Misty and Stormy Coloring Contest Winners!

In honor of Misty's 75th birthday, Breyer hosted a Misty and Stormy Coloring Contest! Entrants were provided with lineart of Misty and her foal Stormy together on the beach. With over 400 total entries, our judges had quite the task ahead of them! 

For this contest, we had three age categories: 10 and under, 11-16, and 17 and older. Participants used physical artistic mediums including crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paints to create their unique entries. Entries could either be realistic or fantasy colors! Each of our three winners will receive a Misty and Stormy Models and Book Set as their prize.

The results are as follows:


10 and under winner


Timothy C., FL

The colors in this entry take us to a serene beach at sunset, with the sun's last rays reflecting off of the water. The shading on Misty and Stormy gives them a lovely sense of depth, and the added mountains in the background are a nice touch! Great work!


10 and under Runners Up

Mila H., MB, Canada

Neve H., MB, Canada



11-16 winner


Holly S., OR

What an incredible entry! The stark contrast between light and dark truly brings this image to life. The swirling clouds, the heavy shadows, the subtle glow on Misty and Stormy as they are lit from behind... all reasons that this entry stood out to us. Such an interesting and creative take on this image!


11-16 Runners Up

Liya Z., CA

Rachel R., IA



17 and over winner


Kathy G., TX

In this entry, Misty and Stormy weather the storm on the shore. There is quite the story to tell here! Despite the muted color palette, this entry is so full of life. Misty and Stormy are shaded beautifully, and the rough waters are the perfect shade of blue-green. Bravo!


17 and over Runners Up

Donna H., MO

Noella S., TX



Stay tuned for results from our 2020-2021 Magalog Coloring Contest, coming later this month to the Breyer Blog!