important to a young rider than a safe, reliable mount, and veteran competitor...

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Guy McLean's Nugget

Born in the Outback of Queensland, Australia in 1994, a golden dun colt now known as Nugget started life with an uncertain future. Sired by a Quarter Horse stallion and out of...

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Shipping Set

Ship your horse in safety and style with this set that includes a shipping halter with padded head bumper, lead rope, and 4 shipping boots.

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Northern Dancer

From humble beginnings as a yearling who didn’t sell because he was thought to be too small...

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The very first Police Equestrian Competition was held in 1983, and has since grown into a large yearly event known as the North American Police Equestrian...

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Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions

Through the lens of Emmy award-winning filmmaker Ginger Kathrens, the world has come to love the wild mustang stallion Cloud who lives and reigns in...

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Black Caviar

Black Caviar, the Australian Racing Thoroughbred sensation, is creating international hysteria by shattering records and delivering unrivaled...

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Lindsay's Faith

Sometimes all it takes is a little faith! Born in the wilds of White Mountain, Wyoming, Lindsay's Faith was gathered by the Bureau of Land Management shortly before...

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Night Mare

Glows in the Dark! This stunning mare features vampires and bats and more...

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Appaloosa Foals

The Appaloosa is an American breed that can trace its history back to the 18th century when the Nez Perce Indians developed this breed from horses that were brought to...

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Overo Pinto Mare and Foal

With roots that can be traced to the mounts of European explorers and the wild horses of North America, it is no wonder that the Pinto horse has always captured people's...

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Western Riding Set

Authentic Western-style saddle set includes a saddle, bosal bridle, saddlebags, bedroll and canteen.

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Missouri Fox Trotter - palomino

Missouri Fox Trotters have a unique way of moving that is very comfortable for the rider. This horse's golden palomino coat is reminiscent of a southern sunrise...

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Let's Go Racing

Get ready for the winner's circle! This exciting set features a sleek race horse outfitted in racing tack. The 6" articulated female jockey is sporting flashy racing silks that match...

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Traditional Series "Dually" Truck

An essential item for any Traditional horse purchase, the new truck is sharp and stylish in burgundy with silver trim, and it hitches to the matching two-horse tag...

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Hot Walker

This Hot Walker is perfect for cooling down up to four horses simultaneously after a good workout at your busy stable! Made of wood, it has four arms with hanging leads...

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Traditional Series Two-Horse Trailer

This trailer is the perfect addition to a "Dually" Truck purchase! Two Breyer Traditional Series horses fit perfectly in this authentically detailed trailer, which is...

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At age three, a stunning Arabian named Sshameless++ was named the 1995 Reserve National Champion Futurity Colt. Fifteen years...

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Western Prancer - chestnut

The Wester Prancer, a favorite vintage mold, is showing off in true western style! Similar to item #1111, he comes with a removable saddle and chain reins...

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GVF Sjokolade

One of the oldest breeds in existence today, Norwegian Fjords have been traced back over 2,000 years to Viking

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Indian Pony

While many are familiar with the Appaloosa horse of today, the breed's origins reach way beyond the modern show ring! In the Americas, the Nez Perce Indians are credited...

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He's been described as jumping as if springs were in his hooves. Hickstead, the 16-hand bay Dutch Warmblood ridden by Canadian Olympic medalist, Eric Lamaze, was already a...

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Arabian - chestnut

This perfectly poised Arabian stallion is noble and proud. This beautiful chestnut is formerly item #1346 and stock is limited.

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Weathermont Ethan

Weathermont Ethan, a Lippitt Morgan, is the definition of a versatile Morgan, winning over 300 trophies and ribbons in dressage, jumping, carriage driving, road hack...

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Grullo Pinto

The world of horses is full of brilliant colors and coat patterns in endless combinations! This beautiful horse...

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What can be sweeter than winning two Gold Medals during your first trip to the Olympics? Becoming the first horse and rider ever to hold Olympic, European and...

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Flexible and his longtime rider/trainer Rich Fellers became a worldwide sensation when they won the 2012 World Cup Finals for Show Jumping, the first American pair in...

