Model Horse Hobby Abbreviations and Terms

Don't know OOAK from RR? You've come to the right place! The model horse world has a lingo of its very own, so we've compiled a list of the most commonly used terms and abbreviations to help you better navigate the model horse hobby!

Alphabetical List of Terms

AR: Artist resin

ASB: American Saddlebred

ASHF: Action Stock Horse Foal

BRS: Blue ribbon sticker

BF: BreyerFest

COA: Certificate of authenticity

CE: Commemorative Edition

Chalky: Breyer model with a painted white base coat, chalky look

CL or Class: Breyer Classics scale

CV: Color variation

Conga: A collection of models in the same mold

Copenhagen: Breyer decorator color. Dappled light blue.

CM or Cust: Customized model, same as RRH

CWP: Cantering Welsh Pony

Disc: Discontinued

EW: Eyewhites

FAF: Family Arabian Foal

FAM: Family Arabian Mare

FAS: Family Arabian Stallion

Florentine: Breyer decorator color. Dappled gold..

FS: For Sale; Fighting Stallion; Foundation Stallion

FSOT: For Sale or Trade

FT: For Trade

Glossies: Models with a high gloss, shiny finish

Gold Charm: Breyer decorator color. Solid gold color with white points.

HH: Hands high

HTF: Hard to Find

LE: Limited edition

LP: Lady Phase

LSQ: Live show quality

LG: Lonesome Glory

MOW: Man O' War

M/T: Mane and tail

MIB: Mint in box

MOC: Mint on Card

MHS: Model Horse Show

NAMHSA: North American Model Horse Shows Association; the organization through
which models qualify for NAN.

NAN: North American Nationals. NAMHSA's annual National Championship model horse

NAN Qualified: A model horse that's won a first or second place in a NAMHSA approved open class at a NAMHSA member show. This means the model can enter one of the next two NAN shows.

NRFB: Never removed from box

NIB: New in box

NIP: New in package

NSH: National Show Horse

OAK/OOAK: One of a kind

OPS: Online Photo Show

OF: Original finish (sometimes seen as OFF: Original factory finish)

OS: Original sculpture: model made entirely by the artist. Even the most extensive
remakes are not original sculptures.

PAF: Proud Arabian Foal

PAM: Proud Arabian Mare

PAS: Proud Arabian Stallion

POA: Pony of the Americas

PSQ: Photo show quality

QH: Quarter Horse

Rep: Repainted

RR or RRH: Repainted and remade; or repainted, remade, and haired. Same as CM. RR can also mean regular run.

SB: Standardbred

SBW: Saddlebred Weanling

S/D: Sire/Dam listing of a model horse

SHF: Stock Horse Foal

SHM: Stock Horse Mare

SHS: Stock Horse Stallion

SSHF: Standing Stock Horse Foal

SM: Breyer Stablemates scale

SR: Special run

TB: Thoroughbred

TC, TR or Test: Test color or test run: model made before production to determine
exact color and markings. May be on production model or any model.

Trad: Breyer Traditional scale

T/U: Touch up. Small markings added to or rubs retouched on otherwise OF models

TWH: Tennessee Walking Horse

Wedgewood: Breyer decorator color. Solid blue with white points.

Woodie or WG: Wood Grain. Breyer model painted to look like wood.

Show Ring Abbreviations

C: Certificates
D: Medals
F: Flats
HR: Homemade ribbons
M: Models
MR: Model sized ribbons
P: Plaque
R: Ribbons
RS: Rosettes
T: Tack
TR: Trophies