The Ultimate Breyer Experience

The Ultimate Breyer Experience (enlarge)

The Ultimate Breyer Experience

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The Ultimate Breyer Experience


Item#: 8300 | Age: | Scale: 1:9

  • Your Price: $1,000.00

THIS IS A DEPOSIT ONLY. A One-of-a-Kind, Custom Painted Breyer Model of Your Horse. Hand-painted by master artists at Breyer headquarters in Wayne, New Jersey... read more

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The Ultimate Breyer Experience: Awesome Breyer Portrait Model and Headquarters Tour: $5,000

Bragging Rights: Priceless!


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Immortalize him or her Forever as a Breyer Model!

Announcing an Extraordinary, Limited and Rare Opportunity for the Ultimate Breyer Experience!

Hand painted by Breyer Master Artist


A One-of-a-Kind, Custom Painted Breyer Model of Your Horse.

Hand-painted by master artists at Breyer headquarters in Wayne, New Jersey


How does Breyer Create a Custom Painted Model of Your Special Horse?

After studying photos of your champion, including body color, shading and highlights, as well as mane and tail color, eye color, hoof color and any markings or brands called out and seen in photos, our talented senior airbrush artists will utilize unique Breyer painting techniques to craft a true-to-life replica of your horse on one of our existing sculptures. This special Breyer model will be hand painted and finished at our Wayne, New Jersey location, where every Breyer horse is born, whether a portrait of Zenyatta or Zippo Pine Bar! Photos of the finished model will be sent to you for your review. Once complete, a unique Breyer window box will be created with your horse’s image and the story you provide, and the model will be secured inside. A signed, numbered and dated certificate of authenticity will accompany your one-of-a-kind horse!


Makes a Fabulous and Highly Personalized Gift!

Model in box

Presented in a Custom Breyer Gift Box with a Certificate of Authenticity

You provide a photograph for use in the creation of your horse's special custom Breyer package and certificate of authenticity.

Add a 125 word write up about your horse and his achievements for placement on the custom package!


Receive an Exclusive Personal Tour of the Breyer factory and archive!

Tour Breyer Headquarters

Your Personal "Behind the Scenes" Breyer Headquarters and Factory Tour

Breyer's facilities are not open to the public, so your behind-the-scenes tour will be something very special!  We'll roll out the red carpet and show you and up to 3 friends or family how each of our models is concepted and brought to life.  You'll learn how Breyer models are made, from sketch to clay to injection mold.  You'll see our detailed hand painting process for all prototype creation as well as production.  ArchiveOur archive has thousands of horses and includes many Legends, Champions, Triple Crown winners, Hollywood Heroes and more!  Your personalized tour will include lunch with Breyer team members and one hotel accommodation for one evening.  Tour will last approximately three hours, and will be scheduled on a mutually agreed upon date in 2018.

Receive a personalized card for the holidays!

Order by December 15th and you will receive a special card for you to use if this is a holiday gift.

How to Order:

  • A $1,000 deposit is required to secure your reservation*
  • We will then ship you a Custom Breyer Portrait Model Specifications Package for you to review and complete with the following details that make your horse unique:
  • You'll get to choose the Breyer sculpture from options provided that best suits your horse's build and personality
  • Describe his/her color and provide photos to show markings, body color, hoof color and any brands or special details - we'll show you examples of the types of photos that help us do our very best work
  • Provide a photograph for use in the creation of your horse's special custom Breyer gift box and certificate of authenticity
  • Provide a 125 word write up about your horse and his achievements for placement on the custom gift box
  • Provide three options within 2018 for dates or timeframe for your personal factory tour
  • Return the Specifications Package to us in the enclosed return envelope along with a check or credit card number for the balance of your order**. We'll get started on your exclusive Breyer model and keep you informed, including updates on the decoration of your horse model as well as layout and design of your horse's custom gift box. Plus we'll schedule your personal tour! Allow 6-8 weeks from receipt of your returned Specifications Package to completion of your model, gift box and certificate of authenticity.




Can I provide a show photo of me riding my horse for the custom packaging?
  • Yes, you can provide any image that you own that you'd like to see on the package! Provide the image at 300 dpi for best results.
What should my write up be about?
  • Each Breyer model's own story is featured on the back of the package. It may include the horse's achievements, highlights about the rider and trainer, information about the horse's progeny or perhaps his bloodlines, or simply why the horse is so special. You'll need to keep the word count to 125 words and that happens fast! If you are struggling with your write up, feel free to give us the key points and we can craft something for you.
Can you customize the actual sculpture?
  • We can achieve many details in decoration and shading, but we are unable to make changes to the conformation or manes and tails of our models


*Please note, any refunds or credits for the Ultimate Breyer Experience are at Reeves sole discretion. If Reeves issues a refund or credit, Reeves is under no obligation to issue the same or similar refund or credit in the future.

**Balance of $4,000 due upon submission of completed Specifications Package. Completed Specifications Package must be returned within 30 days of receipt.


Additional Information

· Many Breyer models are available for custom painting and the specifications package will include photos of a variety of models to choose from. If there is a model that you don't see, you may request a specific one and we will advise if it is available for this program. However some historic models are damaged or incomplete, and some newer models are limited in their usage and won't be available.

· Your custom portrait model will be painted utilizing current production techniques and materials, and our talented artists will do their very best to replicate the requested color and markings of your horse. Some markings, however, do not lend themselves to our custom paints, which is more equivalent to, say, watercolors than oil paints for example. Your custom painted horse will be the quality of our illustrious stable of champions which includes the likes of Secretariat to Snowman!

· All Breyer models are hand painted in our production facility, and some natural variations and imperfections can occur in this process. Your custom painted Breyer model will be finished at the level of our finest Connoisseur models.

· For your exclusive Breyer tour, we will book the hotel room for you and cover the cost of the room and taxes only. You will be responsible for transportation to and from your home town as well as any incidentals or meals at the hotel. If you require transportation from the hotel to the Breyer facility, we will be happy to pick you up and drop you off.

· Your one-of-a-kind Breyer model is unique because we are following the images that you've provided of your horse, and the model will be packaged in a custom Breyer gift box featuring the photograph of your horse. Please note that there may be many other horses who look similar to your horse, and therefore we may have, have had, or will have a model in our line that appears to be nearly identical to your horse's coloration (especially if he's a medium bay with no white markings!).