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RCH Ventarrones

Peruvian stallion RCH Ventarrones has amassed many titles in his show career, including: 33 Champion of Champions, 14 Best Gaited Horse of Show, 20 Best Gaited Stallion

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Metal Livestock Corral

Special Edition limited to 2015. Whether on the road or at home, a corral is always a useful item to have on hand! The four silver metal panels connect to create a stall...

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Officially ranked the world's best Thoroughbred racehorse, the first horse in 60 years to have been crowned champion...

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Paint Horse - tobiano

This beautiful bay pinto, formerly item #1343, is ready to work his way into your heart. Limited inventory.

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Topsails Rien Maker

The all-time leading money earner of reined cow horses with winnings of more than $340,000 and counting, Topsails Rien Maker has made a huge splash in his sport! The 1999 stallion known as "Slider" competes in reined cow horse events, which include h...

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Hope - Autism Benefit Horse

Decorative horse sculpture features autism symbol puzzle pieces on its coat. Puzzle pieces come in different shapes and sizes, representing the diversity of how Autism...

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Traditional Polo Saddle Set

Authentic tack for the polo player: brown saddle, bridle, martingale and breastplate, and color-coordinated polo wraps, saddle pad and...

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Livestock Feeder

The perfect accessory for your Breyer farm! This Livestock Feeder is made of wood, and is designed to keep an animal's hay off of the ground. A hay bale...

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Nico - Polo Player 8" Figure

Nico wears a color-coordinated polo shirt and helmet, tall brown boots, knee guards, white denim jeans and he's ready to score with his...

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Hereford Bull

There is nothing like the wonder of observing an animal in its natural hatitat or experiencing the joyful companionship of a beloved pet. Breyer celebrates the animal...

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Quarter Horse - bay roan

This bay roan beauty, formerly item #1138, shows off the athletic build of the American Stock Horse. Limited inventory...

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Poltergeist - 2016 Halloween Horse

A pasture gate mysteriously opens, as if unlatched by an unseen hand. The thunderous sound of invisible hooves approaching at a gallop breaks the midnight silence...

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Standardbred - Chestnut

This golden chestnut Standardbred pacer sports a brown halter with...

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Brabant Mare

This beautiful bay roan drafter is both elegant and powerful! Limited quantity....

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Paint Horse - Bay

Paint horses are athletic stock horses with colorful patterns. This bay Paint is ready to run...

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The Marwari may be a very rare breed, but they certainly stand out in a crowd! The hallmark...

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OT Sara Moniet RSI

In 2011, the incredible Arabian mare OT Sara Moniet RSI was named the Arabian Horse Association's (AHA) Distance Horse of the Year...

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Brick Wall Jump

Dress up any jumper or hunter course with this classic fence! (Flower pots not included.)

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Jubilation - Mule

A mule is a cross between a jack (male) donkey and horse mare. The original workhorse, mules have been shouldering our burdens as work, harness, riding, driving and...

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AQHA 75th Anniversary Edition

The American Quarter Horse Association celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2015! The AQHA is the world's largest breed registry. American Quarter Horses are known for...

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Bay Appaloosa

Sporting a colorful spotted blanket, this athletic bay mare is suited for a variety of western and

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Totilas is the international sensation that has taken the dressage world by storm! The 2000 Dutch Warmblood stallion was the first horse ever to...

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Everyone knows that any American cowboy (or cowgirl) worth their salt owns their fair share of jeans - both for riding and for evenings off the ranch boot scootin'! While their...

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Old Timer - Appaloosa

A Vintage favorite model, this grey blanket Appaloosa Old Timer is similar...

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royal Canadian Mounted Police create a world-renowned spectacle that is a living symbol of Canada - the Musical Ride! The Musical Ride was established in 1887 as

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Liverpool Jump

Liverpools are a water element that require horses to demonstrate their "scope" - i.e. their ability to jump both...

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Shetland Pony

Breyer® is proud to celebrate the heritage and beauty of Britain's most iconic native breeds. Shaped by the country's natural meadows, moors and mountains over...

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Pack Saddle with Panniers

Head out on a wilderness adventure with the Pack Saddle with Panniers set. Realistically designed, it features a wooden saddle horn, cinching, saddle pad...

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Cross Country Jump

This very solid cross country obstacle encourages a bold jumping effort in the thrilling sport of Eventing. Eventing, one of three Olympic equestrian sports

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Hunter Roll Top Jump

The perfect addition to a hunter course! Includes two standards, one pole, and one roll top.

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Shipping Set

Comes with padded halter, head bumper and four protective shipping boots...

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Harley D Zip

Harley D Zip's record breaking number of wins makes him a Western riding legend. The bay gelding has earned more points, world championship titles, and Incentive Fund...

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Cow and Calf Set

There is nothing like the wonder of observing an animal in its natural habitat or experiencing the joyful companionship of a beloved pet. Breyer celebrates the animal...

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Deer Family

There is nothing like the wonder of observing an animal in its natural hatitat or experiencing the joyful companionship of a beloved pet. Breyer celebrates the animal...

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Ashley - Junior Riding 6" Figure

Ashley is fully articulated, has realistic hair and a fun-to-play-with wardrobe for herself and her Breyer model horse. She comes with removable...

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Mustang - grey

Breyer's old time favorite, Smoky, is making a come back but only for a limited time! Beautiful grey Mustang on a rare Breyer sculpture...

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Sarah - Eventing Rider

High level event riders need more riding outfits than any other equestrian because they compete in three disciplines. Breyer's rider is dressed for the Cross Country...

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Every autumn, nature's beauty is put on full display as the seasons change and green leaves on the trees give way to shades of yellow, gold, orange, and red. This season of...

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Magic and Hamlet

Magic and Hamlet are two miniature horses with very special jobs! The specially-trained therapy horses visit children and adults in settings such as hospitals...

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Old Timer

This beautiful Breyer Old Timer is glossy palomino. We have limited inventory of this piece, which is similar to previous item...

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Redmond - Bay

This bright red bay has grey and red ribbons in his mane. Formerly item

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Thoroughbred - Chestnut

Make friends with this sweet chestnut mare. Formerly item

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Red Dun Paint Horse

This lovely red dun Paint horse is perfect for western pleasure competition. His smooth gaits and easy-going personality certainly make him...

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Dont Look Twice

Known as "Lipstick" for her unique lipstick-like markings, this mare was 2013 NCHA Open World Finals Show Champion; the 2012 NCHA's top-earning mare and NCHA Open World...

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This Brabant is a heavy draft horse with tremendous strength and a kind disposition. This beautiful...

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Rosalind and Rigel

Only the pure of heart are given the opportunity to witness the mythical Unicorn! Imagine wandering through a heavily wooded forest, the smell of moss and bark...

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Let's Go Riding-English

There’s nothing more empowering for a child than learning to ride horses. With the Let’s Go Riding collection

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Every fall, the Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) is observed in Latin America. While skull and skeleton imagery is prevalent, the holiday is anything but scary! Dia de Los...

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Beautiful, rare, and strong, Germany's Black Forest Horse (also known as the "Schwarzwälder Kaltblüter") is enjoying a quiet resurgence. The breed's numbers steadily...

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Woodland Splendor

The smell of pine is carried on the cool winter's breeze, and a faint jingling can be heard coming from the woods. Who is that approaching? It's Woodland Splendor, Breyer's ...

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Connemara Pony

The Connemara pony was named for the area of western Ireland where the breed originated. Considered Ireland's only native breed, ancestors of the Connemara...

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Highland Pony

Hailing from the Scottish Highlandds and Islands, the Highland Pony developed into a hardy breed from its origins on the moors and mountains. Its coat can be many...

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Irish Draught

Not your traditional heavy horse, the Irish Draught traces its roots back to early 20th century Ireland. There they worked the farmland in addition...

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Breyer Model Pony Pouches-Denim & Diamonds (blue)

Traveling with your Breyer models just got a whole lot easier! Our Breyer pony pouch, featuring Breyer models on the printed fabric, is padded and has a hook-and-loop...

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Breyer Model Pony Pouches-Show Horses (pink)

Traveling with your Breyer models just got a whole lot easier! Our Breyer pony pouch, featuring Breyer models on the printed fabric, is padded and has a hook-and-loop

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Going to the Horse Show Set

This set includes the essentials for traveling to a horse show: a sturdy tack trunk, large duffel bag for storing gear, nylon halter and lead and...

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Winner's Circle Accessory Set - English

Winner's Circle set includes champion jacket, champion cooler, neck sash ribbon, saddle pad, and championship...

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A foal is a young horse or pony that is one year or younger in age. During their first year, it is very important for a foal to have positive experiences with people...

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Sweet Pea

A foal is a young horse or pony that is one year or younger in age. During their first year, it is very important for a foal to have positive experiences with people...

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A foal is a young horse or pony that is one year or younger in age. During their first year, it is very important for a foal to have positive experiences with people...

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Smokin Doubledutch

Pizzazz in a small package! Standing only 54" high, Smokin Doubledutch is a 2002 Pinto Quarter Pony. Dutch holds papers with the International Quarter Pony Association...

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Svali Frá Tjörn

The Icelandic horse is a sturdy breed best known for its charisma and unique gaits. All Icelandics display four gaits: walk, trot, canter/gallop, and smooth, powerful tölt. Some...

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AQHA 75th Anniversary Edition - Bay

The American Quarter Horse Association celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2015! The AQHA is the world's largest breed registry. American Quarter Horses are known for...

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Bandera - Symbols of the West

The American West was won on the backs of the stock horses who would become the American...

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The 1998 Hanoverian gelding, co-owned by Janet Peterson and his trainer/rider Liza Towell Boyd, has been enjoying a career that equestrian fairytales are made of. A pair ...

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Tennessee Walking Horse

This naturally gaited Tennessee Walking Horse is known for its pleasurable...

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Big Chex To Cash

Breed a National Reining Horse Association World Champion to one of the sport's all-time leading producers, and what have you got? Why, a palomino...

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AQHA 75th Anniversary Edition - Sorrel

The American Quarter Horse Association celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2015! The AQHA is the world's largest breed registry. American Quarter Horses are known for...

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Warehouse Find! Beautiful bay roan Quarter Horse mare. Just $49.95. While supplies last!

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BHR Bryants Jake

When you stand 17.2h, weigh 2,000 pounds, and are this pretty, you're sure to get noticed! Meet BHR Bryants Jake, a 1999 Spotted Draft Horse stallion! Double registered...

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American Pharoah

For 37 years, Thoroughbred fans around the world have been waiting for the next great horse to win racing's Triple Crown: the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes...

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Foiled Again

A solid performer in his younger years, Foiled Again only got better with age. At age 8, he became the oldest pacer on record to have a million dollar year. By age...

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English Riding Accessory Set

Suitable for hunters, jumpers, eventing, or equitation, this set is perfect for the Traditional horse. Contains: show saddle pad, standing martingale...

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Let's Go Racing

This set features a chestnut Thoroughbred racehorse and a female jockey dressed in racing silks. Includes an 11" x 17" color poster filled with racing facts and images...

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Chocolate Chip Kisses

Chocolate Chip Kisses is a colorful pinto pony that has made big dreams come true for his owner/rider 14-year-old Lauren Demchuk. Known as Choco, Chocolate Chip...

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Quarter Horse - dapple grey

This beautiful dapple grey ranch horse is formerly #1137 and stock is limited...

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Let's Go Riding-Western

There’s nothing more empowering for a child than learning to ride horses. With the Let’s Go Riding collection...

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Cortes C - Show Jumper

Top show jumper Beezie Madden has been paired with Cortes C, owned by Abigail Wexner, since 2011. He is a 2002 Belgian Warmblood gelding. With wins at the...

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Hickory Hills Wall Street

This show-stopping 2013 Miniature Donkey jack (male) stands 30 1/2" tall, with a beautiful red coat with garters (striping) on all four legs and a cross on his...

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